Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Title:Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
Rumbling Hearts
The Eternity You Wish For
君が望む永遠 (Japanese)
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Notables: ANDOU Masaki
Animation - Media Factory
OTOMO Kiyosato
R1 License - FUNimation
A bitter-sweet story of a romance triangle between three high school friends. But despite great difficulty and many trials, the true feelings between two lovers prevail.

A very shy and quiet Suzumiya Haruka has a secret crush on a boy and she turns to her best friend Hayase Mitsuki, for help in getting herself introduced to him. The athletic and outgoing Mitsuki quickly becomes good friends with the easy going and kind-hearted Takayuki and his best friend Shinji. But only later, after she finally introduces Haruka to Takayuki, and then pushes Takayuki to go out with her best friend, does Mitsuki come to realize that she has feelings for Takayuki as well.

On the way to a date with Haruka, Takayuki stops to spend a few minutes with Mitsuki to buy her a small gift. And when Takayuki arrives to meet his girlfriend, he finds out that Haruka has been involved in an accident, which has sent her to the hospital and she is now lost in a coma.

Devastated by remorse and guilt at having arrived too late to prevent the accident, Takayuki sinks into a dark depression, which leaves him almost unable to even care for himself. Mitsuki takes it upon herself to visit Takayuki each day and she begins to look after him. And over time, the two begin a relationship together.

Some three years later, at a time when Mitsuki and Takayuki have grown closer and they begin to talk about moving in together to share an apartment. Haruka wakes up from her coma, and for her - no time has passed and she is living the day of their date with her boyfriend. And Haruka begins to ask to see her Takayuki. A simple request that reopens the many wounds of the past ...

{TV series, 2003, 14 episodes, 24 minutes; images: 1. Haruka and Takayuki, 2. Mitsuki and Shinji, 3. Takayuki and Mitsuki]

R1 license by Funimation

1:30min Series Opening - YouTube Video

FUNImation has posted 10 (English dubbed) episodes to HULU.
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Watch 7 7 7 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:780#2279]
I picked this one up after reading some of the good reviews below. I figured I'd give it a shot but I didn't find it as good as some had suggested.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation didn't seem up to par to similar titles. It wasn't bad but still more or less sub-par. Character designs were about the same. Nothing honestly worth noting in this department.

The OP was nothing special. Just a basic alternative piece with female vocals. As for the soundtrack elsewhere, for the most part, it was mostly piano pieces.... which sounded pretty nice. We would get the more dramatic pianos during the more emotional scenes or dramatic moments. Of course, this is all to draw out the "angst" and "emotional turmoil" in the viewer so as to share the angst and emotional turmoil our characters were playing out on screen. The ED was a nice alternative piece with female vocals.... actually maybe more on the pop side. It wasn't bad either. Had almost a hint of an 80's feel to it. The second ED was a more quiet piece, almost a lullaby. Not bad either.

Series and Episode Story
It started off sorta boring. The first episode had me saying "meh". But then, .... then all of a sudden, in episode two near the end, it kicks into gear! A surprising (suprised the hell out of me), turn of events just made the series worth watching. However, that was pretty much it for the suprises and from there, we get pure drama.

This series is a serious drama through and through. What makes this pretty interesting is our characters and their realistic portrayal of some of the emotional aspects of the adult world.... mainly love and the heavy responsibilities that come with it. Our protagonist, who hasn't any balls, pretty much and miserably fail in this area.... thus, ruins the lives of the people around him. Or at least the emotional aspects of their lives. And that's what makes the series enjoyable... not the fact that their lives are emotionally destroyed, but rather how our characters learn to cope, and ultimately resolve their dilemmas.

Overall, it was a good series. It kept me interested but didn't get me excited.

Last updated Wednesday, August 11 2010. Created Wednesday, August 11 2010.

Buy Xenoknight [series:780#2967]

review coming after I rewatch the anime...

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Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, February 02 2009. Created Sunday, September 21 2008.
Buy 9 8 8 9 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:780#1552]
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is the holy grail of dating sim based-anime for me. Sure, some titles like Air TV and Kanon have their heart wrenching moments. But, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien takes heart wrenching to a whole different level with each of the painfully believable developments that take place with character relationships.

Before the heart wrenching moments however, you will have to endure through the subpar first three episodes. Episodes 1 and 2 start off the relationships of the series, though they seemed typical of dating sim games as the characters have their archetypes with Haruka as the shy, timid gal, Takayuki as the guy struggling to profess his feelings, and Mitsuki as the supportive best friend of Haruka. The ending to episode 2 is where I realized that this series won't be as typical as I thought. However, episode 3 just jumped into the future without covering any events that led up to it from episode 2 which had me bewildered. It isn't until episode 4 where flashbacks cover events that took place up to that point which led me to start enjoying the series. This was a glaring problem in the sequential order of the series for me as these flashbacks could have been addressed in episode 3 instead.

But beyond the first three episodes, Kiminozo really starts to show its stuff. Compared to other dating sim titles I've seen, realism plays a role in addressing the character relationships of the series. Situations that take place throughout the later episodes aren't so easy to resolve compared to the game-based titles I've seen through Key/ Visual Arts. Decisions aren't so easy to make and regardless of what decision is made, someone is going to suffer in the process. One decision adds to another complicated matter for the characters and these developments kept me hooked on this series like a soap opera. The only glaring issue I had with the future storylines was the presence of the waitresses, whose addition of comedy to the series was more of a nuisance than a brief sigh of relief from the dramatic situations of the series.

Otherwise, KimiNozo stands out as the best dating-sim title I've seen to date much as I like Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki as my top favorite harem comedy title. The complex and painfully believable developments in the plot and characters of the series make it stand out greatly from other dating sim-based anime titles.

Last updated Monday, June 30 2008. Created Sunday, June 29 2008.
Watch 9 8 9 7 5 4 chibi [series:780#2380]
While I hate to dis a series so many other people love, this soap-opera just made me feel bad. One of the other reviewers mentioned that this is one of the few shows where the characters change as they age, but while that may be true I'm reminded of the saying that you're only young once, but you can be immature your whole life. This applies especially to the male lead, Takayuki, the love interest of two (or is it three?) other girls, for reasons that remain a mystery to me. Only when he was at his job as a restaurant manager did he act like an adult, otherwise he excelled at never making a critical decision unless forced to. The only character who plays it straight in this series is Haruka, and she gets the short end of the stick every time as a result. Most of the drama comes from the duplicity, evasions, and miscommunication caused by the other characters. While that may serve to manufacture dramatic situations, it left me feeling frustrated. The characters were well-drawn and strongly characterized, but I just couldn't sympathize with them as they gave in to their weaknesses rather than overcoming them.

Last updated Friday, December 22 2006. Created Friday, December 22 2006.
Watch 7 7 9 5 2 7 Anonymous #2393 [series:780#2393]
In all the animation and art in this piece were built well and done well. The writing, while a little on the dramatic side, was also done well. The music was simply not noticable enough to be good so I can't really say that it was exceptional. Nevertheless, it was the theme that I had a problem with.

In this series, as well as it was done, none of these characters actually grow towards anything that could be considered admirable except for the girl who spent three years in a hospital bed. In each of the misunderstanding tandem plots, the various problems could be mostly solved with just a little honest communication. The cast aren't adult, don't deal with things in an adult way, and consider the one admirable (and mobile) character to be the one at fault for all their problems because 'he's too kind'. This is simply immature writing meant for a high school audience and not at all what I was expecting from this short series. Kare Kano showed more maturity than did this series.

It was good for what it is, I will say that. But don't go into this series expecting people to act like adults even after they left high school. It is possible to be smart, adult and emotional all at the same time. These characters, with very few exceptions, did not show that maturity. Even the theme of the series displayed that lack. To be unwilling to accept responsibility for your own actions and moving forward in life rather than blaming someone else and acting maliciously isn't inspiring, or romantic. It's actually rather sad.

This may be a matter of personal taste, but I think this series could have been done better, and still have shown that people do have faults and that they can also rise above them and learn what love really is.

Last updated Saturday, December 09 2006. Created Saturday, December 09 2006.
Buy 10 9 9 7 10 9 mugen [series:780#2225]
I rate this series as one of the top 10 I've watched so far. In terms of character design and animation, KGNE is clearly one of the best out there. In my opinion, most animes tend to neglect the fact that the characters AGE as time goes by... BUT in KGNE, we can clearly see the differences between the younger Mizuki, Shinji and the more mature versions three yrs later. The storyline of KGNE is also one of the best amongst animes of similar genre. Although many argue that the story is too depressing or too serious..., but I believe it is a 'worthwhile' experience to watch something that is completely different to the convention of this genre. As a student majoring in psychology, I enjoyed the experience of tapping into the personal lives of the characters who are affected by traumatic incident. AND I believe that this anime did a great job in portraying accurate and REASONABLE emotional responses. It is simply a part of life that we experience peaks and troughs in our mental state. Another thing I wish to reiterate is the REASONABILITY of this anime. It is perfectly reasonable for Takayuki to fall in love with the Mizuki who helped him climb out of the darkest session of his life. Just as it is perfectly reasonable for Takayuki's love for Haruka to faint as a result of lack in interaction.

Simply this series communicates the dilemma between responsibility and love. On a more abstract level, it is the conflict between idealism and reality. Takayuki, who is overwhelmed by the responsibility to the physically impaired Haruka realises that he is deeply hurting someone else. In the end Takayuki realises that true love isnt something that should be forgone for the sake of responsibility. Ideals (not hurting Haruka) and reality (commitment to Mizuki) sometimes cannot co-exist. In the analogy of "Mayauru's present" (last ep of the anime), its often difficult to accept the reality of saying 'farewell', but this is inevitable. Just like it is inevitable for Takayuki to forgo idealism for reality.

Last updated Friday, March 31 2006. Created Friday, March 31 2006.
Buy 9 8 9 6 8 8 Anonymous #1880 [series:780#1880]
Yeah,i was really depressed by this series too >.< When i saw the firs eps i thought that it's gonna be a sweet was cool 'till the 3rd episode :/ I mean,when Haruka got hit by a car i was like "That damn bastard is allways late because of that bitch!"
When i saw the 3rd episode i was shocked...i actually hate Mitsuki very much..i don't know why,but i hate her from the beggining of the series >.<
how could anyone like her ? (she's just pretty,thats all ) damn,i feel so sorry for Haruka...i just love her ^^ btw,could they make the end even worse!?I don't think that's possible...Was that supposed to be a happy ending!?Damn,that's soo lame!As i said,i was really depressed (I still am,because i finished watching KGNE just yesterday) last night i could barely sleep (i slept about 2-3 hours :/) so like...ugh,the end could be
better...i was so depressed because of it... :/
F...i dunno what kind of lame crap i just wrote... (Gomen.. :/ )

Last updated Wednesday, March 09 2005. Created Wednesday, March 09 2005.
Buy 9 8 8 10 8 7 Devil Doll [series:780#752]
[Score: 84% = Buy-. Other recommended non-Fantasy Romance Drama animes: Koi Kaze, Lamune, Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, Suzuka, Hachimitsu to Kuroba II]
This series might well be considered the adult version of Kanon, and I mean it in a very positive way.
Having read the synopsis here before, I started to watch this series with great expectations, and up to episode 2 they delivered what they promised - a high school romance (I just don't think Mitsuki found out about her feelings for Takayuki that late; and by the way, did anyone wonder about Shinji's feelings at that stage?). Of course, Takayuki and Haruka making this kind of promise would be foreshadowing even if I didn't know what was going to happen.
But how disappointed I was about episode 3! I expected Takayuki and Mitsuki now to deal with their difficult situation (both feeling responsible for what happened), and to gradually change their relation... over a couple of episodes - but no: "Three years have passed, and Takayuki and Mitsuki are about to live together". Bang!! That's just it! Nothing about development up to that point at all. What's more, I expected a serious story, and half of episode 3 was about these clowns working together with Takayuki. That was really annoying. And this rather indecisive guy having three sex scenes in five episodes already didn't add to the underlying value of the show either in my opinion. (I finally opted against "Ecchi" as category for this series as this is not the point here, just be aware that nudity is present - it just can't reasonably be avoided given this kind of story.) I was close to giving up this series at that point.
Fortunately, from episode 4 on the flashbacks are shown, and we learn what happened up to this situation. Most notably the conflict between the two swimming club girls is nicely composed, but each of the main characters really has a story of his own to tell. From episode 6 on I started to like this series more and more - it doesn't try to give simple answers when there truely are none (see Koi Kaze for a similarly honest way of handling problems). Still, I am convinced they seriously damaged the dramatic effect by not telling this story sequentially. (This caused "Episode Story" to get a downgrade.)
And when you're going to write a drama then please don't add a nuisance just to add a nuisance - like these two waitresses. (This caused "Character Design" to get a downgrade.) In that aspect Video Girl Ai would be excellent examples of how a serious show can still be made funny now and then without useless side characters. It's true that episode 9 lets one of these waitresses finally do something reasonable - yet that alone doesn't legitimate their appearance in this show (unlike Mitsuki's colleague at work who is much more important than I thought at first).
As for the visual presentation, Ai Yori Aoshi would be my reference. Animation wasn't actually important for me, although the movement scenes were fine. I hardly noticed the music during the first viewing, except for the very last episode - which is a positive sign in general. But both the OP song Precious Memories as well as the ED song Tooi Natsu no Hi stand out, both wonderful melodic rock pieces with "howling" electric guitar solos, and both amongst my personal "best of anime music" selection (no other anime has managed this so far for both songs), thus earning this series the top rating for "Music".
Without its two severe flaws - the non-sequential ordering of episodes 3-5 and the overuse of the chaotic waitresses - this would have been a Top 5 entry for me. The emotional hell ride during the second half of this series can only be compared to the best animated stories I've ever seen.

Last updated Tuesday, June 15 2010. Created Monday, September 13 2004.
Rent 7 7 7 7 5 5 Jan-Chan [series:780#967]
Ok I will admit that I like this series, but also that I was very depressed by this series. I will admit to being bothered (at a personal level) by some of the issues of this series, so please permit me the grace in having to make a posting for a new series, but with a wimpy lame-a** review.
I (bow) apologize to all for having explained so much of the story (in the series summary), but I feel this series is worth a strong watch rating as it does deal with some very (too?) real issues of the heart, but I need to warn you that there are some shadow moments in this series, so you are just to have to hang in there for the duration before your can enjoy the happy ending..
I would very much enjoy seeing other reviews of this series. (gomen!!!)

Last updated Sunday, September 05 2004. Created Friday, August 20 2004.
Buy 9 8 9 4 9 9 bordem [series:780#1311]
The first episodeMakes one think that this isgoing to be a nice calm show, than comes the second episode which in a word is shocking it goes from hey that guy is such an idiot, to wait why are they having sex with their parents in the next room, oh than she dies and the real story begins... you will be hooked but sorta cinfused by charachters but its not like flcl

Last updated Thursday, April 29 2004. Created Thursday, April 29 2004.

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