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.hack Rent See .hack//SIGN

Rent It's the near future, and there is only one video game, called "The World." In the virtual reality of "The World", all sorts of people play. However, once a character named Tsukasa is unable to log out, and weird events start happening, "The World" starts to seem much more mysterious than anyone ever thought.
Blood + Rent See Blood Plus
Blood Night Rent See Blood Plus

Blood Plus
Rent Saya Otonashi lives peacefully with her adoptive family in Okinawa. The man that she proudly calls dad has adopted both her, her younger brother Riku and her troublesome older brother Kai. In the past year the four of them, once strangers, have formed a close loving family, but Saya wonders why she does not have any memories older than a year. Everything changes with the appearance of a monster called a Chiropteran. At school one night, a teacher is murdered before her eyes and Saya is attacked by a murderous creature. A mysterious young man carrying a cello appears and saves her, but he hands her a strange sword and tells her to fight. Why does her dad know so much about these monsters? And who is this cello player named Haji, someone who is now following Saya around - insisting on serving her?
Blood TV Rent See Blood Plus
FMA Buy See Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
Full Metal Alchemist Buy See Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

Full Metal Panic
Buy A hidden military organization named Mithril mobilizes three crack troops (Sousuke, Kurz, & Mao) to secretly protect a young Japanese girl, Chidori Kaname, from being kidnapped. Sousuke Sagara is assigned to be her personal bodyguard and must go undercover as a fellow high school student while not letting her know she's in danger or that he's protecting her. Unfortunately, Sousuke has little experience in understanding life as a normal high school student thus he considers just about any little action or thing around him to be a threat on Kaname.
Fullmetal Alchemist Buy See Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
Hack Sign Rent See .hack//SIGN

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

Edward and Alphonse Elric are brothers who were born with an extraordinary gift for the magical science known as alchemy. Their father, also very gifted in the craft of alchemy, disappeared leaving their ordinary mother to raise them in the country. But when their mother passed away, the boys vowed to learn the arts of alchemy to the fullest. The goal -- to bring their mother back to life, one of two things Alchemist are forbidden from doing. They attempt to bring back their mother with devistating consequences. Edward loses an arm and a leg and Alphonse loses his body, his soul sealed into a suit of armor by Edward at the last moment. For all of this, the thing they created wasn't even human and didn't live long.


Initial D
Rent When an 18-year-old tofu delivery boy named Tak begins to casually get involved with the street racing scene, he unexpectedly goes up against a street racing legend in one of his first races. Soon, Tak has acquired a reputation and finds that other racers are lining up for the chance to take on Tak and his famous "Eight-Six of Mount Akina".
Initial D First Stage Rent See Initial D

Juuni Kokuki
Buy This is about a Japanese girl named Nakajima Yoko who is taken away to another world by a mysterious man, but is separated from him and is soon confronted by the natives. She experiences a large number of tribulations and this story is about what she does and how she grows as a person because of what she goes though. This anime has action, adventure, great music, and wonderfully illustrated moral lessons. Many modern issues are also addressed, including race, politics, etc.
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