The Sacred Blacksmith

Title:The Sacred Blacksmith
Seiken no Katana-Kaji (Blacksmith) (Japanese)
聖剣の刀鍛冶(ブラックスミス) (Japanese)
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Notables: R1 License - FUNimation
Forty-four years after the end of the abominable war which demanded the price of the "devil's contract", an uneasy peace has settled on the land. The daughter of a former noble encounters one of the monsters sacrificed to the "devil's contract" in a city center and finds herself battling for her life. She is saved by a young man carrying an uncommon curved sword - a blade strong enough to cleave the monster's axe and drive the man-beast away. And then after a few short curt words, he and his cute elf assistant run off. With her father’s sword smashed in the attack, Cecily Campbell is forced to find a new weapon and she decides to track down the mysterious young man known only as Luke, the blacksmith.

The ‘Devils Contract’ – a magic ritual in which a human is bound to the spirits of the air, transforming the human into a violent battle-crazed monster. These ‘devils’ were then unleashed on the enemy to wreck havoc and destruction. The difficulties of the great-war demanded that a great number of people be sacrificed to the spirits to secure a bittersweet victory, leaving a legacy in which the ‘devils contract’ is now a forbidden magic and even mention of it is considered a taboo.

Anime story based a manga series authored by MIURA Isao and illustrated by YAMADA Kōtarō.

Animation by Manglobe.
Series set to air Oct 3rd, 2009.
12 TV episodes (~24 min)

1:30 min series opening: YouTube video

Read the (English translated) promo manga chapter at MangaToshokan
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Rent 8 8 8 7 6 7 Ggultra2764 [series:2150#1552]
(Rent-/ Watch+)

As a whole, The Sacred Blacksmith is a mixed bag in its exploration of Cecily and Luke's ordeals surrounding the Demon Swords and the mysterious man causing troubles throughout the kingdom the two young heroes inhabit. The series essentially divides itself into arcs focused around various conflicts that Cecily and Luke encounter with a different situation pertaining to the two said scenarios. One of the show's biggest weaknesses proves to be the choice in which it follows its plot direction. The series has you believing at first that the plot would be focused around Cecily and Luke unraveling the schemes of the mysterious man until it tosses in the element of the Demon Swords. This brings about the arc involving Charlotte which while a touching one to look into, it doesn't do anything in advancing the other critical plot development involving the mysterious man.

Adding to these complications with the plot are some unexplored plot elements such as why some Demon Swords like Aria are able to take human form and preparations for the battle against the powerful demon being feared. Pacing also seemed fairly rushed towards the show's second half leading to unnatural developments with plotting and characters due to the lack of proper buildup on such elements such as the revelation of the mysterious man and improvements in Cecily's swordsmanship. In addition to these issues, I was getting quite turned off by the show's cheap attempt at getting humor off nods to Cecily's bust size. While fan service isn't rampant in Sacred Blacksmith, hearing the characters tease or mention Cecily's breasts did annoy me at points.

What does work for the series are the character relationships and developments witnessed throughout Sacred Blacksmith. The series does a decent job in fleshing out prominent characters in regards to their backgrounds and their personal beliefs. The series also establishes character relationships that mesh well enough to have you care for the bonds that said characters have for one another such as Charlotte and her posse from their struggles for acceptance by Charlotte's kingdom and the unique wielder-weapon bond between Cecily and Demon Sword Aria. Visuals also look decent on the eyes sporting clean details and vivid colors in regards to scenery, as well as good-looking character designs like the attractive human form of Aria and the various demons that are slayed throughout the series. Animation often consists of static shots during battle scenes, but has its moments of great animation during sword fights involving major characters and the sword forging spell used by Lisa and Luke.

The Sacred Blacksmith is far from being the best anime one will come across due to its shoddy direction in plotting and rushed pacing in the show's second half that hamper developments and elements within the series. However, the character bonds and the individual developments of said characters do help alleviate these major flaws to a degree. While not being the most original title one will come across, The Sacred Blacksmith is worthwhile enough for a quick watch if you take interest in it.

Last updated Thursday, September 08 2011. Created Thursday, September 08 2011.
Watch 6 6 6 6 Diwafiven [series:2150#3160]
After watching the entire series, I must say this is a watch to rent- rating. The story was good, but it didn't pull me in. Although there were sad times and happy times, I could not feel it. This anime has the potential to be great, if only they were able to set the characters and story to pull on peoples emotions and make the watcher feel what the main characters felt. That is what makes or breaks an anime for me. when I watch, I want to be able to feel the sadness of the main character; I want my heart to be lighter when they are having a good time. This anime just did not take the time to develop the characters and instead jumped right into the action. This is why I like longer anime series, they give enough time to really get to know the characters and feel for them. This anime did not do that for me.

All in all, I would have to say this is an excellent anime to watch if the feel of the characters is not very important to you, but if it is, I would say this is worth the time only if you are into fantasy style anime, and even then, I would only give it a watch rating.

Last updated Tuesday, January 19 2010. Created Tuesday, January 19 2010.
Unevaluated Silence [series:2150#2939]
After 4 episodes, I decided to drop this run of the mill sword action series. Too many things that do not make sense, too many fake moments, unimpressive characters. Since I am unable to suspend my disbelief, going on can only be an agonizing affair. No more.

Last updated Wednesday, October 28 2009. Created Monday, October 12 2009.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:2150#1573]
First Look:
Odds I will watch this : Low

I dunno, I've been disappointed by the 'swords and sorcery' animes lately like Tears to Tiara and Druaga.

I watched it but it didn't 'grab' me.

So we will see.

Last updated Wednesday, October 07 2009. Created Wednesday, October 07 2009.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2150#628]
(Two episodes watched):

I didn't really get any strongly positive or negative feelings about Sacred Blacksmith from episode one. Not a whole lot of thoughts worth mentioning came to mind; good action animation was one. Cecily seems likeable, as an honest and determined person who must cope with a problem (inexperience). Luke's arrogant and distant attitude might be a sign of an unusual and interesting personality; or is he a sort of male tsundere who will just fall in love with Cecily? I guess the real question that was left unanswered was how original and clever their opponents will be. If they are merely two-dimensional evil people who need to be hacked to pieces with Luke's amazing swords, then the series as a whole might easily crash and burn. If some thought has been put into them, and (at least one) has a personality of his own, then Sacred Blacksmith might be pretty good.

Eh, episode two didn't seem to be going anywhere particularly interesting. The preface, about the ominous mythology of this land, frankly bored me, since it seemed to promise yet another generic fantasy show. The fate of the world being at stake also suggested an absurd, totally implausible plot. The bad guy seems to be the devil himself, which is kind of a cop-out since, being totally evil, he needs no personality at all. And why are traditional Japanese swordmaking techniques (now combined with magic) present in this fantasy world? This show is just not holding my attention; being as far behind in anime viewing as I am, and with twenty-something new series just available, why should I watch it?

Last updated Monday, October 19 2009. Created Monday, October 05 2009.
Buy 9 10 9 9 9 10 Xenoknight [series:2150#2967]

Completed with my heart still beating in excitement. Final review soon...

Final ep: What an amazing series. I had fun from the beginning to the end.

Ep 11:

Captivating... Intriguing... Mesmerizing...

The story is fleshed out even further in this episode and it moved me to tears! Lisa (1st) and Lisa (2nd) have such an incredible back-story that I couldn't blink for several moments at a time. I was so captured by the sheer story-telling genius of this ep that tears started to flow down my cheeks as I noticed a immensely high level of emotion: what really happened 3 years ago, the death of the original, the birth of the second, and the circumstances that intertwine them all. Luke's tormented soul is only the beginning of his atonement for the biggest failure of his life (or so he thought). Lisa (2nd) has also suffered greatly in the wake of Luke's sadness and misery (far too much to burden a girl so young). Cecily put her foot down and re-established why she is one of the main characters for this title. She put on such a moving presentation during that mockery of a meeting that I had to replay this episode several times over in one sitting! How's that for the power of love? Cecily's heart has spoken. I've been with this title since day one and with 10 of the 11 eps being superlative; there can be only one response. This title requires mention above others without a shadow of a doubt. Done Deal - A Winner is Born! Award-winning presentation...

Ep 10:

Astonishing episode...

The story comes around full circle and things that still remained unclear are all revealed in one fell swoop. All the main characters (viewer included) come to discover some 'spirit-cracking' developments in this ep. The truth about Luke, Aria, and Lisa (both of them) are all brought to light. The feelings in Cecily's heart for a certain someone are also hinted upon. Siegfried, a powerful knight dressed in unholy black armor, is in too well with the situation of Valbanill and the Holy Sword. The battle that night, Luke vs. Siegfried and Cecily/Aria vs. Dying old man/Elsa, was an awe-inspiring fight filled with more story, action, death, pain/suffering (physical and emotional), and a shocking truth that forced me to gasp at the top of my lungs! It's a done deal for me that this title is beyond excellent. It gets the Buy and then some! Astonishing ep...

Ep 9: Amazing episode! Luke continues to have nightmares of a certain night that will forever be engraved into his memory. Cecily gets forced to see Luke for a date as per her mother's suggestion (LOL). Meeting someone on the way to cover as an excuse, Cecily meets Luke and things blossom like clock work. He has a trip to make and wants Cecily to tag along. Accidentally fulfilling the conditions for a date, Cecily walks with him to the grave of someone who was of great importance. Luke begins to describe a back story filled with mystery, death, pain, regret, and suffering. Not being able to hold his emotions back, he begins to lose it, but Cecily calms him and sees him for the tormented soul he has become. The romance element is cranked up as she begins to fall more for him. She fears getting to know him, but sincerely wants to help him at the same time. Later, Luke and Lisa are attacked by the past that continues to haunt him in his dreams. His one regret in life is not being able to protect those who are important to him. The enemy attacks the house with more power than Luke was prepared for and continues to attack Lisa! A soul-shattering scream is heard as an explosion erupts and the credits begin to roll. I was awe-struck with this episode. This title is filled with powerful story telling and the perfect hint of action/romance/comedy to make it stand as an outstanding anime series. Amazing ep...

Ep 8: A very compelling and morally twisting episode. The princess is forced with a terrifying decision to accept her fate with the now unreachable Empire, or to sell herself to the militant nation and reveal all that she knows about her former home. The characters all face hardship and come to difficult decisions about the situation. After a talk with Luke and Lisa, Cecily confirms what to do. Having to work out the 'kinks' with the princess' force again in an amazingly one-sided rematch (she was handing out some serious ownage), she tells them all what she thinks and lets them decide for themselves. After making a tough decision, everything turns out for the best and the princess continues her journey with her head held high. The princess does hint about a man who was behind all this to begin with. Cecily grew leaps and bounds in this one and her fighting prowess is something to behold. The story seems to have found its mark. I seriously look forward to more! Great ep...

Ep 7: Another success story like episode 5. Charlotte and her team is formally admitted into Cecily's home. The method of greeting isn't exactly fit for a princess, but things work out for the best in the comedic sense. The head maid, Fio, is a G for putting everyone in their place right from the start (including the master of the house - Cecily). Luke and Lisa see Cecily in her maid outfit and compliment her accordingly, but Cecily's embarrassment needed a place to escape to and she decided to let it come out in the standard fist-to-face fashion (it was hilarious). Everyone is seen simply spending time talking, eating, bathing (tons of breast jokes), and understanding each other. Cecily talks with Aria about the last battle and thinks of an idea to help them fight better. Aria herself finds some alone time to talk to the other human shifting sword and gets nowhere fast. Princess Charlotte sees a mother figure in Madam Lucy and spends some time at peace in her presence as we see the inner child in her. The ep comes to a close with a terrible development that will test Charlotte's spirit. I always have fun when I watch this title and that is why I love it so much. Great ep...

Ep 6: The first bad episode of the series. Why did they start the ep like that? This is the official episode 6 of the series, so why did it start like we missed an ep or two? That type of stuff doesn't float well with me and that means minus some cool points. The episode itself was also a tough pill to swallow. Though it was superbly action packed, everyone and their mother (figure of speech) had a demon sword. What the hell is up with that? The princess' goons were all suited with demon swords like they were common equipment. They all mercilessly attacked Cecily and nearly killed her with a three-on-one ambush. She did beat them all in their one-on-one matches though. Aria shows some of her true power in this fight. The 'so called' princess tried to attack Luke (!) and soon found herself at his mercy (Luke is such a 'G'). When all was said and done, we find out that there is a noble (?) reason for the princess' attack (BULL SH**). To make matters worse, Cecily is ordered to let them live with her until things have cleared up! Give me a freaking break! Frustrating ep...

Ep 5: This season is packed with some really good anime. After an episode like this, how can a person not want to smile from the bottom of their heart. Lisa works hard for Luke's sake and she is content merely by being of some use to him. She cooks, cleans, and does chores for other people (all this before he even wakes up mind you)! She does laundry (twice a day) and even works with him in the furnace! The saying should be changed to - behind every strong man, is an even stronger woman - in this case. Cecily and Aria come over like usual and they all discuss the 'Devils Contract' in further detail. Seeing Lisa always working, Cecily makes the gang all go out to enjoy some fun. Being a girl and all, Cecily explains a few things to Luke about caring for Lisa. Luke tells of what his relationship is with Lisa and my entire perspective about them changed in an instant (good stuff). They go to buy clothes for Lisa and their interactions were extremely heartwarming. My smile could be seen from one side of my house all the way to the other. The last scene with Lisa and Luke made me shed a tear as I was happy for Lisa's happiness. Luke is an a**hole, but the good kind (^_^). Anime nowadays usually forget about episodes like this so I guess they all can consider this their reminder. Fantastically heartwarming ep...

Ep 4: Now we're cooking with fire (pun intended as per this episode)! Cecily and Aria put on an amazing display of action, character values, and trust. They grow closer as friends and swear never to be apart from each other. Cecily is tasked with luring out the enemy in an attempt to capture the 'source of evil'. Risking her life as well as Aria's in the process, she agrees and puts her all in defending Aria from danger. Her plea for Luke's help was tough to listen to because a woman should NEVER have to say those words to anyone for any reason! In return for his power, she had to overcome the one weakness that stopped her from achieving her goals as a knight. Together with Luke's aid, Cecily and Aria are united and Aria vows to become Cecily's sword (heart-warming scene). Aside from the action and morals, there is a gradually increasing amount of fan-service in the form of Cecily's chest. This title is getting better and better with each ep. Amazing ep...

Ep 3: Aria is the what? That kind of sucks. Oh well. Cecily takes the girls out to eat and they enjoy themselves as Cecily makes Lisa practically spill Luke's intentions all over the place. More Devil work is at hand and some worm-ified zombies cause a panic. Cecily has never taken a life before and completely dreads the thought of doing so (what a knight). Luke needs to correct some things if they are going to spend anymore time together. Good ep...

Ep 2: Luke makes quick work of the monster with his flaming katana and Cecily literally falls apart in front of him (LOL). I really like this title and enjoy the character interactions so far, especially with Cecily and Luke. I really want to know how Lisa and Luke got into their situation as well. The Devil's contract is going to be a real issue to deal with it seems. A special mission is mentioned and the cargo, Aria, enters the mix. Great ep...

First impression: Not bad. Not bad at all. Cecily is our female heroine and she is a knight of the famous Campell family. Her experience with a blade isn't worthy of her title just yet, but she isn't a coward and will gladly face danger to defend the people. Luke is your "I don't give a damn" - type of guy with enough sword skill to save the world. Their chance encounter was well done (though done before) and little Lisa, who works under Luke, served to add some innocence to the mix. The action is solid and the fan service should get better when the other girl appears. I can't wait to see how Cecily charms her way into Luke's heart (one way or another). Their relationship is one of those 'nice girl makes the tough guy open up' kind of things. Most of the fun will come from watching Luke open up to the girls and seeing how much he changed by the end. This title looks cool and the premise promises for a story deep enough that it demands to be told. I'm all in...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Sunday, December 20 2009. Created Sunday, October 04 2009.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:2150#967]
I am usually a sucker for swords-n-sorcery tales, so I might rate this higher than it should be. I should probably rate this as being a WATCH+, but whatever....

The animation is good and the characters (while being a bit canned and predictable) seem interesting enough. But typical of many short (12-13 episode series), the characters are introduced and the story is developed, but its just not long enough to fully develop a complex tale, so at the end of the series, everything is just left hanging - with no promise of a 2nd season.

It kinda hurts that about 1/2 the episodes are dedicated to filling in some backstory, which while it doesn't have any direct impact on the main tale, is probably needed to develop (or lay ground work) for future events down the road.

In short, this is an interesting anime story with some fun characters, but it ends too quickly....

Last updated Monday, August 16 2010. Created Monday, June 22 2009.

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