Steel Angel Kurumi Encore

Title:Steel Angel Kurumi Encore
Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi Encore
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Notables: ENOMOTO Atsuko
INOUE Kikuko
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
Each of the four main characters of the original series gets an "omake" episode more-or-less to themself. While working in a restaraunt, Saki is spotted by a talent scout and offered a job as a movie actress; Karinka gets a love letter from a mysterious admirer; Kurumi gets the idea that she needs to become "a traditional Japanese woman"; and Nakahito is confronted by an army of Steel Angels who each want a kiss like the one that activated Kurumi!

Omake spin off of Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi
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Drama : Med
Comedy : High
Action : Med
SciFi : High
Ecchi : High

Thanks to Stretch for pointing out this to me so I could queue it up on my rental site. More Kurumi! More Nakahito! More Karinka!..well the Saki one was so so..hehe

It does hopefully complete the relationship between Kurumi and the others (I'm not telling..hehe) but the Nakahito episode was pretty funny. I was like, aren't the Steel Angels smart? All they have to do is do the same thing as KURUMI! :lol

Since it was 4 episodes, I will mark this as a buy. It was entertaining, hopefully closed the story, and provide more of the goodness that is Kurumi.

But it still doesn't explain one thing, why the HECK does Kurumi and Saki dress like Maids? It's not like they are maids.

If you liked Kurumi, check out Mahoromatic and Hand Maid May

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The final episode of the original series took me by surprise, because it was at the end of volume four while I remembered seeing a fifth volume listed in the catalog. The fifth volume turned out to be this one, the Steel Angel Kurumi Encore. These have nothing to do with the main plot of the series (but wouldn't make much sense to someone who hadn't already watched it). Breaking a lengthy series up into 15-minute parcels worked okay, but it's not so easy when an entire story is supposed to be told in around 12 minutes' airtime, once the OP/ED sequences are removed. But the story itself isn't all that important, what matters is getting more of the colorful artwork, cheerful music, and cute, lovable characters (acquired taste, perhaps?). I noticed only one or two good laughs in the first three episodes (#25-27), but enjoyed them nevertheless. Fortunately, episode #28 was my favorite, seeming to me to be quite possibly funnier than the other three combined. And that mysterious competitor in the contest for Nakahito's kiss--"Miss Yaoi" (does that word mean what I think it does?)! Afterwards, I rewatched the episodes in dubbed form, which I found to be distinctly inferior. For example, the term "traditional Japanese woman" from Kurumi's episode had been replaced by "a real lady" or "ideal woman" (I hate it when references to Japanese culture are purged). Even worse, in Karinka's episode when he's asked about a flower a character says "some Hare Krishna gave me one" (What?! This show is set in Japan in the 1920's, people!). Okay, enough complaining. Let me summarize by saying that if you liked Steel Angel Kurumi, you'll like the Encore as well.

My favorite line: "Let's see... If it's a weird guy, I'll kick his ass and go home" --Karinka


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