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Title:Cardcaptor Sakura
Card Captor Sakura
Card Captors
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Notables: HAYASHIBARA Megumi
IWAO Junko
Music - KANNO Yoko
OGATA Megumi
Original Concept - CLAMP
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)
SEKI Tomokazu
TANGE Sakura

Kinomoto Sakura is a bright, cheerful, cute little 4th grade girl. She lives with her 17-year old brother and her widowed father in a nice home in Japan. One day, she hears strange noises coming from the basement of her home. Cautiously investigating the source amongst the rows of book shelves, she discovers it is coming from a glowing old book called "The Clow". Unlocking the book, Sakura discovers that it is in fact a storage box for a deck of odd cards. While attempting to read the English word "Windy" on the front of the top card, she accidently activates the magic card, causing the entire deck to be scattered and disappear all over Japan. The only card that survives is the "Windy" card.

The book's seal, a teddy bear-looking creature with wings, awakens and decides that because Sakura caused the cards to scatter, she must now collect them all. The critter, known as Kerberos dubs Sakura a Cardcaptor and gives her a magic wand to aid her in her quest.

Ah, but things aren't as simple as finding cards. The Clow cards are imbibed with powerful magic, when they aren't under the control of a magic user, they act on their own. Thus capturing these various cards becomes a dangerous chore as most of the cards do not wish to return to card-form. But to aid her in this task, Sakura can count on the support of Kero-chan as well as her best friend Tomoyo-chan, who insists on recording every moment of Sakura-chan in action on her camcorder. Once Sakura captures a card, it is hers to use when needed. Will Sakura ever get all of the cards? Will Sakura truly sort out her bizarre and complicated love life with her brother's best friend Yukito-san, her best friend Tomoyo-chan, Kaho-sensei, & Li-kun? Will Sakura become Master of the Clow?

[70 TV episodes based on the manga of the same title.) The title called Cardcaptors is a bastardized English dub version of CCS which hacked the Japanese series (removing many episodes), gave it a new script and most of the characters new English names.

Sakura and Syaoran also star in the spinoff title Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-.]

1:18min Series Opening - YouTube Video
[edit] The Cardcaptor Sakura franchise:

1990s Anime Clear Card Arc
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1, 2, 8, 46
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Buy 9 8 9 8 9 8 Ggultra2764 [series:64#1552]
Cardcaptor Sakura is the definition of fun in my anime viewing. Never was I hooked on a series from start to finish that had this amount of charm and heavy focus on character relationships. Not to mention for a mahou shoujo title, CCS does enough to stand out from the trend.

One major theme that the series devotes a lot of focus on are the relationships between characters. Card Captor Sakura has quite a rep in anime fan circles for the large variety of relationships that are both clear and implied seen throughout the series. Such pairings include shounen-ai (Touya+Yukito), shoujo-ai (Tomoyo+Sakura), student-teacher (Kaho+Touya), and couplings with an age gap (Yukito+Sakura). The relationships never get too inappropriate considering this show's targeted age range so to a degree, you will only have to worry if you have a problem with these pairings. With these relationships comes another theme to the series: love and loss. Such a subject is delicate to handle in this series. One strong example is how the Kinomoto family manage their lives with the loss of Nadesico, the mother of Sakura and Touya. Fortunately, CCS manages to handle these themes quite well and maintain its light mood.

The characters have likeable personalities that you will admire throughout the series. They all grow in their own ways and have noticeable traits that you can admire, from the elaborately told lies of Yamazaki to Meilin's brash defending of her love for Syaoran.

In terms of the mahou shoujo approach to the series, the first two seasons feature a 'monster of the week' approach typical of the genre where Sakura has to confront one of the Clow Cards to capture it during one of her typical days. The behavior of these cards with Sakura can vary from being friendly, mischievous, or doing whatever possible to harm Sakura. Sakura then has to do what she can to immobilize the card and capture it. She can either use the environment around her to her advantage to capture the card or using any of the Clow Cards in her possession to capture a card. In the third season, these battles change over to challenges set up by Eriol.

Unlike other mahou shoujo titles however, Sakura doesn't magically transform herself as the only magic sequences that take place are when she summons the wand, summons a card, and captures a card. Thanks to computer animation, Sakura wears whatever clothes she is wearing during her magic sequences in each episode which makes each repeated use of these sequences look fresh. The show even pokes fun of its genre as Tomoyo makes mention of Sakura's status as a mahou shoujo and dresses her up in different "battle costumes" for each battle. She even camcords all the battles that Sakura has with the Clow Cards, which goes along with Tomoyo's strong affection for Sakura.

CLAMP's trademark artwork is used for this adaptation of CCS featuring pretty character designs and lush artwork.

Overall, CCS is a fun series worth checking out for its fresh take on mahou shoujo and its heavy focus on character relationships. It's my favorite work coming from the talents of CLAMP.

Last updated Monday, July 21 2008. Created Monday, July 21 2008.
Buy 9 9 9 9 10 REDMUSEBLUE [series:64#1541]
CLAMP's well known series. It's more like a feel-good series, but worth watching nontheless. For those who aren't into mahou shoujo stuff, or fluff, or implied/or not so implied [taboo] romance shouldn't watch it. But then again, if you stayed away, you would've missed one of the greatest series ever made [in my opinion].
When I first got introduced into CCS, I'd been watching the inbetween episodes [18, 19, 20, 21, 26 and 27] in VCD; interesting, I'd thought. I then got a feeling I SHOULD watch the whole series to solidify my view of CCS. I religiously went hunting down the series, literally and lo and behold I bought all the DVDs. The series is pretty solid indeed, not much complicated plot lines since the series get a bit repetitive.
Art: It's pretty well drawn in my opinion, although not as wonderful as the manga, where it's very detailed when it comes to their eyes. The art work is very fluent too and very well done when it comes to the graphics; when Sakura chooses a card or calls out her rod.
Character design: It's one word, superb [in my opinion]. CCS has a lot of prettiness in their characters; the eyes, the face, the cuteness. I can just gush about the designs even though the manga is much more detailed and all. Other than that I really love the costumes :), they add a lot of cuteness and fluffiness to the series but also help Sakura in a way like for example the kitty costume.
Music: The music is very good. Especially the Op/Ed themes. You can just listen to some of them repeatedly without getting annoyed.
The character themes are pretty good too and meaningful if not cute.
Series: Quite repetitive, but some of them are pretty cute and funny that you just HAVE to watch it all over again. The first part of the series is slightly slowpaced, I believe it's needed because the characters need some sort of solid [built up] relationship if not their usual traits for being cute and in love.
The second half gets mysterious and interesting too, but not too angsty or heart wrenching that it's also worth watching. The relationship between Sakura's brother Touya with his best friend Yukito gets more viewing time unlike in the first series where we get just little scenes about their seemingly platonic relationship. And then there's the deal with Li getting entertaining whenever Sakura's around; so kawaii, everyone would say.
Relationships: I believe that most reviewers have already said something about the relationships so and so and stuff. But I want to contribute too without spoiler's.
It's known that Sakura has a crush on Yukito; puppy love indeed. No one seem to have anything against her love for her brother's best friend: it JUST is. Who can resist such a guy like Yukito anyways?
There's this deal about Tomoyo [Sakura's best friend] having a crush on Sakura. Not everyone like this sort of relationship [while I've been actually incredulous about this pairing at first], it's just... not right. But as I watched the series and got to see more of their little scenes I realize it's platonic [in a way] and is just THERE; And Tomoyo's pretty mature about the subject anyways. So there's nothing wrong with her love for Sakura. CLAMP sure has a lot of themes where love is described/viewed differently even if you just close your eyes in front of the fact that it's JUST there and all ends well. In truth I've no problems accepting their relationship even if Sakura doesn't see it that way.
Ah, the teacher-student relationship. It's an uneasy subject and yet we see the soft and good side of this relationship in the series. Somehow CLAMP has just made me more tolerable of this type of relationship either way I'm pretty all right with Nadeshiko and Fujitaka's relationship. But it gets a bit awkward with the teacher-student thing once you catch most of the them [I believe somehow about 3] in the series. One thing I like to say to those who aren't into such relationship, ignore it if you want *shrugs*.
The seemingly platonic friendship of Touya and Yukito: to me, their type of love has somehow found their way in my heart. So to say, I'm pretty sure their relationship is shounen-ai and I've nothing against it. At first I reacted much the same way how I'd reacted towards the also seemingly platonic Tomoyo and Sakura relationship, incredulous and a tad bit disgusted *adds shamefully*. But later on this type of love has just warmed its way up to me; it's bound to happen [in a way]. Having gotten into the shoune-ai factor for tha last few years and watching the series, their relationship just cannot be cast away from the scenes with all the magic transfer stuff here and there. Without the first, the other wouldn't have lived and Sakura would be hurt. But since this is a feel-good, heart warming, charming series nothing of that sort angst can separate them.
Overall this is worth your time watching with lots of amusing scenes, interesting views of love/ how to love, feel-good factors, magical girls and somehow growing up seems to fit here too.
The Cast: CCS has a great cast. Some of the voice actors/actresses are well known: Tange Sakura with her cute acting as Sakura, Iwao Junko with her great/angelic voice for Tomoyo, Hisakawa Aya for the cute/lazy 'mascot' with the funny accent Kero-chan, Onosaka Masaya for the amusing/somehow very cool big Kero-chan, Kumai Motoko for the cute/fun loving/ gaki Syaoran, Seki Tomokazu for the assumed "big bad" brother Touya, Ogata Megumi for the well-mannered/most truly loved/guy with the great smile Yukito. I can just gush on further if I want to, but alas...
The dub: *cries* don't watch the dub if you want to know about all sorts of character interactions with amusing scenes and interesting views of general life, or maybe even if you want more cuteness and feel-good stuff. *cries* I'd say they butchered the series, cutting most [good] episodes, changing most meanings and shoving the actual mahou shoujo main character into the background. It's not a actual magical girl series anymore. But if one doesn't want to see the lovey-dovey stuff with lots of cute, fluffy scenes or different kinds of love types the dub is probably the best way to get a taste [even if it's bitter to me]

Last updated Saturday, August 14 2004. Created Saturday, August 14 2004.
Buy 9 8 9 8 9 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:64#436]

After renting the first DVD, I did something I very rarely do -- I bought all 18 DVD's (they were on sale). Now that I've seen the series, I can honestly say that despite some troubles I have, I'm glad to have made the purchase of this waffy, fun series.

First, let's get the whole whacky relationship issue out of the way. To varying degrees, CCS has the following types of relationships: shoujo-ai (girl love), shounen ai (boy love), yaoi (gay), yuri (lesbian), incest (brother-sister and first cousins), and sensei-student (male sensei-young female student, female sensei-middle school male). These relationships are either mentioned (so-and-so likes so-and-so) or hinted at (by actions or words spoken). No wonder this series is such a hit, especially among the lolicon and shouta crowds. In the first two season, these are more subtle but in the 3rd season, the series takes a more shoujo turn and these relationships all get resolved. Some are innocent such as Rika-chan's crush on Terada-sensei. Sakura-chan (10) has a crush on Yukito-san (16). He even takes her out a couple of times but it is nothing bad. And finally, there's this love-hate thing going on between Li-kun and Sakura-chan which is fun to watch.

However, here are the "questionable" relationships (these really aren't spoilers...I've avoided those). There appears to be something going on between Yukito-san and Sakura-chan's older brother Touya (I'll let you decide if there is after seeing all 70-episodes). It also seems that Touya has a thing for his sister Sakura. Touya also had a relationship with a female sensei when he was in 8th grade. Sakura's best friend (and cousin) is Tomoyo-chan. Tomoyo-chan has a huge thing for Sakura and being rich, Tomoyo makes a ton of outfits for Sakura to wear. Further, Tomoyo-chan insists upon recording everything with her camcorder, then editing these videos for her private theater at home (where she watches these videos when she's not doing something else for Sakura-chan). Then there's Li-kun, who wants to collect the Clow Cards for himself. He's engaged to his first cousin Meilin, but finds himself with a crush on Yukito-san (and thus further in competition with Sakura). Tomoyo-chan's mother had a crush and Sakura-chan's mother when they were in high school. Sakura's father was a sensei at that high school and married Sakura's mother at 16. So even though this is a "shoujo" (girl) series for young teens, there are elements that parents may decide they don't want their children exposed to yet (though this is typical shoujo stuff in Japan). I will say that upon my 2nd viewing, knowing the truth behind some of these weird relationships made the viewing experience much more enjoyable.

That out of the way, lets get down to the normal ups and downs of the series. Being a mahou shoujo series, we have some traditions to follow. First, there's the "monster of the week" syndrome. In CCS's case, for the first two seasons, it is limited to capturing Clow Cards. Since the cards have their own unique personalities and physical bodies, they are able to act on their own. Thus Sakura (often with Li-kun) must battle the cards in their summoned form before Sakura can return them to card form, thus sealing them. This can get a bit tedious, especially since some of the cards seem to have been thought up just for a specific story and would not have been created by a powerful magician (Sweet card for example). The third season still has the monster of the week, but this time, the monsters force Sakura to convert her Clow Cards into Sakura Cards so she can use them.

Sakura doesn't magically transform as seen in Magical Project S, Sailor Moon, or Ultra Maniac, but there are three different transformations sequences. First is the summoning of the wand, then there's the summoning of the card, and finally there's the sealing of the card. Thanks to computer technology, Sakura can wear different costumes and clothing while still using the identical sequences. That is certainly fairly unique.

Let's get to the good. The seiyuu cast is outstanding, especially for Sakura-chan. Tange Sakura does Sakura-chan's voice and she plays the part so well. She provides the right mix required for Sakura-chan. The characters in the series are all very likeable which makes dealing with the weird relationships much easier. Watching the characters grow through the series is very enjoyable.

While there is the card-of-the-week issue, to be honest, the stories around these are often pretty interesting and often humorous. Often, stories center around Sakura's life in school, at home, and with her friends. Since there's no super villian to fight (even in the 3rd season where there is an opponent for Sakura), this gives the series a fresher feel than some other mahou shoujo series. However, the characters are really what drive CCS to the next level.

Bottom line: There are a lot of strange relationships and attractions in CCS, so much so that Tomoyo-chan commented, "our relationship chart has gotten very complicated." This may put people off and certainly I would recommend parents watch the series themselves and make their own mind up. However, there is more than enough good to overcome these mild homosexual overtones.

Last updated Wednesday, December 13 2006. Created Wednesday, April 14 2004.

Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Bardock [series:64#1231]
Probally one of my favorite animes of all times. The second anime i got into, it holds a special place in my heart as a favorite. The plot is about a girl named Sakura who accidently releases a bunch of destructive mosters into tokyo called Clow cards. She must collect these clow cards. Although cartoonish and innocent enough for kids there is alot of screwed up relistic relationships between the charectors. Well all else i got to say is watch it.

Last updated Saturday, February 21 2004. Created Saturday, February 21 2004.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Ka-chan [series:64#1100]
Ok, I'm a sucker for good shoujo. This is pure sugar for the eyes and soul. For those who have seen Mamalade Boy, you may recognize the voice of Kinomoto Sakura is and same voice as Suzu-chan, Sakura Tange. It's all those cute noises that gives her away.
The original has a friendly, timid, scared 10 year old girl who grows stronger and confident but never seems to forget that she still has a way to go and always tries her best. As in most shoujo, self sacrifice is a major theme. Parents may like the fact that Sakura share the chores as cooking, cleaning, and laundry with her father and older brother. Her love interest is Yukito, her hard to believe barbaric brother's friend. Some make an issue with the relationship between Toya and Yukito but even Sakura is wrong about that, if you listen to Toya and Yukito, you know that they are friends because of Sakura. Even though Toya seem to have an Maho Tsukimi sensei as mutual love interest, Toya is basically in love, devoted, etc to Sakura. An indication of this is during the Final Judgement episode, Toya doesn't tease Sakura. As for Yukito, he/it is devoted to Clow. Remember, Toya has probably stronger magical powers than Sakura. He can see ghosts, and knows the true indentities of all the characters. He always manages to show up around Sakura until he gives his power to Yue. As for Tomoyo, she is obsessed with Sakura as it seems her mother was with her cousin, Nadeshiko (Sakura's Mom). It also seems that both Sakura and Tomoyo are not fully Japanese. In the Rainbow episode 16, look at the signiture of Sakura's Mom. Her maiden name is not a Japanese name - looks Italian? (AMAMIYA). Also her great grandfather looks western, don't you think. Eventhough her great grandfather and her father seem to make up in a later episode, CLAMP never lets Sakura knowly meet him; we can only hope...
It's moments like that which got me. Sakura never met her great grandfather because he blame Sakura's father for taking her away at 16. BTW, in Japan, girls can get married at 16 and first cousins can marry, ie Li and Meilin.
A wonderful episode is near the end of the series when Sakura finally get the curage to confesses her love to Yukito. 5 tissues.
What made me fall in love with this series and Sakura... it was the first episode, first scene where Sakura wakes up. That half wake look, and she overslept... I definitely can relate.
The series doesn't really end with episode 70 but with the movie that came out after the series in 2001 - The Sealed Card.

Last updated Saturday, December 13 2003. Created Saturday, December 13 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 9 10 7 ugahill13 [series:64#1014]
Cardcaptor Sakura is definitely one of the cutest anime on the market; as mentioned before, it is not your deep, violent, intricately linked saga, but it is still worth the time!
I love Clamp animation, and although they can tinge on the violent sometimes, this is a perfectly harmless anime in terms of action. There are some cute transformation sequences, and the movies go just a bit above saccharine, but the biggest danger to Sakura isn't sword wielding maniacs; its forgetting about the people she loves the most.
This may appear to be a kid anime, but IT ISN'T--as my predecesor reviewer mentioned, there are some ADULT themes to this saga--namely the same-sex romantic attachments that form. Don't think, in its subtitled form, at least, that you can pop your daughters in front of this anime and let them be.
However, that being said, I highly recommend this saga because of the link between characters. I do get uncomfortable about certain situations, but after much soul-searching, I found that the bond in CCS are decidely lacking in "eroticism" which is why I won't call certain relationships "homoerotic". Most Japanese anime shies away from physical attraction in favor of spiritual or emotional bond; it seems to me that CCS plays around with this a lot. After all, the idea of 11 year olds finding their soulmates sounds ridiculous--unless the bond is one of spirit and heart and not of physical attraction.
Outside of the story, the animation is absolutely phenomenal--I just melt each time I watch an episode, especially episodes like 1, 70 "The Final Judgment" series and the movies. CLAMP is a talented studio and CCS is a shining example.
The storylines are rather repetitive; while this is a continuing storyline that culminates in a 2 part climax (episode 69, 70 and then the second movie) the "in-between" episodes can be a trifle formulaic.
While I like most of the characters, I have to throw out a special "senkyuu" to whomever created Shaoran Li; he is the perfect blend of an absurdly funny, adorably grouchy, understated hero type that never quite steals the show but tries very, very hard. He's the ground for all of the sweetness that goes on in the series and the main reason (though not the only) that I kept on watching.
This is a definite buy; while I don't watch it like some of my other anime, if I need a pick me up, I pop in CCS. And some of the story sequences are just too cute for words.
STAY AWAY if you can't understand that some things are meant to be fun and fluffy. This isn't a critical review series that should "make sense". It is to be enjoyed simply for the beautiful animation, storyline, and hearts and souls of the characters.
And be forewarned: STAY AWAY FROM THE DUB. I actually watched "Cardcaptors" first and liked it; when I ordered the anime off the Internet and got my first taste of the Japanese version, I was blown away. The Japanese is so much better, I can't even describe. Cardcaptors tops off somewhere around 30 episodes maybe; CCS is 70 episodes if that tells you what you're missing. Just knowing that the character of Tomoyo is turned into a valley-girl named Madison in the dub should turn your stomach.
If you want a good comparison, and something you can use to test the series, check out the first CCS movie, "Sakura in Hong Kong". It has both the Japanese and the English dubbed version on it (the only thing that wasn't "stripped and clipped" by the dubbing company). You can see how the Japanese wins hands down.

Last updated Wednesday, October 08 2003. Created Wednesday, October 08 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 10 8 8 Anshii [series:64#810]
A warning beforehand: Card Captor Sakura is mahou shoujo at its pinkest, its cutest, and its most saccharine. If you can't deal with that, don't even bother watching this series. Love action? Need gore and violence? Like having bad guys in a story to distinguish from the "good guys"? Stay far, far away from Card Captor Sakura if this is so!
Now, on to the review ...
This is by far CLAMP's most popular series for a reason. Sakura is a hopelessly cute heroine, who stumbles upon her destiny by accidentally opening a book and releasing the Clow Cards into the world. With her guide Kerberos (known as "Kero-Chan" most of the time), she seeks to capture the cards and restore order. Her friend, Tomoyo Daidouji, makes Sakura's outfits and fawns over Sakura's cuteness. When a rival card captor, Li Shaoran, enters the picture, Sakura finds herself alternately competing and asking for Li's help (Li is not amused that the designated Card Captor is a seemingly helpless girl). The story goes from there, spanning 70 episodes.
Every so often, an anime series comes around that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Even though I enjoy stories about psychological and physical strain and torture as much as the next person, Card Captor Sakura is a welcome respite from that. The stories are smartly written, dripping in warmth and heart. Animation is jarringly gorgeous! The characters -- from minor to major -- capture one's interest and keep it; this was the main reason why the series lasted for 70 episodes and two movies. I must also note a decided lack of transformation sequences (for the most part), which was a departure from many mahou shoujo series at the time.
Also, please note that there are homoerotic elements in Card Captor Sakura. They are subtle and not terribly offensive, IMO (there's an obvious gay male couple and some innocent crushing on Tomoyo's part for Sakura ... and other hints are very slight), but if even the briefest whiff of homoeroticism bothers you, you have been warned. But then, what you doing looking at a CLAMP series anyway if homoeroticism bothers you? That's par for the course in CLAMP world!
Card Captor Sakura looks good, feels good, IS good! Indulge in some sweetness and give this series a try!
BTW, the English "Cardcaptors" dub is anime editing at its most misogynist and ill-conceived. Apparently, Nelvana tested Card Captor Sakura out on a test market of boys, then tried to edit the series to bring Li to the forefront of the "Cardcaptors" dub. Let this serve as a warning for future dubbers: shoujo anime IS NOT the same as shounen anime, nor should it be marketed in the same way as shounen anime. Card Captor Sakura aired in several countries around the world -- in several languages -- largely unedited. Had Nelvana found a proper audience for this series, it could have aired here ... but instead it was chopped to pieces. There was no reason for the hack job on Card Captor Sakura. NONE. End of story.

Last updated Friday, August 22 2003. Created Friday, August 22 2003.
Buy 9 8 9 9 9 kakyuu_prince [series:64#404]
Cardcaptor Sakura is one of cutest amd most charming anime series. It is one of the better mahou shoujo series too and is overbrimming with imagination. The animation is good and the art is very cute and solid (it is by CLAMP).
The music is done very nicely with some very cute BGM and great opening and closing themes. As seems to be the general style of CLAMP, a rather ordinary type of story is taken and done in a way that is fresh and interesting. It's HOW the story is executed that makes Cardcaptor Sakura a bit different from other mahou shoujo shows. The story is interesting, although it drags a bit near the middle. The characters are well developed and concepts of different kinds of love are explored very well without being intrusive or inappropriate in the form of shounen ai (Toya and Yukito) hints of shoujo ai (Tomoyo) as well as others. I thought it was excellent how themes that may be sensitive to some people were very non-intrusively incorporated into basically, a childrens' show. It doesn't talk down to kids and is actually a very mature childrens' show.

Last updated Tuesday, June 17 2003. Created Tuesday, June 17 2003.
Buy 10 9 10 10 8 9 SnowFae [series:64#668]
I was blown away by this. Clamp is amazing. Basically this is one of the leaders in the *Magical Girl* genre. The hero is Sakura, A cute, genki little girl who has the power to control cards. Cards that hold powerful creatures of various elements and earth-shattering magic. Basically, these cards are scattered all over the world, so she, along with her adorable little friend (apparently, a guardian master) Keros must go claim back these cards. This often results in fun battles and adventures. While definately meant for little girls (Ages 9-12) I'd say it can be enjoyed by just about anyone. The Music/Art is very beautiful but what definately made me take notice- is the entertaining plot, and themes of friendship, self-discovery, love, and understanding. Just try it- Highly Reccomended. Also pick up the manga. Oh- One quick warning- if you can't stand anything that's fluffy and light-hearted- this might not be your kind. But who knows? You might have a hidden soft spot ^_~.
Also Check Out : Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Angelic Layer, Tiny Sugar Snow Fairy
Note: I highly reccomend you get ahold of this subbed.

Last updated Saturday, May 24 2003. Created Saturday, May 24 2003.
Rent 9 9 9 9 9 Kyou Nao Neko [series:64#550]
This series is so cute... it's pretty long so if you have the cash go out and buy... Myself i like it towards the end... very kawaii.. ^^

Last updated Friday, February 28 2003. Created Friday, February 28 2003.
Buy 9 10 9 9 10 9 Sayo [series:64#496]
Card Captor Sakura the original series is wonderfully done. I must say that the art in the manga series outdoes the anime, but it's still pleasing to view. The storyline is great, as are the characters. (And they're pretty cute, too. ^^) If you watched the dubbed version, which premiered on the WB, you haven't watched the anime. The dub was very poorly done.

Last updated Wednesday, January 15 2003. Created Wednesday, January 15 2003.
Watch 9 9 9 8 7 7 G [series:64#484]
well i like to watch it, but i don't really go along with the story....hmm it is so girlie for me...sorry if anyone got offended...but that's what i call it.... but the animation, art and music are so good, as i say i only dislike the story.... and there's a weird thing about Lee and Yukito....

Last updated Wednesday, January 15 2003. Created Wednesday, January 15 2003.
Buy 10 9 8 7 8 8 Sesen Kelader [series:64#471]
I can't give Anime 10 because the drawing is absolutely much finer in the comic series.
As Reknown Clamp's style, the central idea of Card Captor Sakura is "FRIENDSHIP" and "PUPPY LOVE" (Clamp draws comics mostly for female readers anyway). Sakura is greaaatly liked by her friends, even to homo-like level (clamp's style again).
What's worth watching is the use of Clow Cards and Magic. Clow Cards look so cool I even save a copy of all the cards's images in my hard drive. But sometimes the "camera" girl's attitude gives me goose bumps.... Kero and Yuu are liked by me, especially Yuu, since he is really good-looking and cool.
Card Captor Sakura does not bear very deeply interpreted ideas as X and Chobits do. However, its emphasis on friendship, magic, action, and innocent love is worth a look.

Last updated Saturday, January 04 2003. Created Saturday, January 04 2003.
Watch 8 7 9 10 8 6 Ori [series:64#466]
Let's see... Card Captor Sakura... This is a very popular show. The characters are all really cute becuase they are drawn by Clamp, the music is good too. Everything is very cute, a bit too cute for me that is... While I did like this show for a while, I stopped liking it when I realize that each shows are basically the same.
Let me warn you one thing - there's no bad guys in this show. Everyone in the CCS world is super nice and good to each other, everyone have a nice family. It's nice to live in a fantasy world sometimes though, so I do recomand you to watch this. And I do like some characters like Eriol and Kaho.

Last updated Saturday, December 28 2002. Created Saturday, December 28 2002.
Watch 8 6 9 3 8 6 Ðå kïÐ [series:64#464]
Very nice kids show i wouldnt recommend it for 12 and up but for the small ones like 6 would find this anime very amusing.Its about a normal school girl who finds a book with cards and she released them and now it is her duty to capture them back as cardcaptor.She then obtained a rod of some sort which wields speacial powers to help her on her quest in obtaing back the cards she released she then meets all sorts a characters that helps her to control and master the power within this rod. With each and every episode of this series she learns more of the cardcapturing legacy and with this gained knowlegde she is able to develope more knowledge on how to use the power of the rod.

Last updated Monday, December 23 2002. Created Monday, December 23 2002.
Buy 10 9 9 9 9 8 angelfury_13 [series:64#360]
I love this anime! Everything about it is so cute!! I love the realationships between the characters. There's even some shounen ai/shoujo ai thrown in. ^______^ Be warned.....stay away from the edited dub. *shudder* I think all the saturday morning animes have the same people writing the dubs. Annoying, annoying, annoying dialogue.

Last updated Wednesday, August 07 2002. Created Wednesday, August 07 2002.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Cenit [series:64#45]
I remember watching at the first episode of CCS with little interest, and and to how I kept watching it just because it was a CLAMP. I would have shoot myself if I haven't, Card Captor Sakura has to be one of the greatest work of CLAMP (similar in achievment as Magic Knight Rayearht). The characters are incredible, specially Sakura and Lee. Those two are soo well made of that I sometimes I even forget they're just cartoons, she is hanging in my wall next to Rei Ayanami (who would thought Evangelion will be neighbor of CCS). One of the few problems I have encountered while recomending this serie to people is the obvious gay big brother that she has (people has argued over Tomoyo as well). But overall is simply great. To most people it would appear that at first is episodic, and it is. But there is an specific episode, in the one Sakura ask Kero if the Earth would blow up or something if she doesn't get all the cards. Kero says no, but then he adds under his breath that it would be worst than that. That part is what signals that the good part has begun. The second season is pretty good too, the addition of Eriol adds more mystery to the whole thing, specially when his real identity is revealed,... and no, I'm not telling. Also the romatic ending it's kinda cool, even for people like me, those two make a good couple, and I'm not telling either whose two, though most of you who see CCS must know by now. And like many others I cried at the ending, is hard to say goodbye to such a great serie, I'm giving it the perfect score.

Last updated Thursday, May 30 2002. Created Thursday, May 30 2002.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 Atsumi_Yamaki [series:64#259]
this is a really cute series. I really likes the Sakura Card Season. Just to tell you If you liked Cardcaptors(which I do) the you wshould really see the Subtitle. It has more to it (more eps More movies(we have none).etc) Another cool thisg is that is focuses on a 4th-5th grade girl.

Last updated Friday, January 11 2002. Created Friday, January 11 2002.
Rent 9 8 8 8 6 Bryan [series:64#14]
I realize that CCS is the quintessential Maho Shojo anime, and that comparing it to a straight shojo series is really crossing genres, but I cant help it. I simply must compare what Ive seen of it to what Ive seen of The Blue Greens Years.
Now Blue Green loses without a fight to Sakura when it comes to production value. In fact my favorite part of Sakura is simply watching the beautiful video, the bright colors, solid lines, fluid action and kawaii character designs. So high marks go to it for all that. However, Sakura loses to Blue Green in the all important story department. At this point, however, Ive only seen the first 12 eps of Blue Green and the first 12 of Sakura. Bother series lasted from 2 to 3 seasons, so at least Ive seen about the same amount of both series.
Sakura, the manga, is done by the group known as Clamp. Ive never really been a Clamp fan, for the simple fact that their story-lines never appealed to me much. For example, in Sakura we have all kinds of hackneyed and really silly story ideas. A dead mother who was also a beautiful model, a super-rich friend who lives in a palacial mansion, and whose mother happens to know Sakuras father through bizarre circumstances. Also a lot of the humor centers around the fact that Sakuras best female friend, Tomoyo, has a rather significant crush on Sakura. And Sakuras rival, Li (a boy), has a crush on the same guy Sakura likes.
Good Grief! Then look at Blue Green where there are characters who actually act like people. Complicated characters who are not all good or bad, but are products of the events which have happened in their past. In just the first 12 episodes you really get to see them grow as people.
Again, I know Sakura is a magical girl show, but that a is still no reason to have pro forma characters and such implausible events (other than the whole card capturing thing of course :). However, it is a funny series at times. The different outfits that Tomoyo makes Sakura wear and her general, ahm, affections really are funny. However, the monster of the week feel, and the hyper-formalistic plot points really cuts down on my enjoyment of the series.
All that said, CCS is one heck of a feel good show. I went and bought it after the events of 11 September as a pick-me-up, and it worked great! This is a very happy series, and I have bought the first three CCS DVDs. However, I dont think Ill pick up any more. I do hear the second season gets more interesting. I may start up again once Pioneer gets that far in their releases. Finally, the op and ed songs of Sakura share the same high production as the rest of the series. I absolutely love the opening. It may be my favorite to date.

Last updated Monday, October 29 2001. Created Monday, October 29 2001.
Buy Robbie [series:64#192]
Cardcaptor Sakura is one of those animes that almost everyone enjoys. It's cute animation style and funny and interesting plot line also adds to the overall score of this magical shojo series. I highly reccomend this one for anyone who is a kid at heart!!! Note: Like others say, I've heard that the dubbed version is edited badly. I highly reccomend the subbed version, as the voice actors sound a lot cuter, and it is uncut!!!

Last updated Monday, October 08 2001. Created Monday, October 08 2001.
Buy 10 10 8 9 Kaitou Juliet [series:64#137]

This is easily my favorite CLAMP series. The artwork is spectacular even for CLAMP, with very lush and bright colors. The character designs are also very attractive, especially for the child characters.

The first season is pretty episodic, but the card-capturing plots are always fun. Later seasons have more of an ongoing plot. The only thing that I have mixed feelings about is the character interaction: there's as much of a romantic tangle here as you'd find in any high school romance series. On the one hand, it definitely makes the story much richer and more interesting to adults, but on the other hand, I have to admit that I'm a bit uncomfortable seeing this kind of thing treated seriously among 10-year-olds. It makes more sense toward the end of the series when the main characters are all 12 or 13.

(This may explain why I must confess to a sneaking fondness for Cardcaptors, the edited, dubbed version: it keeps most of the card-capturing without the romantic mess. Yes, it does lose an important dimension in the process, but the result is still fun. Plus, I think Meilin's dubbed voice is hilarious!)

Last updated Friday, October 18 2002. Created Saturday, June 02 2001.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 9 Mark Clifton [series:64#126]
If you have seen Card Captors on Kid's WB, then your only seeing half the story. My advice it to get the original Japanese uncut version on DVD, you will be glad you did. The best way to compare the two versions is to watch episode 8 (or episode 1 in the English version), and right away you'll notice the difference.
There is a reason why this was one of the most popular series in Japan. Go check it out today!

Last updated Monday, January 22 2001. Created Monday, January 22 2001.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 8 Tsuki [series:64#8]
So cute it may rot your teeth, but sometimes, you need this kind of saccharine fun in your life. ^_-

Last updated Monday, September 06 1999. Created Monday, September 06 1999.

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