Boku no Katsu Seni Kanojo no...

Title:Boku no Katsu Seni Kanojo no...
My life without her...
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A tradgic Love Story w/ a VERY odd twist!
The story starts out with a phone call to the main character, Kyo! It is his Childhood Friends little sister, Satomi! She calls Kyo to tell him that there has been a HORRIBLE accident and Akemi, Kyo's Childhood friend was hurt bad! When Kyo arrive to the Hospital Akemi is in the O.R. and is labaled in "Grave Condiction" and has Life Threating injury's! The doctor tells Kyo and Satomi to stay with her! Soon after surgery she slips in to a Level 5 coma (According to the "Rancho Los Amigos Scale") 3 days later she falls in to a level 1 coma (Deep) where she later dies in the hand of Kyo! So now the greeving process starts and thats where the things get odd!

...It's best comparison is to the anime School Days (TV)
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Unevaluated Xenoknight [series:1706#2967]
My sources have all failed to find anything useful about this title.

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1706#967]
1600 hits so far ... hummm ... so, this series has generated some interest.

Let me try to answer some of your questions ...

1 - I don't know who made the original posting for this series.
2 - I have never heard of this live action drama series.
3 - It is not listed in the definitive J-drama web site - D-Addicts.
4 - It does not appear to have been fansubbed by any group.
5 - I have never been able to find any (torrent) listings for this series.
6 - And if you google this title (which you probably have), ya only get a few hits, most of which point you to this web site.

If anyone can find any info on this live-action drama, please make a posting here.

There are some YouTube postings for a series called Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi (or translated The Way We Live). Information about this 12 episode Y2004 series can be found here at JDORAMA or here at D-Addicts. But sadly, it is not the Y2008 series that is listed here in this posting.

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