Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo

Title:Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Toki o Kakeru Shōjo
時をかける少女 (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Madhouse
Original Concept - TSUTSUI Yasutaka
R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)
Life for 17-year-old Makoto Konno is filled with fun days of school and hanging out with her two best friends, Chiaki and Kousuke. And then she finds herself with a strange ability to leap (or jump) back in time. A strange ability that at first saves her life, but then allows her to not be late to school, to know the answers on any surprise exams and to avoid any troublesome mishaps. It is only when Makoto chooses to use this ability to avoid some of the more personal issues that arise with her friends, do events become both complex and painfully difficult - the simple gift that she once took for granted suddenly becomes a troublesome burden.

Animation by Madhouse
100min Movie

R1/USA license by Bandai Ent.
German distribution by Anime-Virtual.
French distribution by Eurozoom.

Winner 6th Annual Tokyo Anime Awards (2007) – Anime Movie.
2006 Winner of Mainichi Award (Ōfuji Noburō Award).
Several awards with AnimeReactor Community - 2007.

1:58min Movie Trailer - YouTube Video
Episode Details 
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Buy 8 10 9 8 7 9 Devil Doll [series:1625#752]
[Score: 84% = Buy-; similar stories: Mimi wo Sumaseba, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto, Umi ga Kikoeru]

And this wasn't made by Ghibli?

With such a strong main character through whose eyes we can see the whole story, this is a chilling ride for most of these 90 minutes. Makoto is interesting, credible with the flaws she shows, and the audience can suffer with her when things get out of control for her. Compared to her, the side characters get only little depth which cost "Characters" the top rating.

Control - this is the key term in this movie. Makoto gets control over something she wouldn't have dreamed of controlling, and she acts it out to the fullest... only to learn that not every problem can be solved this way. When the drama kicks in the movie shines with emotions as well as action sequences (jumps and biking!), and to my own surprise "Animation" ended up getting the highest rating from me. Which is due to all other aspects having minor weaknesses, and the music being beautiful but hardly impressive.

The downsides? Too many SD faces of Makoto in this show that is no laughing matter even though it appears to for a while. And when the narrators begin to answer the open questions they need to use a really far-fetched explanation of how the whole course of events began. The scene in the laboratory isn't really explained either, and it bewildered me how careless a certain someone acted while being fully aware of the potential pitfalls of time-travel (what about paradoxes?). And why was that painting so important? And why would Makoto's aunt believe the whole story? Somehow this movie suffers from the same problem as Hauru no Uguko Shiro - it's great unless you really want to know what exactly happened.

But all on all, a good movie as expected - and one of the few anime that I could rely on the dub when it was aired in free TV today. I had postponed watching this one for quite a while, but today was the day, and it was fine. (Now where do I have this DVD with the Japanese original for the rewatch...?)

Last updated Thursday, July 22 2010. Created Wednesday, July 21 2010.
Buy 10 9 8 8 9 Ggultra2764 [series:1625#1552]
This was a rather interesting movie. Pretty much, this is a down-to-earth story focused on Makoto and her two friends dealing with the everyday perils of high school, up until she acquires her time traveling power. This was where the movie started getting its charm. In Makoto's situation, she thinks having this ability gives her greater convenience as she can go back in time and ace tests she had trouble with from before or evade arkward situations like love confessions. But, she realizes having this power only complicates matters with the bonds she had with her two friends, up until she gets a shocking revelation concerning the origins of her time traveling power. While we don't get much in the way of depth with Makoto, Chiaki, and Kousuke, they behave believably enough for teens of their age as they have their pressures, quirks, and arkward moments together.

In terms of visuals, scenery was quite immersive and full of quality as to be expected of an anime movie. Character designs looked a bit on the simple side, but animation was quite fluid especially during biking scenes with the characters.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time made for a fun watch for me. At its core, the movie is a coming-of-age story concerning a teenage girl who gets a hard lesson in taking the easy way out when it came to typical situations faced by high school students. It will make you think that you were watching a movie made by Studio Ghibli.

Last updated Saturday, February 14 2009. Created Saturday, February 14 2009.
Buy 9 8 9 8 9 9 Dreamer [series:1625#2279]
At first glance, I didn't think this would end up being as good as it was. After reading the reviews and researching it a bit more, I decided to pick it up. I'm glad I did.

Art, Animation and Character Design
The first thing I noticed was how smooth the animation was. This meant that it must have had a pretty good frame rate.... meaning that it was smooth and fluid-like. Aside from that, the art is pretty detailed and well above your average anime series.... typical of movies. Makoto was cute and funny. and her two best friends (Chiaki and Kousuke) were believable characters. Because this was a movie, there wasn't a lot of time to dive into their respective backgrounds but then again, it wasn't needed for this show.

The music was enjoyable... wow! Hard to believe I would say that about an anime. It's pretty rare. In any case, near the beginning of the anime, there' s a quiet piano piece.... nice; soothing. The ending song was pretty enjoyable as well, soft and light piece.

Series and Episode Stories
Oh, what a great find! There's plenty of humor as well. I couldn't help chuckling up when Makoto would leap thru time, land in a roll and pop right up as if nothing ever happened.... hehehe! This story does well in telling and portraying exactly what a human might really do if given the opportunity to leap thru time. But then, the big question comes to mind, what happens when you "do" change something in the past and you return back to the time you started from? Does altering the past present a whole different future or present? That was the beauty behind this anime. A girl that gets the power to change time, yet realizes near the end the consequences of such power.

Overall, it's a great anime. I wish it could have become a series or even an OVA set.

Last updated Tuesday, February 10 2009. Created Tuesday, February 10 2009.
Buy 9 9 10 9 9 Silence [series:1625#2939]
This is really good. Really really good. I cannot begin to guess how good this can be when I just started to watch this.

One of the best things about this is that everything makes sense. How Makoto got her ability, the things that Yuri said, the way that everyone acted. True, the story gets complex at the last part, and probably deserves to be viewed a second time to do justice to the story. But if you take a moment to consider, there are no contradictions, and everything becomes crystal clear.

On top of that, there is a great deal of drama and moments that just steal your breath away. Things are never what you expect. The comedic moments are only significant in the beginning, and things start to take a turn towards seriousness, and it all hits you when you least expect it. At the end, you are constantly kept on edge with very nicely done pacing and cliffhanging elements.

The characters are really realistic with their little insecurities, and nuances. Music was beautiful, art was beautiful, animation was beautiful. What more can one ask for? A really really good story that takes you through ups and downs of a teenager's life, and end up leaving you feeling good and hopeful... A brilliant piece of work.

Last updated Monday, December 01 2008. Created Monday, December 01 2008.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 DisFunctional [series:1625#863]
It's 1 am in the morning, i'm tired, grumpy and not really in the mood for anything. For some reason i started to watch this movie. I was laughing my ass off the whole way! She's was so cute, even when she's crying lol!

This movie reminded me of Spirited Away, Tonari no Totoro, Whisper of the Heart, etc. just all those feel good movies. you'll love it.

Last updated Saturday, December 08 2007. Created Saturday, December 08 2007.
Buy Stretch [series:1625#628]
(Buy- or Rent+)

"Unique" or "original" are words which spring to mind to summarize this film. Here we have time travel, but not for the sake of saving the world from destruction (ala Terminator) but rather for mundane purposes--until it becomes apparent that fooling around with the fabric of time might not be such a good idea. Based on the first half hour or so, I thought this was going to be a silly, comic story without bothering to explain how time travel might have become possible for Makoto, but towards the end things get more serious and there's a major twist. I became a little confused by all the alternate realities which one needs to keep track of; I knew enough to enjoy the powerful ending, but not as much as I might have. A person like me would probably need to watch twice in order to fit all the pieces together. I don't watch all that many anime movies, but when I do watch a great one like this I'm surprised to be reminded just how much artistry can be conveyed via animation.

Last updated Wednesday, September 12 2007. Created Wednesday, September 12 2007.
Buy Jan-Chan [series:1625#967]
Why does this movie remind me of Whisper of the Heart? Or perhaps Ocean Waves? Could it be that the Director, Mamoru Hosada, formerly worked with Ghibli? Or that the art director, Nizo Yamamoto, also worked with Ghibli? I read that the (master) character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto comes from the Gainax stable, so that can’t be it. The production company of Madhouse has a mixed record for their animated series, (usually good animation with a so-so plot or storyline.) But their collective efforts on this project, has resulted in an enchanting and charming animated movie that is almost perfect.

At its simplest level, this is a coming of age story of three friends, who find their relationship changing during their high school years. Their lives are filled with goofing off, playing baseball and hanging out in karaokes. But then something strange happens to Makoto Konno - an event that she does not clearly understand, but has given her the ability to leap in time. Makoto first uses it when racing down a hill and into the path of commuter train – when suddenly she jumps back some few seconds in time to avoid the dangerous accident. It takes Makoto a while to figure out this strange gift, but when she better understands it, this ability proves useful in helping her not be tardy to school, permitting her to better prepare for surprise quizzes and to knowingly dodge accidents.

It is only when one of her best friends, Chiaki, makes a confession to her, does her strange gift become more troublesome. Her decision to step-back (and avoid) his confession creates a complex series of events that have her wondering about the apparently simple benefits of her 'gift'. And then we have the remaining 1/3 of the movie, in which everything is explained and becomes incredibly muddled.

But the first 2/3 of the movie so completely entranced me that I can only rate a happy BUY, and the remainder of the story can only drag it back a half-step (so it is a BUY-), but still it is a fun story well worth the time spend watching.

(I have posted a few snaps of this movie in the Episode Details section, if you would like to see more!)

Last updated Sunday, October 05 2008. Created Friday, May 25 2007.

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