Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - 10: Two in Hong Kong

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Episode:10: Two in Hong Kong
Actually a 'calm before the storm' episode.

Sousuke is listening to a lecture on new info on the Lambda driver. Basically it will only operate if the user is in a certain focused state of mind. This can be achieved by a drug called TI970. They also mention that the Behemoth is the only AS that the lambda driver can stay active constantly (I wonder why they bring up the Behemoth?).

Later he gets into his A/S and has a long conversation with it. It turns out to be more than a standard AS AI named AL (little pun) and it offers Sousuke advice on how to get out of his funk. It also reveals that it was created by Bunny Morauta. (Important Clue!)

Sousuke and Mao get shipped off to China to find the blue Venom AS. The go undercover as cleaners but when Sousuke is thinking of Kaname he runs a red light and gets into an accident. They are almost arrested but Yu Fang shows up (in the Venom) and all the guards start chasing after her. (I wonder why she didn't kill them). Mao finally gives Sousuke an ultimatum that either he stops thinking of Kaname or he gets out. Sousuke gets out and walks away.
We learn a little about Mao's history here and it's a very low key episode. Why did Yu Fang save them? It's not like she could just walk over and squish Sousuke. He was already in a state of remorse.

The Preview shows him talking to Kaname but she looks very distorted. Must be a dream sequence. Correction : I now know what it is about, just see episode 11

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