Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations

Title:Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations
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Notables: Animation - Production I.G.
Music - KAJIURA Yuki
Original Concept - CLAMP
When Sakura, Syaoran, Fye, Kurogane and Mokona arrive in a strange and desolate desertic world and meet a misterious hooded group, little can they imagine that the inevitable events that will take place in this world will make their journey take a dramatic turn and change their lives forever...

A separate project from the Tsubasa Chronicle anime, this time handled by Production I.G. and Nanase/Ageha Ohkawa (CLAMP`s scriptwriter), Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS are three 25-minutes OVAs covering the Tokyo Arc, which should have taken place in the anime after episode 42. Each of the three DVDs will only be sold in Japan in a special limited edition together with volumes 21, 22 and 23 of the manga.

Summary by Kathna/Miyazawa Lulu

3 OVA Episodes.
Original story by CLAMP.
Animation by Production I.G.
Scheduled for release Nov '07 thru March '08.

[edit] An anime series inspired by the ↗Clamp created manga series - ↗Tsubasa Chronicle.
There is also a splash-over (tie-in) with Clamp's xxxHOLiC anime series.
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Buy 9 9 9 8 9 9 AstroNerdBoy [series:1687#436]

Having been severely disappointed in Bee Train's treatment of Tsubasa Chronicle, having another anime company take over the reigns of the franchise was welcome news. Production I.G is that company. I am not too keen on Production I.G's treatment of xxxHOLiC so I was somewhat trepid on what I would find with this 3-episode OVA. Fortunately for me, Production I.G did a good job.

For starters, the writers decided to follow the source manga story fairly closely. That's good because the "Acid Tokyo" arc in the manga is a very good one, though very bloody and violent. By not venturing off on their own, the writers kept a good story, making only minor changes here and there which were not offensive. That meant that as a viewer, we could see things brought to life in a way the same story could not be done in the manga (the fight between Syaoran's, the eating of Fai's eye, the incredible difficult journey Sakura went through, etc.). In my mind, that is what an anime adaptation should do -- follow the original manga (allowing for minor changes for TV purposes and changes to fix any continuity or retcon problems in the original manga). Very rarely do I find major changes to an anime story to be superior to the original manga story.

While Production I.G kept the changes to a minimum, one change stood out in my mind. In the original manga, when Sakura is returning from retrieving the payment for Yuuko-san, she finds there are no more footprints to retrace back, and so what appears to be the spirits of those who died in the land point the way back for her. In the anime, this is changed so that Sakura-chan from Cardcaptor Sakura is the one to lead Sakura back. I don't know why the change, but I admit that I liked it for some reason.

The Bee Train music is kept in this sequel OVA series, but unlike the TV series where the music was an excuse to do nothing but drag things out, the music here does what it should have done in the TV series -- accentuate the scene while things press forward. And things do press forward at a nice clip in this series with some nice art and animation to boot.

Bottom line: Production I.G scores a win, so much so that one wishes they'd been in charge all along. A faithful adaptation of the manga along with good art, animation, and music make this a sure-fire "Buy" for me. I just hope FUNimation is the one to license it.

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