AIKa Zero

Title:AIKa Zero
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More of the Aika underwater panty-girl fanfest. Unknown number of OVA episodes, with the first being released on July 7th, '09.

Animation Production: Studio Fantasia

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2166#628]
(One episode watched):

AIKa Zero is unfortunately a very appropriate title for this show, though not in the way which the makers intended. That is because there is virtually nothing to this show other than girl's asses*. Somebody named Gannai has an "objective", girls are disappearing, but I was having a very hard time maintaining the slightest interest. Apparently you need to have seen AIKa R-16 to recognize many of the characters here, but I found that series to likewise be tiresome and didn't watch more than the first episode. In fact, I would say that Zero makes practically no sense at all, which again justifies the title in an unintended way.

What this show does have in profusion is panty shots. Maybe once or twice--done with style--would be naughty and fun, but this show seems to be betting everything on the hope that viewers will be entertained entirely by the same thing happening over and over. As AIKa decked several opponents in a fight I said to myself, let me guess: they fall with their asses exposed--yep! We've seen this countless times before. I was thinking that they ought to make an OVA in which the girl's skirts are so short that their panties are in plain view even when they don't bend over; at least we'd get a laugh out of that. One message which I get is that fondling is OK, as long as it's girls doing it. The show just seems virtually bankrupt of talent; this is really sad. A brief scene of fast moving martial artistry perked me up momentarily. But that couldn't hope to counterbalance the scenes of girls getting probed by some sort of gleaming rope-like device--it felt like tentacle rape and left me feeling squeemish. Ugh; please don't tell anybody that I watched this. Not worth it.

*(actually the DeHavilland Vampire jet was kind of neat)

My favorite line: "And they all have marks on their ass" --Karen

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Unevaluated Forbin [series:2166#1573]
Moved Per JC :)

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