2004 Titles

Title Rating Synopsis
2x2 = Shinobuden Rent See Ninin ga Shinobuden
2X2 = The Legend of Shinobu, Rent See Ninin ga Shinobuden

Agatha Christie no Meitantei Poirot to Marple

Agatha Christie's famous mystery solving characters of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are animated for the first time. In this adaptation, a 16-year old girl named Mabel (Maybelle) West finds herself working with Hercule Poirot on mysteries as well as with her great aunt, Miss Marple. Through this, she learns of life and the art of being a great detective.

Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple Unevaluated See Agatha Christie no Meitantei Poirot to Marple
Age of Chaos Buy See Shura No Toki
Aim for the Top! Gunbuster 2 Rent See Top wo Nerae! 2

Aishiteru Ze Baby
Buy A crisis in the Katakura family changes the life style of a carefree high school playboy, when Kippei is asked to look after his five-year old cousin, Yuzuyu. Kippei tries to complain and avoid the responsibility but Yuzuyu's quiet charm soon wins him over. In trying to be a mom to his little cousin, Kippei learns some hard lessons on how to be responsible, as well as helping Yuzuyu deal with issues at her pre-school and her longing for her absent mother. And what about Kokoro, the cute classmate, who seems to show some measure of interest in Kippei?
Aishiteruze Baby Buy See Aishiteru Ze Baby

Akane Maniax
Watch Akane is the sister of the famous Haruka of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. She is still depressed over the breakup of her sister and Takayuki. Currently she is going through life on automatic not really caring about what's going around her (Sorta like Mitsuki in KGNE). Into her life comes transfer student Gouda, who proposes marriage to her 30 seconds after meeting.
Akiba Girls Rent See Akiba Kei Kanojo

Akiba Kei Kanojo
Rent Shindo Nikita, who entered the college this year, had a secret. He really loved the Akiba culture, including hentai games. He liked it so much as to think of Akihabara as the Capital of Japan. Therefore, he had been destined to join the “The Second General Knowledge Explore Club”. Then, another fateful encounter appeared in front of him. To be surprised, he met Aoi Ren whom he’d admired. However, he couldn’t get along with a real person. But he noticed, “I got it... I should make her to take to Akiba culture”.
Alice Academy Watch See Gakuen Alice

Buy Kagura Takashi has lived with his brother Satoshi since the death of their parents some time ago. Because of that fact, Takashi is able to go to school and lead a normal life. However, he is always compared to his older brother in every thing that he does. Takashi seems to never measure up to what Satoshi has done. The final straw for Takashi was when Satoshi married Miwa, a woman that lived in the same apartment complex and who Takashi was deeply in love with. Because of that, a deep hatred of his brother rises within Takashi. So with the help of Nagayama Azusa, one of his teachers, Takaski sets out to take what he wants.

Aoi Umi no Tristia
Watch Nanoca, an awarded genius girl scientist, has settled on the city-island of Tristia as a home for her workshop. While being interested in the economic revival Tristia, she is just having too much fun with her new ideas and creations. But her creative success has drawn not only the interest of a competing company, but also the ire of a past school rival, who both choose to use the 1st Annual Tristia Golem Competition as a forum to achieve their different goals.

Appleseed (2004)
Rent It`s 2131 A.D.. Deunan Knute had been a soldier in the battlefields for most of her life. When the World War ends, she`s transported to the city of Olympus to live peacefully and finds out that, in an effort to protect the human race from future wars, humans have created the Bioriods, a geneticaly enhanced race of people that have restrained feelings and therefore cannot hurt each other.
Action(81) Action Comedy(24) Adventure(59) Comedy(53)
Comedy Fantasy(2) Drama(71) Horror(14) Mystery(13)
Parody(10) Romance(40) Romantic Comedy(14) Suspense(8)
Cyberpunk(2) Fantasy(44) Historical(12) Modern(54)
Sci-Fi(58) Steampunk(2) Western(2)
All Ages(17) Children(7) Kid at heart(1) Seinen(20)
Shoujo(7) Shounen(23)
Acquired Taste(16) Artistic(2) Creepy(10) Dark(17)
Fragmentary(2) Kawaii(3) Korean Wave(2) Silly-funny(8)
Surreal(10) Weird(9)
Characters and Their Abilities
Angels(1) Animals(2) Artificial Girls(7) Bishoujo(2)
Bishounen(4) Kemonomimi(2) Mahou Shoujo(4) Ninja(6)
Samurai(7) Shinigami(1) Vampires(3)
Story Elements and Location
Boys Love(1) College(2) Coming of Age(8) Competition(7)
Depression(5) Elementary School(2) Epic(7) Family Affairs(2)
Fighting(20) Friendship(13) Harem(11) High School(39)
Isekai (Other World)(1) Magic(13) Martial Arts(10) Mecha(29)
Middle School(6) Music(3) Music Oriented(1) Occult(8)
Otaku Theme(2) Police(5) Psychics(2) School Comedy(7)
Shoujo Ai(5) Slice of Life(13) Soul Mates(1) Spiritual(6)
Sports(5) Supernatural(13) Swordplay(9) Time Travel(4)
War(4) Yaoi(3) Yuri(5)
Anthology(1) Assassin(s)(1) CG animation(1) Computers(2)
Dating Sim Spinoff(4) Evang*lion Clone(2) Gun-action(16) Live Action(4)
Maid Theme(1) Reboot(3) Sequel(17) Spinoff(8)
Spinoff-Sequel(2) Video-game inspired(17)
Potentially Objectionable
Ecchi(24) Erotic Comedy(3) Fan Service(33) Hentai(8)
Incest(1) Lolicon(2) Pantsu(4) Pervert(3)
Softcore(2) Stalking(2) Violent(16) Vulgar(2)
Movie(15) ONA(1) OVA(49) Short(3)
TV(106) TV Special(3)
Release Year
2010(1) 2009(1) 2008(4) 2007(7) 2006(13) 2005(38) 2003(37) 2002(10)
2001(6) 2000(4) 1999(2) 1998(2) 1997(2) 1996(1)
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