Hyakko Extra

Title:Hyakko Extra
Hyakko OVA
ヒャッコ エクストラ
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A short (~10min) original OAD bundled with the limited edition of the 5th Volume of the Hyakko manga.

Considered an OVA short of the Hyakko series. Released on Oct 8th 2009.
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Rent Stretch [series:2231#628]
Touma, who is looking for a quiet place to read near a bookstore, is led by (crazy yellow haired girl) to a new cake shop. Once there, Touma realizes that there's a price to be paid for this revelation. I enjoyed the back-and-forth banter between the goofy girl and the serious one. I only LOL'ed once or twice but was smirking throughout. This sort of comedy might work best in relatively short portions like this one.

My favorite line: "Cakes go in another stomach"

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