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I'm a westerner born of eastern descent...

A little about me...

My passions are as follows:

Video games: My favorite type is the RPG genre. I prefer Japanese (true) RPGs to American knock-offs. Among the best of the best are the Xenosaga series (hence my name), the Final Fantasy series (with FFX/X2 being the best so far), the Tales series, the Magna Carta series, the Fire Emblem series, the Baten Kaitos series, and the Star Ocean series. Another blockbuster RPG title is Lost Odyssey. I also stand behind all the Metroids, Mario, and a bunch of other fantastic titles.

Anime: I love all forms and genres of anime, but I prefer titles with more comedy, drama, and romance. My favorite genre is the harem genre for various reasons since that genre combines everything at once.

Making that cheese: Money makes the world go round, for better or for worse depending on your point of view.

Music: I can appreciate all forms of music (it’s really just a matter of patience). The greatest song in existence is “Toki wo Kizamu Uta” by Lia and that is a fact ladies and gentlemen.

The Greatest Story ever told is Code Geass and I will continue to believe that until the day I die.

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This list is a one-stop reference to view and inquire about some of the greatest anime titles of all time! No strict rules except for 1: The anime in question had to be memorable in some fashion. Laughs, Drama, Action, and Fanservice/Ecchi are all suitable criteria to be considered on the list. As long as you will never forget the anime, it can be a candidate.

Please feel free to email me any recommendations to the list. If you know for sure it belongs on the list, put it in the below Honorable Mention format style and I will gladly consider your request, while giving those who participate credit in my reviews! Also, please share any good anime titles that have eluded me thus far. I'll be greatly appreciative of your suggestions. Thanks in advance...


* Most Respected: Read or Die - TV - it was one of my first animes ever! This award includes Read or Die (OVA).

* Most Visually Stunning: Kanon (2006) - "VisualArt's/Key" made their presence flow like a crystal blue river covered in morning sparkles with this title. The animation was extremely fluid and on point. When it comes to visuals - "VisualArt's/Key" is the authority!

* Most Incredible Remake: Kanon (2006) - "Kanon 2006 is nothing short of a masterpiece. Marvelous art, incredible animation, beautiful music, 26 episodes of a detailed incremental development of all characters, and a breathtaking story of a guy that's not the usual wimp for once and the girls who surround him aren't his harem. This show is the best thing since sliced bread, and it's absolutely impossible not to give it a perfect score. You can't compare it to the mediocre variant Toei made of this story four years earlier..." That about sums it up.

* Most Painful: Clannad: After Story - in progress....

* Funniest Anime: The Inland Sea Bride - every episode had me in tears! I laughed so hard during some episodes that my throat would give out and I would need to drink some water in order to continue watching! It was that hilarious I tell you. This award includes The Inland Sea Bride (OVA).

* Most Enticing: H2O: Footprints in the Sand - The first couple episodes is all it will take to prove my reasons for this award.

* One of The Greatest Love Stories Ever Written: Toradora! - Itazura na Kiss - Since there is no way to just have one romantic winner, I've decided to let this award have a list of it's own as I list the greatest love stories of all time as I come across them. More winners for this award to be added in due time...

* King of Silly-Funny/Ecchi: Hanaukyo Maids - The laughs in there were brilliant, genuine, and NON-STOP. It just proves that ECCHI = FUNNY.

* Among the Most Epic of Titles: Naruto - Naruto Shippuden - Bleach - With such an extensive air time (years of continuous episodes), these titles certainly rank much higher than the "average Joes" of anime titles.

* Most Gut-Wrenching: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - because it was my first into the tragedy genre.

* The Greatest Story Ever Told: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - How can anyone deny this perfect anime series. "Winner 6th Annual Tokyo Anime Awards (2007) – "Best TV series." This award includes Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

* Among The Best Of Stories: Kiba - in progress...

* Most Shocking Final Episode: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - This last episode had me shocked with one outstanding event after another in a "roller coaster type" fashion!

* In progress: The Sacred Blacksmith - to be edited after the series ends...

* Best Video-Game Adaptation Thus Far: Tears to Tiara - in progress....

* Most Unforgettable Harem: Shuffle! - the scene where Kaede finally breaks down to tears after realizing what really happened to her mother and what Rin has done for her sake for all those years, also saving her life twice. I almost fell to my knees with tears in my eyes and that is no joke! This award includes Shuffle! Memories.

* Favorite Romantic Comedy: Chobits - Sumomo 4ever!!! This award includes Chobits Special OAV and Chibits.

* Most Mind-Boggling: Chaos;Head - I was speechless with each passing episode. I can never hope to describe the experience with words alone. All I can say is check it out for yourself and you'll be hooked after ep 1. Trust me... ^_^

* Quality Redefined: Princess Lover! - in progress...

* Sequel with Greatest Improvement: xxxHOLiC Kei - This title improved so much from it's previous season, xxxHOLiC, that I had to make it an anime winner. Story, visuals, music, and overall presentation all went through the roof with this title compared to the 1st season.

* Most Powerful First Episode in Romance: School Days (TV) - the first episode of this series beat several 13-26 episode anime titles!!! It was that good!

* Most Powerful Multi-Season: Da Capo - Da Capo Second Season was by far the best of the 4 Da Capo titles. See my reviews of this series for an adventure and a half! This award includes any future OVA eps that are released.

* in progress: Seikon no Qwaser - soon...

End of List

These are just a few titles that deserve the most mention above all others, but I didn't forget the other blockbusters like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha as well as all the romantic titles like Green Green, Bluer Than Indigo, and Love Hina. Some other titles that are exceptional within their respective genres include: Queen's Blade - It's my rabbit and it's Cue!!. This list can on forever so let me leave it at that for now...

Calling All Gamers

For you anime/gamers out there, you can also reach me via my Xbox 360 gamertag: x Xenoknight x or e-mail me with your Nintendo Wii console number. Send me a friend request and state how you know me so I'll know how to greet you and we'll continue the fun in the gaming world as well.

Dub vs. Sub

*Important* - In the defense of Dub in the case of - Dub vs. Sub:

If an anime is dubbed in english, I will make every effort possible to find it and watch it "in it's complete form". Yes, I don't consider an anime "complete" unless I can watch it with my own eyes instead of peripheral vision where my eyes are glued to the bottom of the screen with subbed titles. I've debated against enough people on this matter and I've never lost. That's how I truly feel and I don't think it will ever change. However, I won't deny that anime is funnier in the subbed versions. My counter to this: You cannot "READ" a fight scene! Did you watch the fight or were your eyes on the bottom of the screen? I have no respect for people who outright deny dubbed titles and pretend they don't exist as if subbed titles were the only way to enjoy anime! Think about it for a moment; if it were really that simple and there was no such thing as dubs for anime, then the rest of the world would never have experienced the titles that are out there now. It's because someone said that there should be dubs so people who can't speak a certain language or who would prefer not to read there TV shows and movies, could still enjoy anime of this caliber as well.

There are numerous advantages dub has over sub:

1) Newcomers into any anime genre can watch and enjoy without much effort as most people get turned off by all the reading.

2) A person can really become immersed in a battle sequence rather than miss half the fight because their eyes were somewhere else (bottom of the screen).

3) Anime has a more "unforgettable" feel to them after you hear them in your native language. I don't even want to think about what Code Geass, Chobits, and Kimi ga Nozomu Eien for example, would mean to me if I saw them subbed. Would I have gotten the same anime or would I have gotten ripped off from a truly astounding and beautiful experience?

4) If a sentence displays too fast on the screen (like when two characters are arguing or shouting over each other for instance) the viewer is left with two options. They can either backtrack and pause to catch the sentence again or they can just fill in the blank with imagination as they'll have to guess what the character would have said. Both options take away from the overall flow and experience of the anime. Another method sub titles utilize is putting one sentence on top of another and giving the quotes "color coding" so the viewer can match who said what. Once again the viewer will have to pause and decipher the screen, taking away from the flow of the anime.

I know without subs, it would take years to experience some of the titles that are out today, so there is a dire need for subs. I understand that better than most people who only believe in sub do. However, to get the full experience of an anime, one would have to watch both versions regardless. Sub as the warm-up and dub as the final perfected product.

Best Bets - Anime Music

*Dance In The Vampire Bund - intro: "Friends" by Aiko Nakano

*Sound of the Sky - end-credits: "Girls, Be Ambitious" by Tomatsu Haruka

*Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor - end-credits: "Endless Soul ~Owarinaki Senshi~" by Masumi Asano & Aya Endo

*Demon King Daimaou - end-credits: "Everyday sunshine line!" by Natsuko Aso

*Amagami SS - intro: "Kimi no Mama de" by azusa


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Cyberpunk(1) Fantasy(75) Historical(5) Modern(136)
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Dating Sim Spinoff(33) Deities(8) Depression(33) Ecchi(88)
Elementary School(6) Epic(12) Erotic Comedy(21) Family Affairs(18)
Fan Service(148) Fighting(44) Friendship(20) Gender-Bender(4)
Genie(3) Gun-action(3) Harem(67) Hentai(3)
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Psychics(8) Reboot(12) Samurai(7) School Comedy(11)
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Title Rating Synopsis
07 Ghost Watch See 07-Ghost

Watch Teito, a former sklave (German for "slave") who because of his magical powers is recruited into attending an elite military school. While taking part in the graduation finals required to become an army officer in the Barsburg Empire, he discovers his father's killer at his school and tries to kill him. Having failed in the attempt, Teito manages to elude capture, but gets caught up in a larger struggle between Verloren, the God of Death, and the “beings of light” sent by Heaven to oppose him: the Seven Ghosts.
A Child's Time Watch See Kodomo no Jikan

Aa! Megami-sama - Sorezore no Tsubasa
Rent "A year has passed since Belldandy made her contract with Keiichi. The goddesses who have stirred people's hearts around the world are coming down to earth once again. After overcoming many hardships and coming to understand their feelings for each other, a new trial befalls Belldandy and Keichi. Their contract may cease to exist."

Aa! Megami-sama - Sorezore no Tsubasa OVA
Buy Keiichi, the goddesses, and the Motor Club go on a retreat to Keiichi's grandfather's old place. There, they encounter a beautiful shinentai who is determined to make Keiichi keep the promise his grandfather had made to her. Then into the future, Peorth is wrapping up her current mission on Earth and decides to get Keiichi to say he loves Belldandy (using the Japanese word "suki"). Urd gets involved and with Peorth, the job begins to get K1 to confess, only with humorous results.

Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa
Buy An attack in the heavens takes out several of the Shinzoku (heavenly beings) and forces the valkyrie (combat squad) goddess Lind down to Earth to look for a powerful creature that has been stolen -- an Angel Eater. Despite Lind's efforts to protect Belldandy, Urd, Peorth, Skuld, and Keiichi, the creature still manages to do its thing and Lind suspects the Mazoku (demonic beings) are behind the attack. Can the goddesses defeat this creature before it takes all of their angels?

Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Rent The infamous tale of "loser" college student Morisato Keiichi who one day, instead of getting take-out delivered, wound up with the goddess Belldandy instead! Now that his wish that she stay with him forever has been granted, will he survive Belldandy's two sisters Urd and Skuld?

Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Rent Morisato Keiichi is an unlucky college guy. He has no luck scoring a date with the rich and popular Sayoko. He has bad luck in nearly everything he does. One evening while stuck at the male boarding house that he shares with his auto club senpais, he happens to make a call which gets connected to the heavens and to Belldandy. There, this goddess doesn't wait to announce she's coming for a personal visit, and she arrives via a mirror behind Keiichi. He is startled by her sudden appearance and doesn't believe she's real, nor that she can grant wishes. But he makes a wish -- for a girl like her to be by his side forever. His wish is granted and Belldandy is now contracted to stay with Keiichi on Earth for the rest of his life.

Aa! Megami-sama: Chichai tte Koto wa Benri da Ne
Rent Short episodes featuring the adventures of superdeformed Urd, Skuld, and Belldandy, and their friend Gan-chan the rat.
Aa! My Goddess TV 2 Rent See Aa! Megami-sama - Sorezore no Tsubasa
Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses Rent See Aa! Megami-sama: Chichai tte Koto wa Benri da Ne
Afro Samurai Resurrection Watch See Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Watch Late one night, Afro is suddenly attacked by Jinno. However, he is unable to protect himself, and Jinno drags him nearby to his father's grave, where a woman named Sio awaits. She proceeds to take the Number One headband that he possesses, as well as the remains of his dead father's skull. Before leaving, she tells him to seek and obtain the Number Two headband, if he wants the right to take back his father's remains. With that, Afro must once again embark on a path of violence in order to let his father rest in peace once again. (Source: ANN)
Ah! Megamisama! OVA Rent See Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Ah! My Goddess - The Movie Buy See Gekijouban Aa! Megami-sama!
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