Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Full Metal Panic! Owaru Day By Day
フルメタル・パニック! The Second Raid (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - KYOTO
GATOU Shouji
MIKI Shinichirou
Music - Pony Canyon
NEYA Michiko
R1 License - FUNimation
SEKI Tomokazu
YUKINO Satsuki
The original gang from FMP are back! Sousuke is off being a full time AS pilot, and part time student. Tessa's sub is repaired and back in action. Chidori is still at school wondering where her notes that she gave Sousuke are.

With Sousuke spending more and more times on Mithril missions, Chidori worries about his making the grade in high school. Mithril decides that wasting two resources on protecting Chirodi is a waste of time and makes their mind up on how to handle this. Meanwhile, the group that had been behind Gauron's efforts in FMP begins to make some moves and Mithril finds itself getting involved in a conflict between North and South China. With this other group having its eyes on Chidori, will Sousuke be able to protect her, especially with the powerful female Chinese twin assassins Xia Yu Fang & Xia Yu Lan on the case? Will Tessa make her feelings for Sousuke known? Will Chidori make her feelings for Sousuke known? What will Sousuke do if they do confess?
[ 13 TV episodes : 23 min each, based on the novels Full Metal Panic! Owaru Day By Day (subtitled "Upper Volume" and "Lower Volume")and the manga Full Metal Panic! Sigma (?) from GATOU Shouji.]

R1 license by Funimation. Due to an odd arrangement with Japanese production company Kadokawa (who are attempting to get a larger percentage of the American sales), FUNimation's "license" deals only with promotion, authoring (meaning the subtitle fonts), and distribution of the DVD's. ADV was given the dubs and subtitles. Thus, FUNimation's normal subtitles with full use of honorifics will not appear in this release.

1:29min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Buy 9 8 8 8 9 DisBeDan [series:871#3195]
I personally like the first season much better it feels like they where just trying to keep it going in this but it still is an outstanding anime

Last updated Tuesday, February 09 2010. Created Tuesday, February 09 2010.
Buy 10 10 9 8 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:871#1552]
Perhaps the best storyline in the Full Metal Panic anime adaptations thus far, The Second Raid devotes greater focus on the relationship between Kaname and Sousuke. With his double life as a high school student and Mithril soldier, Sousuke faces inner conflict with what future he should have for himself as he becomes aware that he can't live his double life forever. With his military duties becoming more dominant in his life, Kaname eventually finds herself alone to fend for herself against enemy combatants. It becomes increasingly apparent throughout the series that Sousuke is starting to fall for Kaname and this factors in with his mental conflict in the series. With this focus, the comedy present in the series is downplayed with more focus on the drama taking place with Sousuke and Kaname.

Aside from the relationship, The Second Raid also devotes focus on a new enemy for Mithril in the form of the terrorist faction of Amalgam, possessing technology that rivals Mithril. The series dabbles into darker and more intense material as the main foe of this series, Gates, has an even sicker and psychotic personality than Gauron from the first series. There are even the twin assassins, Yu Fan and Yu Lan, who provide the increased level of violence and their fan servicey scene in the second episode of the series. Unfortunately, The Second Raid falls in the same trap of focus on the villians as they have their archetypical 'evil' and unredeeming qualities without getting much depth on their characters.

In terms of the artwork, The Second Raid retains the high quality color and detail from the past two shows. There is more polish to the scenery and characters this time around and the animation is as fluid as ever with mecha battles, even with the hand-to-hand combat seen with Yu Fan and Yu Lan.

Despite the usual issues I had with the villians, Full Metal Panic The Second Raid's more serious storyline and darker mood will make this a worthwhile buy for FMP fans, especially for fans of Sousuke and Kaname.

Last updated Sunday, September 21 2008. Created Sunday, September 21 2008.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:871#1393]
I bought this a coupe of weeks ago from Hastings. Even had it on special order. Do I love it? Lets see I have watched it about 6 times and I never grow tired of it. A different Suske this time and a different attitude the character is portraying. He is actually tired of fighting and is confused about his feelings. In other words he is just plain burned out with Mithril. I can't tell you the rest because if I did and that would spoil the ending. You just have to rent this one or buy it and if you are a Full Metal Panic Fan like I am you won't be disappointed!

Last updated Sunday, June 10 2007. Created Sunday, June 10 2007.
Buy 8 9 10 8 8 8 Anonymous #2224 [series:871#2224]
This is the sequel to Full Metal Panic!. The 13 episode anime shows the novel Continuing Day by Day. This 13 episode series for me is somewhat short and will make you crave more Full Metal Panic! TSR!. The ending was great yet i feel the producers could have made that episode longer. The Battle Scenes were great and awesome. 3d backgrounds were used in the project. This series is better than the last one Full Metal Panic. Character Design are made very well. Very High definition. I think we will see another TSR sequel in 2 to 3 years. And i think the Novel that will be made in the anime would be the Christmas part and the Continuing On My Own. I predict these 2 novels would be made in a 26 episode series but there is more another 2 years or 3 years the other 2 novels would be created again unless the producers of Full Metal Panic decided to end the series immediately in a 52 part episode which will contain Burning One Man Force which i think is the climax of the novel. I hope to see full Metal panic TSR! the sequel soon and i hope to see FMP! Fumoffu 2nd season haha becuase many feeler episode are still not animated in the novel! The Series is the best series out of all the anime i have watched! This is the only anime aside from elfen lied that made me crave to see immediately the next sequel. Hoping Elfen Lied to have animation sequel to but i think it is almost impossible.

Need To See the novel Christmas part, continuing on my own, Burning one man force and etc into Animation haha even though i have just read the novel, i can see the images that can happen in the anime from the novel! This is the part which makes the story into a climax. Chidori and Souske first time lovey dovey! HAHA LOL! Must SEE! AND MANY MORE ACTION

Last updated Thursday, April 27 2006. Created Thursday, April 27 2006.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 kyo [series:871#2144]
Not much has changed with the characters as it's still same old sousuke cousing trouble for kaname while try to protect her. but there are new character, good guys and bad guys. over all this one of the best anime.

Last updated Thursday, January 19 2006. Created Thursday, January 19 2006.
Buy 10 9 8 8 9 9 Snipaboy [series:871#1881]
I like this anime series. It has a well balanced comedy-action ratio. i am more of a action anime person but i really liked this one. I actually bought this series and im watching TSR right now and i really like how its going.... i didnt realy care for the other sequel(Fumoffu).

Last updated Saturday, November 05 2005. Created Sunday, September 25 2005.
Buy 10 9 8 8 9 9 AstroNerdBoy [series:871#436]

I was as excited as other FMP fans were when I heard about a new 13-episode anime series being created based on the Gatou-sensei novels (yes, there were two) Full Metal Panic! Owaru Day By Day. It was well worth the wait for this title, which may be the best to date.

For starters, FMP:TSR is a much darker anime than FMP was. There are only a few comedy moments, and those are mostly early on. One humor moment made a nice tie-in with Full Metal Panic ~Fumoffu~, so while not absolutely required viewing, I recommend you watch that series (the humor should make it worth your while). TSR seemed to be a make-up for Fumoffu's lack of real seriousness.

Speaking of make-ups, the new studio in charge of the franchise needed to make up for some of the writers's decision to not include certain things in the original series, notably the betrayal story at the end of that series. As such, the writers of TSR had to write new materials to encorporate this since it is an important element for the series. It comes off a little weak, making the audience go, "Here we go again!" However, it is only a minor complaint on my part.

A bigger complaint would be the introduction of the Chinese, yuri, loli, assassin twins. Early in the anime, they seem little more than a way to increase the ecchi factor of the title. Fortunately, they did turn into something a little more before the anime ends.

However, don't let that put you off the title. In addition to some good action, we get some really nice character development for Chidori and Sousuke. The two really come a long way through the course of the anime and unlike FMP, the consequences of what happened to the pair are dealt with. Episode 6 is such a treat and makes what happens next have so much more impact. I really can't say enough good stuff about this.

The final, minor complaint would be the somewhat rushed ending. Episode 13 clocks in at 27-minutes, which is needed due to everything that needed to be wrapped up. While on a mission in Hong Kong, Sousuke has some major "teen angst" moments, which I did like. Unfortunately, a little too much time was spent exploring this which is why the final episode needed extending. Even with the extention, it makes certain aspects of the final episode have to be cut short. But as I said, this is a minor complaint.

Bottom line: another great series (even if I'm not happy with my review), and maybe the best of the franchise. Very little comedy marked by a darker, more violent, and depressed themes will make it somewhat different than what some might expect, but still very buy-worthy.

Last updated Wednesday, November 15 2006. Created Tuesday, July 19 2005.

Buy Forbin [series:871#1573]
Drama : Med/High
Comedy : Med (A big change from other FMPs)
Action : High
SciFi : High (DUH!)
Ecchi : High (Another big change)

Review of the first R1 Disk.

While it is great that all the old staff of ADV are back (As they were paid to dub this but do not own the license), one thing I noticed about the dub is that they just LOVE to put echos whenever someone is near a metallic surface. While that is a neat thing, honestly it takes away from the dub. You can hear that Kalinin has aged a few years since the original FMP! Dub and his voice is less powerful than it was. Tessa's voice is still as good but you can also hear the age in it.

Funi kept the original song and didn't redub it as they do sometimes. And a special bonus is that they redubbed episode 000 which contain scenes that never happened in the normal anime run.

Something I NEVER noticed about episode 2 (The Twins) the DVD release has full nudity. This is something I never remembered about episode 2. I gotta dig up my old fansub to see if it really changed.
Review of the 2nd R1 Disk

At 3 episodes this is short. The sound issues are still there, especially in the 1st episode where the song ends and the program starts REALLY LOW. I had to turn up the volume to hear it right. The Gates guy is not as good as the Japanese Gates, he just doesn't seem to be in on it. And Luci Christansen needed more practice before starting Kaname, for the first 10 minutes her voice was strained, then later it stablizes.

All Episodes Watched. After Watching #13 Forbin is speechless. That was an AWESOME episode.

FMP! TSR is my favorite anime of 2005. NOTHING has held my interest as this one has. I was a bit wary of the fact the KyoAni got the production over Gonzo. (Otaku Alert!) But as this progressed, that part was neglible. Gonzo would've done more panties with large boobs. KyoAni went for more Facial expressions. Gonzo would've done more 360 with flowing clothes, KyoAni decided to do away with the clothes! Probably the ONLY thing I hate about KyoAni is they can't do CGI as well as Gonzo can (I HATE the look of Tessa's sub in TSR, compare this to the temple (Episode 18) in Gantz. Gonzo wins!). I wonder what would it look like if JC Staff (My Favorite Animators) had gotten the contract. (Probably the same with nipples - See Bewitched Agnes)

TSR is in a series of books by Gatoh Shouji (2 of them to be exact). The next Novel (Not MANGA!) is based on the Fumuffo premise (make it as funny as you can). So I don't expect another TSR to come around for at least 3 years.

For Another Otaku Moment Episodes 1-4 are an original creation. But unbeknowst to most people Episode 1-4 were written by Gatoh Shouji. In fact except for the extreme ecchi episode of #2 he is the primary writer for 1,3, and 4. So the Loli Assassins that were men in the Novella were in fact changed by him. He and the Director must've realized that the Assassins had to be 2 people with a strong love/bond between them. And 2 Men yaoi scene would've turned off the fans in episode 2. So Poof! They are girls. Well how do you express a love/bond relationship with 2 women? YURI! Gatoh-sensei has so much power over this (He was the one who picked KyoAni to do TSR) that there is no question that he approved the twins change. In the last episode could you really do that last scene with 2 men and get the same impact? I don't think so. It would've worked if the twins were Male/Female (And they should've done that, I kept getting them confused) but I guess they shied away from that. Now to show that bond they did a whole Ecchi episode in #2 that IMHO should've been toned down but it really shows how much these 2 love each other.

Another new character is Gates. The Insane Homicidal Maniac (Who else sings AvaMaria while his team kills a bunch of terrorists?). He was not in the novel but he is really the comedy of TSR (Dark Comedy). Without him TSR is a real downer anime. Gates was the foil for the drama and did a mighty fine job of it (umm the kitten episode?). Normally Sousuke is the Light-Comedy but he is so depressed in TSR that he didn't have time to be the comedy. I applaud Gatoh-sensei for creating a character that I will remember more than Gauron. (Gauron was more the Realist Homicidal Maniac, always taking the straight path)

Leonard Testarossa was a new character but he was in the Novel. His presence shows that they intend to make more (Leonard isn't in the Fumuffo side though) and develop his character more. (Hint Hint)
Now On to the Review:

I think Snipaboy is talking about FMP 1. You can't buy FMP TSR yet.

This is not your mama's FMP! This one is very ecchi, very dramatic, and not as funny. It's very good though we don't get to see too much of Chidori (As she is important later). It really seems to focus on Sousuke and how he deals with being a mecha pilot and a student (Hence the name, Continuing Day by Day).

Note : Episode 0 contains scenes that are NOT in episode 1 (And contains scenes from other Episodes). So watch both so you get the full TSR experience.

And even though you can't buy it, just buy it, I'll be buying it as soon as it R1's. Damn ADV! Borrow some money and buy the damn show already! I'm sure the VA's are just itching to voice this. I wonder who gets to be Gates?

My Favorite Episodes: 2 (Twins, Cough Cough), 9 (Chidori, Cough Cough) and 13 (OMG!).

I think they overdid Episode 10 and 11. It was UNNECCESARY that that whole thing was broken up into 2 episodes. That all could've been done in 1 episode. I really didn't need to see 2 episodes of Sousuke drama.

Favorite Scene : Sousuke : I hate this unreliable piece of junk! Arbalest : Afirmative! Sousuke : That's bad when your AS has a better sense of humor that it's pilot!

I took out Incest. The Twins are not the primary focus of this Anime, and you would not look to TSR if you need to fill your Incestous fantasies. High School is also out. You would NOT watch TSR looking for a High School Anime. Yuri too, one episode of Yuri does not make a Yuri anime. I did put in Suspense as this anime is full of that.

Last updated Tuesday, January 09 2007. Created Monday, May 02 2005.

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