La storia della Arcana Famiglia

Title:La storia della Arcana Famiglia
Arcana Famiglia (Italian)
アルカナ・ファミリア (Japanese)
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Notables: FUKUYAMA Jun
NOTO Mamiko
Felicitá is the one-and-only daughter of the Papa of the organization known as the Arcana Famiglia. The Famiglia is made up of people who have made contracts with the Arcane cards, and have received special abilities due to this. The Papa has decided it's time for him to retire and give up his seat to a new male who has control over an Arcane. To decide who in the "family" gets this seat, he calls for a tournament between Arcane users. To the winner, he promises the "Papa" seat, a wish of the winner's choice... and his daughter's hand in marriage. Refusing to accept this, Felicitá decides to fight to choose her own path, with her friends Liberta and Nova fighting for her freedom by her side.
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12 episodes(?)

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2602#628]
(One episode watched):

And here is the final new series review of the Summer 2012 season. I actually started watching La Storia something like two weeks ago, but was so unimpressed that I quit around halfway through. Too-cool-to-be-true guys doing impossible things (in a cool manner) in the opening scene, swordplay in the streets of an early 20th century town, a guy whipping a bazooka out and firing it, spotless good guys against nefarious bad ones--all seemed so lame that I quickly lost interest. Actually, after I watched a full episode it turns out that there is an explanation of sorts for the superhero powers these guys employ: they come from magical Arcana cards. That's better than pretending that coolness alone enables one to do such things. The problem is that 'Arcana powers' don't interest me at all when they're being wielded by characters that are virtually devoid of personality. I would rather watch a show about interesting people who can't do anything unusual. And people getting kicked around isn't funny. This seems like a show with a pretty simplistic plot involving simplistic characters. I resent being expected to be wowed by characters who I couldn't care less about. It sounds like we can expect to watch a long list of one-on-one matches as the various members of the 'family' fight to decide who is most awesome of all; but I'll be somewhere else.

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