Love Hina Christmas Special

Title:Love Hina Christmas Special
Love Hina Christmas Special - Silent Eve
Love Hina Winter Special
ラブひな クリスマススペシャル~サイレント・イヴ~
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Notables: AKITA Madoka
EBARA Masashi
NODA Junko
OKIAYU Ryoutaro
Original Concept - AKAMATSU Ken
R1 License - FUNimation
UEDA Yuuji
YUKINO Satsuki
This is a TV special featuring the all of the gang from the Love Hina series. It is Christmas time at Hinatasou and it is the time for secret confessions. The ever-sweet Shinobu Maehara wishes to confess her feelings for Keitaro Urashima. Keitaro wants to confess his feelings for Naru Narusegawa. You get the point... will the rest of the residents of Hinatasou (including Shinobu-chan) help them get together or keep them apart?

[TV Special, 2001, 1 episode. Title was originally licensed in R1 by Bandai but has recently been picked up by FUNimation.]

1:46min Love Hina - Winter Wish - YouTube Video
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Buy Xenoknight [series:462#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

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Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Friday, December 05 2008. Created Friday, December 05 2008.
Buy 8 8 8 7 9 9 Dreamer [series:462#2279]
This is an excellent addition to the whole Love Hina. If you've watched and enjoyed the 1st series, then I'm sure you'll want to know more on the development of Keitarou and Naru in their relationship. As well, watching this one is an excellent beginner into starting "Love Hina Again".

Good art and animation, music was enjoyable and the story.... well, it's Love Hina.

Last updated Sunday, June 08 2008. Created Sunday, June 08 2008.
Buy 8 8 8 9 8 Ggultra2764 [series:462#1552]
Before the Spring Special and Love Hina Again killed my enjoyment of watching a Love Hina anime, the Christmas Special came along and made something entirely different for the Love Hina cast.

This special explores the development of Keitaro and Naru's relationship with how the two relate to each other with Christmas just around the corner as the two prepare for Toudai exams. Unlike the TV series, the crazy comedic antics, fan service, and Keitaro thrashings are kept to a minimum in this special leaving only the tension between characters as the major component for the special.

The special does make decent use of the other characters of the series as well. The highlight of this use was a side storyline of Shinobu's efforts to comfort Keitaro after he thinks he got rejected by Naru for Seta.

This will definitely be a must-see for Love Hina fans to watch as the Christmas special is the best storyline made for the Love Hina anime. Just be prepared to have a bad taste in your mouth for the Spring Special and Love Hina Again when you later see it.

Note: As good as this was, this was never in the manga sadly.

Last updated Friday, January 11 2008. Created Friday, January 11 2008.
Buy 9 9 10 8 10 10 Big Fire [series:462#2441]
The Naru Keitaro story draggin on for a christmas special...As a fan of the TV series, i was dissapointed that there was no closure...But the christmas atmoshphere of the show made it worth while...It was nice for Naru to have closure with Seta...It sucks that Keitaro uses Shinobu as his 'back-up' everytime Naru shows some form of rejection...But all in all, this story was a great compliment to the series...

Last updated Sunday, April 08 2007. Created Sunday, April 08 2007.
Buy Forbin [series:462#1573]
Drama : High
Comedy : Med
Action : Low
SciFi : Low
Ecchi : Low (I think)

Wow the absolute BEST of the Love Hina series. I was watching 20-26 and when I hit this I was like Wow this was just beautiful. Then I watched the Spring special.../bleh.

I would skip over the Spring special after watching this but it has some important keys to the anime. Just watch this, the Spring Special and then come back and watch this to remove that bad taste from your mouth. Hehe

Note : Did you notice Shinobu was selling Akamatsu's Ai Love You manga?

Last updated Saturday, August 13 2005. Created Tuesday, April 26 2005.
Buy 9 8 9 8 10 9 Anonymous #1495 [series:462#1495]
love hina is a really great anime, its something that people can keep coming back to watch over and over again..this one particular episode was pretty good too...i didnt think that it was as comedic as some of the other episodes but the story was good. art of course is good since ken akamatsu did the original manga..animatin i thought was good but not time i think that the characters are a little chubbier then in the manga too. i personally like the character design and the music is quite good..not the best of it gets the feeling accross. the story for the series is simplistic but great and this episode just establishes the feelings of keitaro and naru which is wut ppl probably have been waiting to see for the longest time lol..the japanese cast is awsome and move the story along very well..i actually was curious to see what US cast sounded like and...O GOD they were terrible..just 3 seconds was more then enough to show me how bad they were..if u wanna watch love in japanese cause english completely sucks to the point that it disgraces this anime

Last updated Friday, July 16 2004. Created Friday, July 16 2004.
Buy 8 8 9 7 10 9 Anonymous #1297 [series:462#1297]
Christmas is here, and the hinata house crew are getting ready for the festivities!Keitaro finally goes for broke when he broke his ankle(redundunt huh?)by just confessing his love for Naru.After that Naru won't talk to Keitaro for many days until Naru finally realizes her feelings for keitaro but will she express them?But of course when it all ends it's back to beating keitaro senseless again...

Last updated Saturday, March 27 2004. Created Saturday, March 27 2004.
Buy 8 8 9 8 10 10 Devil Doll [series:462#752]
[Score: 89% = Buy. Other recommended Romantic Comedy animes: Love Hina, Ai Yori Aoshi, Aa! Megami-sama! TV, REC]
This one is about the best of all Love Hina episodes, on par with episodes 22-24. If you are into the story and want to know how the relation development will proceed for Naru and Keitarou, you cannot dare to miss this piece... prepare for Shinobu's heroic scenes and even for Motoko becoming a major player for the first time. And what's left out in the summary, Mutsumi-chan has quite one confession to make as well...

Last updated Friday, June 06 2008. Created Sunday, June 08 2003.
Buy 9 9 10 9 9 Conardo [series:462#663]
This special episode is the most descent and that has a good story amongst the other that were quite dull but good enough.
Christmas is coming and The Ronins Mutsumi, Naru and Keitaro are preparing and studying for their test on the day before Christmas. Keitaro confessed his love for Naru and she's acting all weird. Lots of problem occurs during those days but in the always...everything gets back to normal and they continue on with their life.
No extra character (as I remember) were added during this special show. However, that might be why it's the best of the other specials. A must-see for hardcore fans!

Last updated Sunday, April 27 2003. Created Sunday, April 27 2003.
Buy 9 9 9 8 0 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:462#436]

This TV special sequel to Love Hina picks up where the TV series (including the OAV 25th episode) leave off. As such, the story focuses on the relationship between Keitaro and Naru during the the week leading up to Christmas. With Naru, Keitaro, and Mutsumi studying to get into Toudai (Tokyo University), who has time for a relationship?

Fans of Love Hina will really enjoy this special because of the focus on the romance of Naru and Keitaro. Keitaro would rather be spending time with Naru rather than studying. Naru would love to spend time with Keitaro, but she knows that he really needs to study. There's no longer a Mutsumi-Naru-Keitaro love triangle, but Mutsumi still has an important role to play with Naru and Keitaro. And it is nice seeing how the Seto-Naru-Keitaro love triangle is dealt with. But ultimately, seeing Naru and Keitaro advance is the best.

The supporting cast from Hinata Sou are used pretty well. They can to make sure Keitaro and Naru can be together on Christmas eve is really touching. We also get to see Haraku, Kentaro, and Keitaro's two other male friends in mostly cameo roles, but nice ones. And there's a cool cameo by Love Hina manga creator Akamatsu Ken!

Bottom line: more of what people liked about Love Hina and very well done. If you liked the TV series, you'll love this special!

Note: the OAV "25th episode" is included in the R1 DVD elease.

Last updated Saturday, May 01 2004. Created Monday, December 16 2002.

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