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Title Rating Synopsis
Card Captor Sakura Buy See Cardcaptor Sakura
Card Captors Buy See Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura

Kinomoto Sakura is a bright, cheerful, cute little 4th grade girl. She lives with her 17-year old brother and her widowed father in a nice home in Japan. One day, she hears strange noises coming from the basement of her home. Cautiously investigating the source amongst the rows of book shelves, she discovers it is coming from a glowing old book called "The Clow". Unlocking the book, Sakura discovers that it is in fact a storage box for a deck of odd cards. While attempting to read the English word "Windy" on the front of the top card, she accidently activates the magic card, causing the entire deck to be scattered and disappear all over Japan. The only card that survives is the "Windy" card.

CCS Buy See Cardcaptor Sakura
Chica Marioneta J (in Spanish) Buy See Saber Marionette J

Buy One fateful night, Hideki was walking home from his new job when he discovered a very cute persocom in the trash. Hideki names his new persocom Chii, but what he doesn't know is that Chii could possibly be one of the legendary "Chobits" - persocoms with their own personality instead of merely an installed operating system.
His and Her Circumstances Buy See Kareshi Kanojo no Jijoo

Buy Yuuichi is a high school student who can't remember much of his past. When he returns to the town he used to visit to live with relatives, his past catches up with him as he meets various girls, some of which he knew as a kid. And with time, more and more questions are demanding an answer: What is it that Ayu is searching so desperately but can't remember? Why does Kaori claim not to have a sister? Why can't Makoto remember the reason for the grudge she bears Yuuichi? Why is Nayuki trying to keep a stray cat? Why has Mai to fight monsters every night, leaving traces of her battles all over the schoolyard? And why did Yuuichi forget so many things about his past? Prepare for finding out that there aren't simple answers for certain questions, and keep your tissues within reach.
Kare Kano Buy See Kareshi Kanojo no Jijoo

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijoo
Buy "The heroine of the story, Yukino, is in her first year of high school. Beautiful and smart, she is the envy of her classmates...or rather, such is her facade. In fact, she is extremely concerned with appearances, and can't help playing the part of the top student where people can see her."

Maison Ikkoku

Godai is a 1st-year rounin (person who fails his college entrance exams) who lives in the old, run-down small apartment building called Ikkoku-kan. He's desperate to make it in this year. Unfortunately, the other residence of Ikkoku-kan are having too much fun at Godai's expense. There's his neighbor Akemi-san who works at a local bar, loves to party, and loves to prance around in a sheer negligee, especially in Godai-kun's room. There's his other neighbor, the mysterious Yotsuya-san, who often works with Akemi-san to distract Godai. He often enters Godai's room by making a large hole in the wall between their rooms. Rounding out the tenants are Ichinose-san and her young son Kentaro-kun. Inchinose-san loves to party as well and she's also known for being a busybody.

Marmalade Boy
Rent Marmalade Boy begins when Miki Koishikawa's parents decided to go to Hawaii. They fell in love again with another couple by the name of "Matsuura" and decided to exchange partners with them. Miki was informed by her parents that they would be getting a divorce and marry again. She also learned that the couple her parents were intending to exchange partners with had a son named Yuu Matsuura. Now, not only does Miki have to deal with two sets of parents but her sudden feelings for Yuu... (Synopsis is provided courtesy of momoko8@geocities.com.)

Saber Marionette J
Buy 300 years ago, a group terraformers traveling on the Earth spaceship "Mesopotamia" had a problem and were forced to crash on a barren planet. Only seven survive, all male. Bummer! Over the next 300 years the survivors managed to procreate through cloning and build 7 city-states, though they cannot clone females. Thus, in an homage to the human female, they build humanoid labor units called marionettes.
Saikano Buy See Saishu Heiki Kanojo

Saishu Heiki Kanojo
Buy Life could be wonderful for 17-year-old highschooler Shuuji - only a week ago his cute little classmate Chise confessed her feelings to him, and after some problems they now appear to get along well. But then war strikes Japan and Chise agrees to have her body turned into the Ultimate Weapon. With the world around them falling apart, can they keep on loving each other while Chise becomes less human with time and their friends die one by one?
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