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Akane Maniax
Watch Akane is the sister of the famous Haruka of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. She is still depressed over the breakup of her sister and Takayuki. Currently she is going through life on automatic not really caring about what's going around her (Sorta like Mitsuki in KGNE). Into her life comes transfer student Gouda, who proposes marriage to her 30 seconds after meeting.

Boys Be
Rent Boys Be is about life in a high school and how it affects six class mates - three boys Kanzaki Kyoichi (the Artist), Kurumizawa Makoto (the Computer Nerd), and Kenjou Yoshihiko (the Baseball Star), and three girls Nitta Chiharu (the Track & Field Athlete), Mizutani Aki (the Photographer), and Kazama Yumi (the Glasses Girl). These friends grow up together, fall in love, and fall out of love.
Boys Be... Rent See Boys Be

D4 Princess
Buy Join Doris Ruridou, a princess, as she goes through extreme training to become a Panzer (which only one out of ten people can truly become). However, her adjustment to this new life hasn't been easy: making new friends, training, school, training, eating at the cafeteria, and more training. It is 24 short episodes of none stop fun!
D4 プリンセス Buy See D4 Princess
Drill 4 Princess Buy See D4 Princess
Drill for Princess Buy See D4 Princess

G-on Riders
Rent In a near future time when alien attacks have become a common event, a secret (Japanese) organization called the GRA (GRAND RIFUREKUTO AMUDO, Grand Reflect Armor) has developed a very effective defense. Using a technology developed by Dr Sanada Mio, which she calls the 'G-On', certain young students wearing glasses (hence the "G" in the title) are able to harness their strong feelings and manifest those abilities and weapons that prove effective against the alien attacking units. The GRA has sponsored an elite high school to help identify and develop the students who have this ability in the hopes that they can defend not only Japan, but also the earth from the alien invaders.
G-on らいだーす (Japanese) Rent See G-on Riders

Girls Bravo
Rent Born very short in size, Yukinari has always been picked on by girls. His life is so full of violent and abusive girls, that he has become gynophobic, and being touched by a girl causes him to break out in hives. One day, after being kicked in the face by Kirie-chan, he falls in the bathtub and passes through to another world where he meets a very sweet and kind Miharu-chan. Yukinari is surprised to find out that he does not react when being touched by Miharu, and he is amazed at how interested she is in him.
GIRLSブラボー Rent See Girls Bravo
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Gaiden Watch See Akane Maniax

Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi
Rent The young Nagato Nakahito succeeds in sneaking past a military barricade and into a house where he finds and awakens a metal doll named Kurumi. Nagato meets and with Kurumi's help manages to rescue Kurumi's creator, Dr Ayaro Kouchi, from capture, but only after Kurumi has to destroy one of the military's monstrous war-robots. And now with the military in hot pursuit, Nagato has to figure out who this beautiful Kurumi is, and why does she insist on calling him her master?
Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi Encore Buy See Steel Angel Kurumi Encore

Love Hina
Buy 20 year old ronin, Keitaro Urashima, never had much luck with girls in all his life except when he was young. He still recalls that time in his life yet very faintly. He played with a girl in a sandbox who told him that if two people made it into Tokyo University together, they would be together forever. So, Keitaro and this girl promised that they would both get into Tokyo U. However, the girl moved away and that was the last he saw of her. Now in the present, Keitaro has failed the Tokyo U. entrance exams twice! He decides to stay at his grandmother's inn, Hinata Sou, for awhile so that he can get away from home. However, he did not know that the inn changed to a female dormitory and that's when all the fun starts!
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