Pantsu Titles

Pantsu: (Objectionable Content) (↗pantsu = "pants", "panties") This applies to those animes that just seem to show flashes of panty after panty for no good reason.

Title Rating Synopsis
A Bridge to the Starry Skies Watch See Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
A Child's Time Watch See Kodomo no Jikan
A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives Watch See Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Buy See Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica
Agent Aika Rent See Aika

Ai Tenchi Muyo!
Watch Some sort of sequel/remake of the classic Tenchi Muyo.

Rent In a Waterworld-like 21th century Japan, Aika and Rion are members of the KK Corporation (aka Salvagers). Is their job only a pathetic excuse to show their panties to the audience, or is there something more to Aika?

AIKa R-16
Watch Aika is a smart and athletic high school girl. She is so competent that she successfully passes the salvager’s license test, obtaining a C-class license. Yet, she is young and hotheaded, so much so that Gota still treats her as a child. Due to this personality, no one is willing to hire her for salvaging jobs.
AIKA R-16: Virgin Mission Watch See AIKa R-16
AIKa R-16:处女任务 Watch See AIKa R-16

AIKa Zero
Rent More of the Aika underwater panty-girl fanfest. Unknown number of OVA episodes, with the first being released on July 7th, '09.

Rent Microtechnology has created self-powered roller blades that allow a rider to rip along at blistering speeds, roar up walls and fly to incredible heights. And now AIR TECK (A-T) has become the new rage with all of the gangs. Ikki got the dickens kicked out of him by a roller-blade gang and the four sisters that he is staying with are not going to allow him to forget it. Of the four sisters, it falls upon fourteen-year-old Ringo to be responsible for looking after their trouble-some ‘adopted’ little brother whom they have nicknamed ‘baby-face’. When Ikki finds out that the girls are part of an A-T gang called the ‘sleeping forest’, he borrows one of their skates and rides off into the night vowing to learn to ride . A chance encounter introduces him to a cute roller-blade girl. Ikki follows her to a Stormrider (AT gang) gathering and learns that she is called Simca. Simca really seems to take a fancy for him (or perhaps she really enjoys teasing him), but when his sisters (most specifically Ringo) find out, they are not happy with Ikki’s new friend.
AirGear Rent See AIR GEAR

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka (OVA)
Watch Junichi Nagase, Yuuhi Katagiri and the rest of the school gang all take a summer trip to Karen's family's exclusive and isolated tropical island resort. Beach, bathing suits, barbecues and boys - what more can one ask for? How about a normal vacation....
Aki Sora Buy See Aki-Sora
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