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I got involved with anime about five years ago, primarily because of Cowboy Bebop and a number of other ‘odd’ animated series that I kept stumbling across. After a bit of research, I came to understand that what I was enjoying was all imported (R1-Licensed) Japanese anime and I became fascinated. It did not help that I had a couple of young nephews who were also into anime, so I started up a lending library.

Well, that was five years ago and since then, I have run out of shelf space for my library and have learned a bit more about Japanese Anime.

I enjoy posting to MIKOMI, but I tend to focus on the more off beat and uncommon series. My biggest concern with the MIKOMI site is that while we will always have our likes and dislikes, a single bad posting for a new series might turn off a number of anime fans from something fun & special, so I try to offer some depth on new series, such as images and background information to interest the visitor/reader.

Once upon a time, ANIME was something that was created, produced and animated in Japan, but that was in the past. Much of the Japanese anime series are now being out-sourced Korea. In fact the American series The Boondocks has much of its animated detail work done there. And we can expect China to step up and begin supporting the type of 'anime' that we currently associate with Japan. The world is changing and getting a bit smaller.

For contrast, I visited ANIDB.NET (an anime site) and ran a query on what they have listed for their top 20-some (most highly rated) anime series. You can find the results below – and yes, it did surprise me a bit and yes, I do not agree with it. But, it does call attention just how diverse our differing opinions can be. Some of their posted ratings do not appear to make sense, but it is a popularity contest. In any event, it is fun!!

When reading the listings below, be aware that ANIDB uses a 10 point scale (which is averaged between the number of votes). So when looking at the rating, remember to look at the number of votes.

Enjoy your anime.

Jan-chan. August 2007

Top 27 Anime series as listed at the ANIDB site

Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo (2006 - Movie) rating 9.03 (with 1,500 vote)
Nodame Cantabile (2006 – 23 TV episodes) rating 9.01 (with 641 votes)
Byousoku 5 Centimeter (2007 – 3part Movie) rating 8.93 (with 367 votes)
Death Note (2006/7 – 37 TV Episodes) rating 8.91 (with 1750 votes)
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen (1999 - 4 OVA episodes) rating 8.88 (with 6,000 votes)

Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch (2007 - 25 TV Episodes) rating 8.83 (with 1,000 votes)
Kanon (2006) (2006 – 24 TV Episodes) rating 8.87 (with 1,200 votes)
Monster (2005/6 – 74 TV Episodes) rating 8.76 (with 2,100 votes)
Mushishi (2005/6 – 26 TV Episodes) rating 8.76 (with 2,000 votes)
Nana (2006/7 – 47 TV Episodes) rating 8.74 (with 311 votes)

Great Teacher Onizuka (1999/0 – 43 TV Episodes) rating 8.73 (with 5,700 votes)
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (2003/4 – 51 TV Episodes) rating 8.72 (with 8.200 votes)
Aria the Natural (2006 – 26 TV Episodes) rating 8.72 (with 244 votes)
Koukaku Kidoutai S.A.C. 2nd GIG (2004/5 – 26 TV Episodes) rating 8.71 (with 2,500 votes)
Fighting Spirit (2000/2 – 75 TV Episodes) rating 8.70 (with 1,600 votes)

Tekkon Kinkreet (2006 – Movie) rating 8.70 (with 24 votes)
Hachimitsu to Kuroba II (2006 –12 TV Episodes) rating 8.69 (with 1,200 votes)
Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988/97 – 110 OVA Episodes) rating 8.60 (with 169 votes)
Juuni Kokuki (2002/3 – 45 TV Episodes) rating 8.68 (with 4,200 votes)
Major 3rd Season (see Major 2nd Season) (2007 – 26 TV Episodes) rating 8.68 (with 51 votes)

Koukaku Kidoutai STAND ALONE COMPLEX (2002/3 – 26 TV Episodes) rating 8.67 (with 4,200 votes)
Hachimitsu to Kuroba (2005 – 26 TV Episodes) rating 8.60 (with 3,000 votes)
Mononoke Hime (1997 – Movie) rating 8.65 (with 4,600 votes)
Planetes (2002/3 – 26 TV Episodes) rating 8.65 (with 2,300 votes)
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (2001 – Movie) rating 8.64 (with 4,444 votes)

Kino no Tabi - the Beautiful World (TV) (2003 – 13 TV Episodes) rating 8.64 (with 1,200 votes)
Cowboy Bebop (1998/9 – 26 TV Episodes) rating 8.62 (with 6,500 votes)

Action(270) Action Comedy(48) Adventure(204) Comedy(248)
Drama(208) Horror(25) Mystery(24) Parody(33)
Romance(183) Romantic Comedy(58) Suspense(11) Tragedy(15)
Cyberpunk(3) Fantasy(213) Historical(23) Modern(202)
Sci-Fi(157) Steampunk(7) Western(3)
All Ages(44) Children(13) Josei(5) Kid at heart(4)
Seinen(81) Shoujo(21) Shounen(50)
Acquired Taste(37) Artistic(3) Classic(6) Creepy(14)
Dark(44) Fragmentary(3) Kawaii(17) Korean Wave(5)
Moe(9) Silly-funny(40) Surreal(28) Weird(43)
Angels(7) Animals(14) Anime-Manga Bundle(8) Anthology(4)
Artificial Girls(19) Assassin(s)(5) Bishoujo(3) Bishounen(12)
Bondage(1) Boys Love(6) CG animation(1) College(9)
Comedy Fantasy(12) Coming of Age(43) Competition(22) Computers(6)
Cooking(1) Dating Sim Spinoff(23) Deities(6) Depression(16)
Ecchi(74) Elementary School(7) Epic(18) Erotic Comedy(15)
Evang*lion Clone(3) Family Affairs(9) Fan Service(128) Fighting(87)
Friendship(29) Gender-Bender(8) Genie(1) Gun-action(41)
Harem(50) Hentai(7) High School(146) Idol theme(2)
Incest(2) Isekai (Other World)(7) Kemonomimi(19) Live Action(5)
Lolicon(15) Magic(73) Mahou Shoujo(12) Maid Theme(1)
Martial Arts(20) Mecha(61) Middle School(21) Music(16)
Music Oriented(2) Ninja(11) noitaminA(8) Occult(18)
Otaku Theme(2) Pantsu(45) Pervert(26) Police(4)
Psychics(13) Reboot(6) Samurai(24) School Comedy(17)
Sequel(26) Series in a Series(1) Shinigami(4) Shotacon(1)
Shoujo Ai(5) Shounen Ai(3) Slice of Life(53) Softcore(10)
Soul Mates(4) Spinoff(5) Spinoff-Sequel(2) Spiritual(16)
Sports(26) Stalking(3) Superhero(2) Supernatural(80)
Swordplay(60) Tenchi Clone(2) Time Travel(9) Underworld(3)
Vampires(12) Video-game inspired(34) Violent(47) Vulgar(14)
War(22) Yuri(11) Zombies(1)
Movie(37) Omake(3) ONA(11) OVA(96)
Short(7) TV(435) TV Special(3)
Release Year
2014(1) 2011(5) 2010(48) 2009(73) 2008(57) 2007(67) 2006(98) 2005(84)
2004(72) 2003(40) 2002(28) 2001(29) 2000(20) 1999(17) 1998(14) 1997(9)
1996(7) 1995(9) 1994(8) 1993(7) 1992(6) 1991(4) 1990(3) 1989(2)
1988(3) 1987(4) 1986(4) 1985(2) 1984(3) 1983(3) 1982(2) 1981(1)
1978(1) 1974(1) 1973(1)
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Title Rating Synopsis
07 Ghost Watch See 07-Ghost

Watch Teito, a former sklave (German for "slave") who because of his magical powers is recruited into attending an elite military school. While taking part in the graduation finals required to become an army officer in the Barsburg Empire, he discovers his father's killer at his school and tries to kill him. Having failed in the attempt, Teito manages to elude capture, but gets caught up in a larger struggle between Verloren, the God of Death, and the “beings of light” sent by Heaven to oppose him: the Seven Ghosts.
2001 Nights Rent See TO
2001 Ya Monogatari Rent See TO
2001夜物語 Rent See TO
2x2 = Shinobuden Rent See Ninin ga Shinobuden
2X2 = The Legend of Shinobu, Rent See Ninin ga Shinobuden
7 Nanas Unevaluated See Shichinin no Nana
7 of 7 Unevaluated See Shichinin no Nana
A Certain Magical Index Rent See To Aru Majutsu no Index
A Certain Scientific Railgun Rent See To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
A Certain Scientific Railgun - Specials Watch See To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - Specials
A Literary Girl Rent See Bungaku Shoujo
A Summer Day`s Dream Unevaluated See Touhou Anime Project - Musou Kakyou
Abnormal Physiology Seminar (OVA) Watch See Hen Zemi (OVA)
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