Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - 6: The Edge of Heaven

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Episode:6: The Edge of Heaven
Just like before there are 2 episodes sliced together and I'll separate them.

Sousuke is late for an exam (again) and Kaname comments on how living a double life must be draining him. Chidori points out that Sousuke's hair is very long and he needs a cut. He says he does it himself, and she takes him to a salon where a guy will cut it. Of course there is a very funny scene and Sousuke cannot allow anyone near him with a knife and they get kicked out of that salon.

Later he comments on how the last 6 months have been, and how he has made trouble for so many people especially Kaname. She laughs about it and then invites him over to finish the hair cut. She shows up with the scissors and does a diabolical laugh but Sousuke shrugs it off and tells her to not cut off his ears. Chidori spends some time cutting his hair and appears to play with each end before cutting it. They spend some time talking about his job and she asks if she is being targeted again (she's not). He mentions that there is another person watching her when he is not around. She says that the only person she trusts is Sousuke. Another nice scene when she turns his head to cut the front and he's staring straight down her blouse. He then falls asleep and Kaname looks like she wants to give him a kiss. Instead she dunks his head under cold water to wake him.

Later she asks about personal protection and he pulls out a variety of weapons (Where does he store them) and finally she settles on a taser gun. He then comments on how he felt comfortable with a knife in Kaname's hands where he wouldn't with anyone else. It's very obvious the attraction between these two. He goes home smiling.

She is in at Mithril Headquarters in Australia where they are torturing Vicent Blueno regarding the last operation. She turns her head but Kalinin says that she needs to see that there are steps they have to take to protect Mithril's Security. They learn that Blueno was working for Amalgam (Which sorta means Mithril) They visit the head of their department and he points out that the whispered are no longer important to guard as there are so many of them. He wants Sousuke back as he is the best AS pilot they have and they have 'Wraith' anyhow.

Cut to the Twins, they go into a warehouse full of AS's and they proceed to seduce each of the guards and kill them (more fan service). They steal an AS and leave. Cut to Gates who is busy whacking off to Kittens (Yes you heard me). And he calls the girls who say they are going to Mithril to kill off everyone who hurt Sensei (Gauron). He's not a happy camper.

Cut back to Sousuke. (I hope you can read english). Basically he gets and order to go to Meida base and not contact Kaname Chidori EVER again. His mission is done. Wraith will take over.
Sousuke punches his laptop breaking it.
Just 6 months? Damn do they pack a lot into 3 seasons. Looks like Kaname and Sousuke relationship is in full swing (after 6 months) and Tessa is very jealous of this.

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