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.hack//G.U. Trilogy
Unevaluated Taking place within the storyline of each .hack//G.U. games trilogy, this story follows Haseo, a player in the online MMORPGame called The World:R2, where he is depicted as a PKK (Player Killer Killer) known as the "Terror of Death", a former member of the disbanded Twilight Brigade guild. Haseo encounters Azure Kite (believing him to be Tri-Edge and blaming him for what happened to Shino) but is hopelessly outmatched. Azure Kite easily defeats Haseo and Data Drains him, reducing his level from 133 to 1 and leaving him without any items, weapons, or member addresses. He is left with a mystery on his hands as to the nature of the Data Drain and why Azure Kite is in possession of such a skill.
11人いる! Watch See Jûichi-nin iru!
5 Centimeters per Second Rent See Byousoku 5 Centimeter

8-gatsu no Symphony: Shibuya 2002-2003
Unevaluated Based on the autobiographical essay book of singer-songwriter ↗Kawashima Ai. The Saigo no Kotoba (Final Words) book follows Kawashima's life after her mother's death, and her pursuit of her singing dreams by performing free concerts on the streets of Tokyo's Shibuya district.
8月のシンフォニー ―渋谷 2002~2003 Unevaluated See 8-gatsu no Symphony: Shibuya 2002-2003
A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation Watch See Xiao Qian
A Girl in Gaea Rent See Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea
A Journey Through Fairyland Watch See Yosei Florence
A Letter to Momo Buy See Momo e no Tegami
A Literary Girl Rent See Bungaku Shoujo
A Silent Voice Buy See Koe no Katachi

A Tree of Palme
Watch Palme is a puppet created by a man to care for his sickly wife. After her death Palme becomes paralyzed with sorrow, that is, until a woman being pursed happens to cross paths with Palme and his creator and ask them to deliver something precious to a sacred place called Tama. Palme, mistaking her for his masters late wife, accepts the request. This becomes his first step to becoming more human in order to understand his own feelings.
A Wind Named Amnesia Watch See Kaze no na wa Amunejia
Aachi and Ssipak Rent See Aachi wa Ssipak

Aachi wa Ssipak
Rent Aachi and Ssipak are two likable street hoodlums who scrape by stealing and selling "Juicybars," highly addictive blue popsicles distributed by the government in exchange for human excrement, the only usable fuel in Shibal, a dystopian, futuristic, post-apocalyptic city.
Action(216) Action Comedy(26) Adventure(150) Comedy(123)
Drama(253) Horror(18) Mystery(22) Parody(5)
Romance(90) Romantic Comedy(13) Suspense(11) Tragedy(11)
Cyberpunk(12) Fantasy(176) Historical(60) Modern(133)
Sci-Fi(214) Steampunk(6) Western(3)
All Ages(49) Children(14) Josei(2) Kid at heart(2)
Seinen(31) Shoujo(13) Shounen(49)
Acquired Taste(27) Artistic(14) Classic(16) Creepy(4)
Dark(47) Fragmentary(2) Korean Wave(9) Moe(1)
Silly-funny(4) Surreal(26) Weird(23)
Characters and Their Abilities
Angels(2) Animals(11) Artificial Girls(6) Bishounen(3)
Deities(2) Genie(1) Kemonomimi(3) Mahou Shoujo(9)
Ninja(10) Samurai(6) Shinigami(3) Superhero(3)
Story Elements and Location
College(3) Coming of Age(20) Competition(5) Depression(8)
Elementary School(15) Epic(6) Family Affairs(9) Fighting(25)
Friendship(13) Harem(2) High School(44) Isekai (Other World)(2)
Magic(27) Martial Arts(17) Mecha(48) Middle School(18)
Music(18) Music Oriented(5) Occult(1) Otaku Theme(2)
Police(9) Psychics(8) School Comedy(1) Shoujo Ai(1)
Shounen Ai(4) Slice of Life(28) Soul Mates(2) Spiritual(11)
Sports(7) Supernatural(54) Swordplay(15) Time Travel(11)
Underworld(2) War(20) Yaoi(1) Yuri(1)
Anthology(7) Assassin(s)(5) CG animation(7) Computers(1)
Dating Sim Spinoff(2) Evang*lion Clone(1) Gun-action(19) Idol theme(1)
Live Action(10) Prequel(6) Reboot(18) Sequel(87)
Spinoff(16) Spinoff-Sequel(5) Video-game inspired(13) Virtual Reality(3)
Potentially Objectionable
Ecchi(10) Erotic Comedy(1) Fan Service(12) Incest(1)
Pervert(4) Softcore(2) Violent(47) Vulgar(3)
OVA(1) Short(27) TV(2)
Release Year
2022(7) 2021(14) 2020(17) 2019(22) 2018(16) 2017(17) 2016(13) 2015(11)
2014(14) 2013(18) 2012(18) 2011(16) 2010(17) 2009(32) 2008(16) 2007(22)
2006(22) 2005(13) 2004(15) 2003(8) 2002(12) 2001(14) 2000(8) 1999(6)
1998(8) 1997(9) 1996(8) 1995(16) 1994(10) 1993(13) 1992(11) 1991(7)
1990(3) 1989(9) 1988(11) 1987(12) 1986(11) 1985(12) 1984(7) 1983(6)
1982(6) 1981(8) 1980(3) 1979(4) 1978(3) 1977(2) 1975(1) 1973(1)
1971(1) 1970(1) 1969(2) 1968(2) 1966(1) 1965(1) 1964(2) 1962(2)
1958(1) 1945(1) 1931(1) 1929(2) 1918(1)
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