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Title Rating Synopsis
Agent Aika Rent See Aika

Rent In a Waterworld-like 21th century Japan, Aika and Rion are members of the KK Corporation (aka Salvagers). Is their job only a pathetic excuse to show their panties to the audience, or is there something more to Aika?

AIKa R-16
Watch Aika is a smart and athletic high school girl. She is so competent that she successfully passes the salvager’s license test, obtaining a C-class license. Yet, she is young and hotheaded, so much so that Gota still treats her as a child. Due to this personality, no one is willing to hire her for salvaging jobs.
AIKA R-16: Virgin Mission Watch See AIKa R-16
AIKa R-16:处女任务 Watch See AIKa R-16
Angel Tales Watch See Tenshi no Shippo
Angel's Tail Watch See Tenshi no Shippo

Carnival Phantasm
Rent This anime is based on Takenashi Eri’s Take Moon manga and commemorates Type-Moon’s 10th anniversary. Various characters from Type-Moon’s works such as Kara no Kyoukai, Fate/Stay Night, and Tsukihime are featured in this.

Macross Zero
Buy A prequel to the original Macross series, Macross Zero deals with events that took place after the crash of the Alien Space Ship 1 (what would become SDF-1 Macross) and the First Space War, but before the Anti-U.N. alliance dissolved and joined the U.N. Spacy. Though certain facts are altered, this is considered to be part of the official Macross timeline.
Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo Watch See Tenshi no Shippo

Tenshi no Shippo
Watch A story about a guy who doesn't have any luck of his own so the Goddess sends down various Angels to help protect him. And keeps sending more and more down....At this rate he will need a bigger apartment.
おとぎストーリー 天使のしっぽ Watch See Tenshi no Shippo
カーニバル・ファンタズム Rent See Carnival Phantasm
マクロスゼロ (Japanese) Buy See Macross Zero

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