Suspense Titles

Suspense: (Genre) An anime title that gives you a "pleasant excitement as to a decision or outcome" should be in this classification.

Title Rating Synopsis
11人いる! Watch See Jûichi-nin iru!

91 Days
Buy During the Prohibition era, in the Lawless district the law has no power, the mafia rule the streets, and the illegally made liquor flows freely. At one time Avilio lived in this district, but after a mafia dispute ended in the murder of his family, he went into hiding. Later, Avilio receives a letter from a mysterious person that ignites his passion for revenge and leads him to return to Lawless. There, he infiltrates the Vanetti family and gets close to Nero.
A Kite Rent See Kite

Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai
Buy Sasshi is having a bad summer vacation. First, his old house is demolished in the recent Abenobashi Shopping district redevelopment plan , and his best friend, Ayumi, is moving away to Hokkaido. Investigating, the duo find that the Abenobashi district is constructed as a cross with a different animal guarding each pole in the market. Unfortunately, with Ayumi's family leaving, the last guardian will fall and something terrible may happen to Abenobashi.

Rent When Kouichi Sasakibara transfers to his new school, he can sense something frightening in the atmosphere of his new class, a secret none of them will talk about. At the center is the beautiful girl Mei Misaki. Kouichi is immediately drawn to her mysterious aura, but then he begins to realize that no one else in the class is aware of her presence.

Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yousei-tachi
Watch A cyber battle sci-fi. In 2022, the technology of quantum computing has greatly advanced and many people have transferred their mind into cyber space.
Arve Rezzle: Mechanized Fairies Watch See Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yousei-tachi

Blood Royal
Rent "Blood Royal Princess" is based on the game "Blood Royal", a PC hentai game made by the now defunct CherrySoft. Two princess from distant lands flee from harm, only to meet up with one of the most notorious pirates in the seven seas.
Blood Royale Rent See Blood Royal

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
Rent Struggling manga author Satoru Fujinuma is beset by his fear to express himself. However, he has a supernatural ability of being forced to prevent deaths and catastrophes by being sent back in time before the incident occurred, repeating time until the accident is prevented. One day, he gets involved in an accident that has him framed as a murderer. Desperate to save the victim, he sends himself back in time only to find himself as a grade-schooler one month before fellow classmate Kayo Hinazuki went missing. Satoru now embarks on a new quest: to save Kayo and solve the mystery behind her disappearance.
Boku no Katsu Seni Kanojo no... Unevaluated A tradgic Love Story w/ a VERY odd twist!
BokuMachi Rent See Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

Rent Sakamoto Ryota is an unemployed 22 year old who lives with his mother. In the real world, there may be nothing special about him, but online, he's one of the world's top players of the combat game called Btooom. One day, he awakes on what appears to be a tropical island, though he has no memory of how he got there or why. While exploring the island, Ryota runs into a mysterious being who attacks him by throwing a bomb at him. Ryota then realizes that both his life is in danger, and that he has somehow become trapped in a real-life version of his favorite game. Ryota must now survive through the nightmare to figure out the reason why he ended up in the game in the first place.
Case Closed Rent See Meitantei Conan

Rent Nishijo Takumi is your typical ↗NEET. He lives on top of a building inside of a ocean container box. Inside is his computer, bottles of soda, and tons of action figures from his favorite anime girl Seira. That's his whole life. One day while chatting online with his friend 'Grim', another user named 'Shogun' starts messaging him. He sends Takumi a bunch of links to pictures of people being murdered. Later that evening, Takumi walks down a hallway and sees the murder being commited by a pink haired girl who turns and says, "I wanted to see you". Troubled, he runs away carrying one of her daggers. The next day at school he sits down and his friends greet him. His female friend who has pink hair is the same girl he saw that night...
Action(32) Action Comedy(2) Adventure(12) Comedy(3)
Drama(41) Horror(10) Mystery(15) Parody(2)
Romance(7) Tragedy(5)
Cyberpunk(2) Fantasy(13) Historical(3) Modern(26)
Children(1) Kid at heart(2) Seinen(12) Shoujo(3)
Acquired Taste(4) Artistic(2) Creepy(6) Dark(22)
Fragmentary(3) Kawaii(1) Silly-funny(1) Surreal(7)
Characters and Their Abilities
Bishoujo(2) Bishounen(1) Kemonomimi(1) Vampires(1)
Story Elements and Location
Coming of Age(3) Competition(1) Depression(3) Elementary School(1)
Epic(2) Fighting(7) Friendship(6) High School(8)
Magic(4) Martial Arts(1) Mecha(5) Middle School(1)
Music(1) Occult(3) Otaku Theme(1) Police(7)
Psychics(6) Slice of Life(3) Soul Mates(3) Spiritual(4)
Supernatural(9) Swordplay(3) Time Travel(1) Underworld(1)
Anthology(1) Boys Love(1) Computers(2) Dating Sim Spinoff(1)
Gun-action(14) Live Action(1) noitaminA(2) Prequel(1)
Reboot(1) Sequel(2) Spinoff(1) Spinoff-Sequel(2)
Video-game inspired(3) Yuri(1)
Bondage(2) Ecchi(2) Fan Service(6) Hentai(4)
Incest(1) Pervert(2) Stalking(1) Violent(20)
Movie(11) ONA(1) OVA(8) TV(31)
TV Special(1)
Release Year
2017(2) 2016(3) 2015(2) 2014(1) 2013(3) 2012(5) 2008(2) 2007(1)
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