Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - 1: End Of the Days

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Episode:1: End Of the Days
Sousuke, Kurtz, and Mao are dispatched so a small country (Balic) where Colonel Maless (Dark Skinned Dude with Glasses) is terrorizing the populace. Kurtz and Mao go in to rescue the people and Sousuke is taking out all the heavy Artillery. There is a nice looking drop scene where 3 helicopters equipped with the invisible mode drop our 3 heros into the action.
Turns out the Enemy has some kind of ECS detector that can negate the technology that Mithril uses. Sousuke goes into action destroying all the launchers to allow Mao and Kurtz to escape. A really good scene here where Sousuke activates his Lambda driver and Tessa helps him escape.

Back to normal life Sousuke is trying to do his homework right in the hanger and Chidori is pissed that he hasn't returned her notes. When he does finaly show, guess what, he forgot her notes... hehe

Hmmm while I love the colors Kyoto uses here I really miss the good old Gonzo Bounce. Everyone here adheres to the proper gravity drawing with the super hold bras :(

AstroNerdBoy -- 26 July 2005

The first episode really gets off to a bang. This was the first time I really felt the Mithril trio that Sousuke belongs to were really in trouble, especially since their opponents were a 3rd-world dictatorship. The battle was really good and his ultimate escape was even sweeter than his escape in the first series. Very impressive all the way around.

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