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Anime-Manga Bundle: As part of a new trend to promote (Japanese) manga, there have been a number of 'special' OVA episodes that are being exclusively offered with (new release) manga books. Typically presented in a single episode DVD format, they can be continuations of existing series (such as Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations) or special commissioned works intended to promote a manga series (such as Kiss×sis OVA).

Title Rating Synopsis

Aa! Megami-sama OVA 2011
Rent Another bundle of two stories (one episode each); for story summaries see the episode sections.
Abnormal Physiology Seminar (OVA) Watch See Hen Zemi (OVA)
Aki Sora Buy See Aki-Sora

Buy Aki-Sora revolves around Aki Aoi and Sora Aoi, a pair of close siblings who have shared an intimate bond since childhood. During their coming of age, they each come to realize the true depth of the love they feel for each other and consummate that love in secret. They keep their younger sister, Nami, Sora’s twin in the dark about their new relationship. Nami, clueless of what is happening in her household aims to set her brother up with her best friend, Kana Sumiya. Despite these relationships Nami seems to have feelings for someone near to her too but keeps them secret. (Source: ANN)
Akisora Buy See Aki-Sora
Ashiarai Yashiki no Juunin Tachi Unevaluated See Ashiaraiyashiki no Juunintachi
Ashiaraiyashiki no Jūnin-tachi Unevaluated See Ashiaraiyashiki no Juunintachi

Ashiaraiyashiki no Juunintachi
Unevaluated A "battle fantasy" story which follows the humans, mythical creatures, and demons that live together in a mysterious apartment called Ashiaraiyashiki.

Clannad: After Story - Kyou Chapter
Watch What happened if Tomoya had never met Nagisa or Tomoyo? He would have probably been caught in a 2 way fight over the Fujibayashi sisters, Ryou (short hair) and Kyou (long hair).
D.C.I.F. Da Capo I.F. OVA Rent See Da Capo If
D.C.I.F.~ダ・カーポ イフ Rent See Da Capo If

Da Capo If
Rent An alternate reality where Da Capo ended with Nemu's death, and Asakura falling into deep depression. He is only getting by with the help of his friends, most notably the beautiful, "ever-passionate" Kotori by his side. She tries more and more to comfort him and help in anyway she can while trying to fill a certain gap in his life. Asakura hasn't made peace with his past yet; becoming aware of the consequences for his growing relation with Kotori he makes a drastic decision...
Da Capo If OVA Rent See Da Capo If
DCIF OVA Rent See Da Capo If
Denpa teki na Kanojo Watch See Denpateki na Kanojo
Action(3) Adventure(1) Comedy(10) Comedy Fantasy(1)
Drama(4) Horror(2) Parody(1) Romance(9)
Romantic Comedy(2)
Fantasy(9) Modern(15) Sci-Fi(2)
Josei(1) Seinen(11) Shounen(2)
Acquired Taste(1) Silly-funny(1) Surreal(1) Weird(2)
Characters and Their Abilities
Deities(2) Gender-Bender(1) Kemonomimi(1)
Story Elements and Location
College(1) Coming of Age(3) Depression(1) Elementary School(1)
Harem(1) High School(7) Magic(1) Music(1)
Slice of Life(5) Supernatural(1)
Dating Sim Spinoff(1) Gun-action(1) Maid Theme(1) Reboot(1)
Sequel(3) Video-game inspired(1)
Potentially Objectionable
Bondage(1) Ecchi(7) Erotic Comedy(2) Fan Service(6)
Incest(2) Pantsu(4) Pervert(3) Softcore(2)
Violent(2) Vulgar(2)
OVA(26) TV(1)
Release Year
2013(1) 2012(2) 2011(4) 2010(7) 2009(14) 2008(4) 2007(1)
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