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Coming of Age: (Story/Location) A story in which the main character is confronted with issues related to their transition from adolescence (innocence) to adulthood (responsibility). Most typically found in a modern romance story in which the main character has to confront his/her feelings over their (first) love and/or deciding about the path in life (setting goals, attending college, getting a job etc.).

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12-sai ~Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki~
Unevaluated Ayase Hanabi is a twelve year old girl who is caught in the transition period between childhood and adulthood. She begins to notice things at school like teachers kissing and a friend experiencing her first menstrual cramps.
12歳。~ちっちゃなムネのトキメキ~ Unevaluated See 12-sai ~Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki~
3-gatsu no Lion 2 Buy See Sangatsu no Lion 2
Abnormal Physiology Seminar (OVA) Watch See Hen Zemi (OVA)

Rent Microtechnology has created self-powered roller blades that allow a rider to rip along at blistering speeds, roar up walls and fly to incredible heights. And now AIR TECK (A-T) has become the new rage with all of the gangs. Ikki got the dickens kicked out of him by a roller-blade gang and the four sisters that he is staying with are not going to allow him to forget it. Of the four sisters, it falls upon fourteen-year-old Ringo to be responsible for looking after their trouble-some ‘adopted’ little brother whom they have nicknamed ‘baby-face’. When Ikki finds out that the girls are part of an A-T gang called the ‘sleeping forest’, he borrows one of their skates and rides off into the night vowing to learn to ride . A chance encounter introduces him to a cute roller-blade girl. Ikki follows her to a Stormrider (AT gang) gathering and learns that she is called Simca. Simca really seems to take a fancy for him (or perhaps she really enjoys teasing him), but when his sisters (most specifically Ringo) find out, they are not happy with Ikki’s new friend.
AirGear Rent See AIR GEAR

Aishiteru Ze Baby
Buy A crisis in the Katakura family changes the life style of a carefree high school playboy, when Kippei is asked to look after his five-year old cousin, Yuzuyu. Kippei tries to complain and avoid the responsibility but Yuzuyu's quiet charm soon wins him over. In trying to be a mom to his little cousin, Kippei learns some hard lessons on how to be responsible, as well as helping Yuzuyu deal with issues at her pre-school and her longing for her absent mother. And what about Kokoro, the cute classmate, who seems to show some measure of interest in Kippei?
Aishiteruze Baby Buy See Aishiteru Ze Baby

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka (TV)
Rent One day, Junichi Nagase the 'Geno Killer' saves a girl from getting accosted by 2 thugs. Walking away from her, he curses himself for acting 'too cool'. The next day his classroom gets a new transfer student, Yuuhi Katagiri. She turns out to be the girl that he saved. She walks up to him and asks him out. After having many fantasies about her, the next day when she talks to him he bends over and gives her a kiss on the mouth. She screams about stealing her first kiss and proceeds to beat him black and blue. Later that evening he gets a visit from Yuuhi and it turns out that she is to live in his house as his fiancee.
Akasaka (nickname) Rent See Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka (TV)
Aki Sora Buy See Aki-Sora
Aki Sora: In a Dream Watch See Aki Sora: Yume no Naka

Aki Sora: Yume no Naka
Watch The continuing story (or 'sequel') to Aki-Sora. (Ext link: MAL)

Buy Aki-Sora revolves around Aki Aoi and Sora Aoi, a pair of close siblings who have shared an intimate bond since childhood. During their coming of age, they each come to realize the true depth of the love they feel for each other and consummate that love in secret. They keep their younger sister, Nami, Sora’s twin in the dark about their new relationship. Nami, clueless of what is happening in her household aims to set her brother up with her best friend, Kana Sumiya. Despite these relationships Nami seems to have feelings for someone near to her too but keeps them secret. (Source: ANN)
Akisora Buy See Aki-Sora
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