Hen Zemi (OVA)

Title:Hen Zemi (OVA)
Abnormal Physiology Seminar (OVA)
変ゼミ (Japanese)
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Matsutaka Nanako is a normal university student, who happened to enroll in Abnormal Physiology Seminar. She tries to keep her mental state sound, but the other abnormal classmates start to influence her personality...

Based on Tagro's risque comedy manga series Hen Zemi (↗Abnormal Physiology Seminar).

The fourth collected manga volume will be released in July with a bonus anime episode. The 2006 and ongoing manga series stars the odd students of a university course on human sexuality.

A single OVA episode was released on July 23rd, 2010.

A 2nd OVA episode has been announced in ANN with a release date of March 2011.

1:11min Trailer - YouTube Vid

See also: Hen Zemi (TV).

OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Watch 8 8 9 6 7 7 Dreamer [series:2360#2279]
What a strange series. From first impressions, one would think this would be a super dirty and pointless series. Hmmmm.....

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation was good. For the most part, it was more kawaii than anything else.... and of course, i'm speaking of the girls only. Character designs were well done. Loved how certain aspects of body parts were slightly exaggerated... such as sensai's teeth or the girl's legs... and the large kawaii round eyes (girls).

The OP was not of my flavor. It was a pop piece with a bit of cutsie charm to it. Blegh. The rest of the music was nothing to really speak of. The ED was as strange as the series... and as dirty, lol. I can't really explain the style.

Series and Episode Story
First impressions can be misleading. It honestly wasn't really that dirty even though the series revolved around sexual perversions and situations. I think it was because everything had a light hearted nature and mostly humorous. There was no plot to speak of. It was basically regarding our protagonist who has to deal with a perverse cast while attempting her assignment. Funny and mildly dirty.... but entertaining.

Overall, it's a strange but fun series. It's a good series to watch to pass some free time.

Last updated Wednesday, October 12 2011. Created Wednesday, October 12 2011.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2360#628]
(One episode watched):

I went looking for the new Hen Zemi TV series and stumbled across this OVA version as well. This doesn't seem all that 'dirty' in spite of (or because of?) all the bizarre sexual behavior that goes on. But it didn't exactly grab my attention either. The humor is OK, but otherwise I don't detect an interesting plot taking shape, and it will need more than gross/funny stuff to carry it along. For one thing, how has a nice girl like Nanako wound up taking such a questionable class? I hope this show looks up in the future, but for now it is too soon to say whether it will be really good or not.

Apparently there were plans for no less than five OVA episodes, but since July of last year only two have been released.

Last updated Saturday, April 16 2011. Created Saturday, April 16 2011.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2360#967]
A normal and well adjusted girl enrolled in college signs up for a course in human sexuality and finds herself caught up in a weird situation of having to deal with perverts, sexual fetishism and abnormal sexual behavior. What is one supposed to do? Bomb the course and get a failing grade or deal with the course assignments as best as one can!!!

I still remember taking a sexuality course in college in which the ↗Joy of Sex was the main text book. WOW!!! I was really young and naive back then.....

Last updated Friday, July 23 2010. Created Friday, July 23 2010.

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