AIKa R-16

Title:AIKa R-16
AIKA R-16: Virgin Mission
AIKa R-16:处女任务
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Notables: Animation - EMOTION
R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)
Aika is a smart and athletic high school girl. She is so competent that she successfully passes the salvager’s license test, obtaining a C-class license. Yet, she is young and hotheaded, so much so that Gota still treats her as a child. Due to this personality, no one is willing to hire her for salvaging jobs.

Since she had taken the trouble to get her license, she decides to post an ad in her school to attract clients. She manages to get the attention of Erika, a daughter of a rich family and the leader of the treasure hunting club. She asks Aika to salvage something from the sea and Aika delightfully accepts the request.

However, upon seeing the state-of-the-art submarine loaded onto Erika's private cruiser and discovering their destination, Aika realizes the terrible nature of her assignment. This results in a clash with a group of high school girls in the southern islands.

Who is the mysterious girl named Karen? So begins Aika’s newest challenge…

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3 OVA episodes
Animation by Studio Fantasia
R1 licensed by Bandai Ent.

Also see prequel - Aika (7ep, '97-'99) & AIKa Zero (OVA)
1:36min Series Opening - YouTube Video
Episode Details 
1, 98, 99
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Watch 7 8 5 6 4 Big Fire [series:1551#2441]
as much as i wanted to like this, i just couldn't. what aika did for me as in the story, the bad guy, the special power, the fan service...this did not... you have to admit aika did fan service in more of a comedic way...are we supposed to get excited seeing aika at a young age? I dunno...for fan service fans, there is alot of that...and don't get me wrong, i was really hoping i got into this...maybe that is why i have it at a watch...cuz i still really want to like this...but i didn't like the story, didn't dig the art, didn't like the bad guys...i guess time to fire up old school aika :-P

Last updated Monday, January 07 2008. Created Monday, January 07 2008.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:1551#628]
(One episode watched):

For all it's ass flaunting, Aika had a fairly interesting and exciting plot to it, something which seems distinctly missing here. This prequel lacks the James Bond-ish style of it's predecessor; I never got particularly intrigued by the course events were taking in this episode. The "conspiracy" (or whatever) that teenager AIKa must deal with here seemed rather generic and nonsensical; no colorful villain has emerged, which leaves me bored. Being already one-third of the way through this OVA series means things are going to have to happen fast in order to bring a decent story together. Perhaps one of the things that made you root for AIKa a decade ago was the fact that she was a mature woman then. I wonder if "Ultranate" will have anything to do with this incarnation; I'd like to know more about how AIKa attained her amazing powers. T&A is quite plentiful in this version, but without a respectible plot I almost feel embarassed to watch. I think this show would have been much better if it only employed the notorious panties as elements of jokes, making fun of itself, rather than just pouring them on wholesale. AIKa R-16 was modestly amusing, but so far falls far short of the original version--and considering how many people fervently despise even that version, this can't be a good sign.

Last updated Wednesday, May 09 2007. Created Wednesday, March 21 2007.

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