Occult Titles

Occult: (Story/Location) Titles involving the action or influence of supernatural agencies or some secret knowledge of them.

Title Rating Synopsis

3x3 Eyes
Buy A three-eyed immortal girl of an ancient race, Pai, seeks to become human and while on her quest gets involved with a special boy named Yakumo, who happens to die due to some of her magic. Pai decides to save him and brings him back to life by turning him into a 'WU',(a type of unkillable zombie protector). And together they start an adventure to search for a way to gain/regain their humanity.

Akiba's Trip - The Animation
Unevaluated In the manga and anime Mecca of Akihabara, there's a rumor that 'dark shadows' have been possessing people, which makes them incredibly strong evil beings known as 'Bugged Ones'. Because they are highly sensitive to air(?), the only way to exorcise these beings is by stripping the possessed people to a naked or near-naked state. Bugged ones tend to be female, by the way.

Aquarian Age Saga II ~Don't forget me...~
Avoid Earth still recovers from the damage by the attack of the evil Erasers (aliens) who have only been defeated by the combined forces of the four hidden magical tribes amongst mankind who've been battling for control over earth - Arayashiki (eastern mages), Wiz-dom (western mages), Dark Lore (demi-human monsters), and E.G.O. (evolutionary gender organization = super-humans). In the aftermath, Earth is placed under the unified rule of the Polestar Empire (invaders from a different universe), beginning to use forbidden magic. These dark powers cause dimensional rifts around the world and once again plunge Earth into chaos and warfare. So four selected fighters, one of each tribe each, have to protect humankind once more.
Aquarian Age the Movie Avoid See Aquarian Age Saga II ~Don't forget me...~
Arcana Famiglia (Italian) Unevaluated See La storia della Arcana Famiglia
Ask Dr Rin! Unevaluated See Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite! (TV)

Asura Cryin' 2
Unevaluated The last episode of Asura Cryin' mentions that a second season of this series is currently in the works and scheduled for release in late 2009.
Asura Cryin` 2 Unevaluated See Asura Cryin' 2
Asura Kurain 2 Unevaluated See Asura Cryin' 2
Bastard! Destroyer of Darkness Rent See Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami

Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami
Rent Dark Schneider was the most powerful sorcerer of all time. Now he lies dormant in a young boy, waiting to be awakened by the kiss of a virgin.
BASTARD!! 暗黒の破壊神 Rent See Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami
Beyond the Boundary Watch See Kyoukai no Kanata
Bible Black Rent See Black Bible
Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis Rent See Black Bible
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