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Title:Akiba's Trip - The Animation
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In the manga and anime Mecca of Akihabara, there's a rumor that 'dark shadows' have been possessing people, which makes them incredibly strong evil beings known as 'Bugged Ones'. Because they are highly sensitive to air(?), the only way to exorcise these beings is by stripping the possessed people to a naked or near-naked state. Bugged ones tend to be female, by the way.

13 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3294#628]
(One episode watched):

I've been waiting for a good while for an anime which has both abundant fanservice and is written in a clever and entertaining manner, and it looks like I will have to wait some more. Akiba's Trip--it can also be read as 'Akiba Strip', very clever--is one of those shows which has wild animation, but I got the feeling that the makers believed it to be a good deal funnier than it really is. Apparently sheer wackiness (and a good dose of fanservice) are supposed to substitute for an interesting plot or interesting characters. I noticed that even at the end of the first episode, I still had little idea who the main characters were and whether I could identify with them in any way. I was left with little desire to hear the explanation of where these Bug fighters came from, how they found out about the threat, what skills or powers they have, etc. Also, it was unclear to what extent this show was relying on comedy and fanservice, and to what extent the possessions were supposed to be taken seriously. The former definitely had priority, but things like people being possessed are kind of disturbing and I wanted some indication of things like whether the characters were actually in the slightest danger of getting killed (or worse). Not knowing where I stood had the effect of killing a good deal of my interest in this show. In the end I sensed no reason whatsoever to expect an intelligent, original plot to come about. The premise behind this show seems to be little more than that it's OK to strip girls since they are possessed and therefore you are actually doing them a favor. When a show feels a need to shield viewers from feelings of guilt, I'm left with a bad feeling, and my feelings about new anime are usually right.

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