Chrono Crusade

Title:Chrono Crusade
Chrno Crusade
クロノクルセイド (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - GONZO
Music - KAJIURA Yuki
R1 Distributor - Section23 Films (ADV)
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
TACHIKI Fumihiko
In the year of the lord 1928 AD, in a city of Brooklyn very different from our own, the prosperity of the decade has also summoned an evil that can not be fought with normal weapons. The Magdalan Order has evolved to specialize in exorcisms of poltergeists and demonic apparitions, through whatever means required, including, (but not limited to) the use of holy water and fully automatic weapons firing blessed silver rounds. The young Christian warrior-priestess, Rosette Christopher and her assistant, the daemon Chrno are ready to take on any evil opponent - no matter what kind of damage and destruction they cause as their efforts are all in the name of the holy order.

24 Episodes; R1 License - ADV Films.

1:30min Series Opening- YouTube Video
Episode Details 
98, 99
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Rent 8 7 8 7 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:747#1552]
Chrono Crusade was quite a bit of a mixed bag for me in its exploration of Rosette and Chrono's dealings with tracking Aion and finding Rosette's brother, Joshua. Before I get to the positives, I might as well pick through the issues I came across with the show. While the middle section of the series has more better quality moments, the same can't be said for the beginning and ending episodes. The beginning episodes start off with the typical "monster of the week" setup where Chrono and Rosette come across a random demon causing trouble in each episode and the ending did tend to rush developments with the plot as Chrono and Aion confront one another and the jumps in time brought about for the show's final episode. In addition, the characters of Aion and the Sinners are left underdeveloped as they seemed to be set up as the usual villainous character types and the relationship setup that the show tries to accomplish with Chrono and Rosette later in the show comes across as unconvincing due to the unnatural developments and lack of consistent focus on this plot element.

On the plus side though, the series does give you enough sense of the struggles faced by the central characters of the series. While all four are pretty archetypal in their character types such as Satella being spoiled rich gal and Rosette the impulsive, headstrong and destructive gal, they are fleshed out enough in later episodes where you know how they turned out as the people they were. The middle section of the show does enough at tossing out enough plot twists to keep you hooked on what happens next with the characters and piecing together more of Aion's motivations with Azmaria and the other apostles. While having its fair share of flaws, the show also does a decent job in its exploration of whether or not faith in God is justified even undergoing enough suffering in your life which Aion serves to represent in his role as the show's antagonist and Rosette's deal with Chrono. The show also sports clean looking visuals with character designs and scenery having bright color and a good amount of visual detail.

Still however, Chrono Crusade has too much of its equal share of both pros and cons with its plot quality and character exploration. I would say that your mileage would vary on whether you find this show to be a gem or a mediocre offering.

Last updated Tuesday, May 03 2011. Created Tuesday, May 03 2011.
Buy 9 8 10 7 10 Shippu7 [series:747#3224]
I'm going to get straight to the point on this review, and I'll try not to bias or diverge from the point. Chrono Crusade was an anime that stuck to me early on in the show. The idea of the anime only really get portrayed in about episode 3. Throughout the anime, the idea of the show clearly changes, especially when Rosette becomes possessed, although these changes bring a clear and fresh breath to the anime. The anime makes sure to keep you interested, and always in suspense. The love for the show increases as you continue to watch, by the time you finish the end, the sun rose twice. If anyone here knows me, you would know that these types of shows catch my interest very well. The ending was fantastic, and it was the first anime to leave me in tears, which doesn't happen easily. The show did very well with the material they had, and if they hadn't been as precise as they were, the entire show would have crumbled from it's base as the main characters. There was a very good balance with Rosette's personality, for if she was annoying, the show wouldn't have as an extreme effect. The problem with main characters in lots of other animes I've seen is that the main character is too annoying. While I know that's the tendency of energetic characters, it stills instills a lack of love from the viewer, which consequently causes everything that happens to them to be boring.

The characters were very well planned out, and their roles were played to their true potential. Aoin wasn't some stupid punk, he was a mastermind; his plans were very unpredictable and interesting and he never did the same thing twice. Aoin gave off an aura of hatred, while the viewer doesn't even know why. Later on the aura transforms into that of survival. What this means is that the character's actions are so perfectly matched to their personality that you can tell what they're thinking and feeling.

The show doesn't have all too much excellent humor(although it will make you laugh pretty hard when it does), so if you're looking for a show that will make you laugh, look elsewhere. But as this show lacks in one aspect, it gains in another. The action and drama are first class, which is why I chose this anime as my favorite for a long time, only recently replaced by Angel Beats!.

I'm not going to summarize the anime, because that's not my job as a reviewer, so I'll be talking about the separate keywords:
The anime uses guns as the primary weapon, mostly a pistol, while the nonhumans use swords and special abilities that vary from user to user.
When I first started writing this review, drama wasn't in the list of keywords. Why? I don't have a clue. The two major themes in the anime are drama and action. Saying it's a drama isn't a spoiler, because it's evident at the first episode that it's a drama. Now getting back to the point, the anime did a great job with the drama aspect, which enticed me very deeply to the anime. The drama aspect didn't just apply to chrono, it also applied to Rosette's love to her brother. The ending was amazing and got me to rewatch the anime 4 times (although 3 were just me showing it to my friends 'n' family.)
The occult aspect at the beginning deeply foreshadows what's to happen later, and the watch was the reason I watched the anime in the first place. While the purpose of the watch isn't explained until later, it keeps you wondering for a while. The demons are very varied, and the methods of them getting slain are very creative (like the jewel witches).

To conclude the anime was very well done, and get my stamp of approval. The art is great, the character are very well planned, the themes were well placed and executed, the ending was great. Oh and speaking of endings, I'm done here!

Last updated Friday, August 06 2010. Created Friday, August 06 2010.
Buy 8 8 8 7 9 8 Dreamer [series:747#2279]
Here's a serious story with demons, angels crusaders and more. A well balanced series with a great plot and story telling.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation was well done. Rich colors, vibrant backgrounds. At times it was dark and gloomy... which fit the theme of the series. Character designs were near top-notch, especially the demons. Well done with lots of details.

The OP was an ok pop-alternative piece with female vocals. It wasn't all that bad but wasn't of my flavor. Not sure how it worked for the series though. The soundtrack itself had some nice tunes that portrayed a sense of doom, sometimes awe, and intense action. Pretty good. The ED was a softer piece, almost a lullaby. Not bad either.

Series and Episode Story
First off, if you're a fanatic christian or catholic.... or a holy roller with a thirst to always be right and preaching the "gospels", then I suggest you stay clear of this one. To some folks, this can almost be considered blasphemous. Now if that's not you, then do watch. The plot was well done and the story telling keeps you glued to your seat wanting more. Rosette is a lovable (and tough) characters that brings plenty of humor to the series as well. Some of the facial expressions she would make (mainly in episode 1), was funny as hell.

Although the plot was pretty darn good, there was a few points that kinda annoyed me. Chrono's voice was somewhat annoying and the last few ending episodes didn't quite sit with me.... mainly how our protagonist pretty much "gives up" after all she's been through and such. But it doesn't ruin the ending at all and still ends quite good. It's bittersweet for sure.

Overall, it's a great series to sit through. Lots of action, plenty of drama and great charaters from angels to demons.

Last updated Tuesday, March 02 2010. Created Tuesday, March 02 2010.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Big Fire [series:747#2441]
ok, so it seems that i keep giving 10s easily these days, but i honestly did not know what to expect from this show...i am not big on religion eventhough i am catholic, and devils/demons kinda weird me out...but this is a MUST buy anime...I loved the characters...Satella rocks! and the story just moved so fuidly that i just pounded through all 24 episodes...If you have to pin me on something i didn't like, i might have liked an improved ending, but hey I am not picky, i just wanna be entertained...This show is VERY cool, and i am going for my second pass very soon...

Last updated Friday, February 09 2007. Created Friday, February 09 2007.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Anonymous #2029 [series:747#2029]
Wow!Wow!Wow! This is one of the anime that gonna blow you up with excitement. YEAH! You have to watch it man or you'll miss out one of the best animes created by mankind.


Last updated Monday, July 04 2005. Created Monday, July 04 2005.

Buy 10 10 10 10 9 9 Anime4Ever! [series:747#1414]
I loved it. Like most Anime, it's goofy, fun, exciting, and has thoes wonderful moments of drama in it. Chrono certainly doesn't skip out on the Animation. Wonderfully done. I guess my only pet peev, Animation sequences, in this and All Anime, is they never get wet in the rain. Lack of continuecy there. But besides a few peet peeves I liked it. The music, one of the first time I've heard a full Symphonic Orchestra, but they could turn the score up a little. Plus the opening theme, was good. And the Closing theme, by Yuki Kajiura. (well known for .hack) The violence wasn't over the top from what I can tell. Probably what kept me from giving a 10 is the slowness, of developing Rosette. In my opinion, I think the Main Character should be heavily developed in the first Episode. (or Movie) This is a plot Anime, but even in Plot Anime, they still develope the chracters just as much. As opposed to Western Style. And I am used to slow Developing, but they rarley develope her at all. Especially when she talks about "Joshua" and has flash backs. If I haden't read and article on it previously, I wouldn't have known that is her brother. But I reall really started to enjoy this when we got to Episode 7. That one was SCARY! It's amazing, because the series starts out light and chomical, but right as we get to episode 7, everything goes strait to hell, without any warning. Aion is an excellent Villan, Oscar,Worthy. And I love Azmara. She's so adorable, and Jessica Boone really plays her well, esspe. the accent. Chrono: "Are you all right Azmaria?" "Yeah, I'm chake." (Lol) And Hilary Hagg, I think is terrific with Rosette. Some may say she's annoying, but I don't think so. And Greg Ayres, I say is a great actor. He does so well as Chrono. Plus this show is great with suporting chracters. You can tell Father Remmington really, cares for Rosette. And again, I love the drama. How Rosette strives to help her brother. It's wonderful, and that Episode where we see them as young children, was great. And sad. (Even though I didn't see part 2. (Stupid On-Demand Cable people) It's sad, because it's what I call "A Doomed Fate" Genre. When you know what will happen, and you anticipate it with tears in your eyes. And this really shows the 20's in America well. As few Anime take place out side of Japan, this is well done. Great show this is, "Nuns with Guns, how can you go wrong?" Love it.

Last updated Wednesday, June 22 2005. Created Wednesday, June 22 2005.
Buy 10 9 8 9 10 10 Urmelis [series:747#1717]
I have just finished watching this great anime. OMG it was amazing !!! I really suggest watching it !
Anime involves a lot of action along with feelings and a bit of history (about church). All in all it is really a fabulous anime and it is a must for all anime lovers out there !

Last updated Sunday, December 12 2004. Created Saturday, December 11 2004.
Buy Forbin [series:747#1573]
Drama : Med
Action : High
Comedy : High
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : Low / Med

This anime is one of my favorites! It's powerful, funny, dark, really complex, sad, happy, and just one great watch (Note : Gungrave is up here on this list too). It's a must have on anyone's shelf.

Note:If you do not have a Christian upbringing, this is going to be a little confusing as it has a TON of Christian references. If you are confused after watching a disk, just turn to the extras and watch 'Azmaria's Classes' and she will try to explain the last few episodes from a technical standpoint.

It starts out as a Comedy anime about a Reckless Girl and her Devil Friend. Reminds me of Lethal Weapon...then it becomes...SERIOUS. If you like Demon Comedy then this is up your alley. Though Rosette wears old lady Pantaloons whereever she goes. :(
After Episode 5 Rosette joins an active club of Demon Hunters. And she trades in her Pantaloons for thigh high schoolgirl socks :)

The extras are top notch and some of the interviews just amaze you that these people are the original voices (As most of them cannot speak a proper word of English :) )

There are 3 arcs in this series

1) Rosette's History
2) Hunting for Joshua
3) Chrono and Aion's History

Note : In Japan it is called Chrno Crusade because Chrono was copyrighted. When it came to America ADV was able to use the original name of Chrono Crusade again. So it is JAPAN'S fault it is called Chrno not America's (For ONCE!)

Last updated Wednesday, July 27 2005. Created Sunday, October 03 2004.
Buy 8 8 8 8 8 8 Ambriel [series:747#1357]
This is one good anime. It's cute and funny. The art is pretty good. It's got a good story line. The character's are well developed. It's got a good soundtrack.
You'll get hooked once you watch the first few episodes. It leaves you wanting more and it's one of those heart ranching shows... well that's if you get emotional easily.
It's a pretty dark series, one if the few dark anime series that's good. Lots of blood and stuff. It's got cool weapons and all. A bunch of good seiyuus too.
It's one of the best animes of 2004.

Last updated Thursday, April 29 2004. Created Thursday, April 29 2004.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:747#967]
It is very dark, at times very serious and disturbing (almost verging on the nihilistic), but(like Full Metal Alchemist,) it can swing over to moments of extremist comedy (and silliness). So far, Rosette has lost her younger brother, but gained a very dear devilish companion, Chrno. In episode 4, her brother make an appearance, but on the side of the daemons, and displays an awesome ability to slaughter a pack of daemons with only a minor injury .... humm, where is this story line going to go next?

The opening and closing songs are absolutely exquisite! Oh, yeah! The artwork and animation and very impressive (on pare with FM Alchemist)

Last updated Sunday, September 21 2008. Created Friday, March 12 2004.

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