List By Category

Action(1617) Action Comedy(348) Adventure(812) Comedy(1742)
Comedy Fantasy(54) Drama(1208) Horror(182) Mystery(210)
Parody(151) Romance(783) Romantic Comedy(303) Suspense(70)
Cyberpunk(40) Fantasy(1403) Historical(251) Modern(1764)
Sci-Fi(1156) Steampunk(22) Western(12)
All Ages(161) Children(53) Josei(19) Kid at heart(15)
Seinen(345) Shoujo(135) Shounen(269)
Acquired Taste(156) Artistic(37) Classic(49) Creepy(44)
Dark(196) Fragmentary(26) Kawaii(57) Korean Wave(17)
Moe(35) Silly-funny(120) Surreal(94) Weird(168)
Characters and Their Abilities
Angels(23) Animals(55) Artificial Girls(101) Bishoujo(25)
Bishounen(35) Deities(50) Gender-Bender(35) Genie(12)
Kemonomimi(50) Mahou Shoujo(109) Ninja(53) Samurai(80)
Shinigami(13) Superhero(31) Vampires(77) Zombies(17)
Story Elements and Location
Boys Love(24) College(40) Coming of Age(119) Competition(90)
Depression(53) Elementary School(48) Epic(43) Family Affairs(42)
Fighting(258) Friendship(130) Harem(192) High School(605)
Isekai (Other World)(135) Magic(430) Martial Arts(94) Mecha(378)
Middle School(111) Music(118) Music Oriented(28) Occult(59)
Otaku Theme(81) Police(63) Psychics(71) School Comedy(61)
Shoujo Ai(19) Shounen Ai(19) Slice of Life(364) Soul Mates(17)
Spiritual(50) Sports(157) Supernatural(439) Swordplay(192)
Tenchi Clone(5) Time Travel(61) Underworld(16) War(94)
Yaoi(24) Yuri(52)
Anime-Manga Bundle(27) Anthology(16) Assassin(s)(46) CG animation(9)
Computers(24) Cooking(18) Dating Sim Spinoff(66) Evang*lion Clone(9)
Gun-action(119) Gyagu (gag)(3) Idol theme(58) Live Action(25)
Maid Theme(15) noitaminA(39) Prequel(27) Reboot(59)
Sequel(436) Series in a Series(5) Spinoff(97) Spinoff-Sequel(39)
Video-game inspired(157) Virtual Reality(32)
Potentially Objectionable
Bondage(17) Ecchi(310) Erotic Comedy(61) Fan Service(600)
Hentai(100) Incest(21) Lolicon(43) Pantsu(120)
Pervert(75) Shotacon(3) Softcore(24) Stalking(12)
Violent(264) Vulgar(41)
Movie(558) Omake(17) ONA(72) OVA(769)
Short(203) TV(2569) TV Special(103)
Release Year
2023(137) 2022(124) 2021(146) 2020(126) 2019(130) 2018(151) 2017(149) 2016(155)
2015(125) 2014(169) 2013(158) 2012(142) 2011(152) 2010(173) 2009(220) 2008(195)
2007(206) 2006(231) 2005(201) 2004(182) 2003(163) 2002(149) 2001(114) 2000(86)
1999(97) 1998(98) 1997(88) 1996(78) 1995(93) 1994(73) 1993(65) 1992(61)
1991(50) 1990(41) 1989(43) 1988(48) 1987(45) 1986(37) 1985(35) 1984(29)
1983(28) 1982(15) 1981(14) 1980(10) 1979(11) 1978(11) 1977(7) 1976(2)
1975(3) 1974(4) 1973(4) 1972(1) 1971(3) 1970(2) 1969(3) 1968(2)
1966(1) 1965(1) 1964(2) 1962(2) 1958(1) 1945(1) 1943(1) 1931(1)
1929(2) 1918(1)

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