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Video-game inspired: (Type subgenre) The usual way for an anime to make it to the small screen is from a manga. Sometimes though the anime comes from a video game instead. Gungrave is a classic example: Take a video game from Sega about a undead who fights with musical instruments and create an Anime about love, friendship, betrayal, and a few demons. See also: "Dating Sim Spinoff".

Title Rating Synopsis

Watch Mimiru and Bear meet up at a reopened dungeon known to have given rise to legends in the past. But rather than collect treasures and experience points, Mimiru has come to see a past experience that she had with powerful Longarm character, Mimika.

Amagami SS
Watch Tachibana Jun'ichi, a 2nd year high school student, always feels depressed around Christmas time due to a certain past experience. Due to his fear of opening his heart to love, his school life is rather lonely. One day, Jun'ichi asks himself if he is really satisfied with ending his high school life thus? Setting aside his fears, Jun'ichi determines that he will spend the coming Christmas with a girl. Thus resolved, he goes on to meet many different girls. In the end, what will Christmas hold for Jun'ichi?

Amagami SS Plus
Watch Announced to be a sequel to Amagami SS, like the original series this will be a collection of 2-episodes sequel arcs, one to be appended to each original arc.

Buy Kagura Takashi has lived with his brother Satoshi since the death of their parents some time ago. Because of that fact, Takashi is able to go to school and lead a normal life. However, he is always compared to his older brother in every thing that he does. Takashi seems to never measure up to what Satoshi has done. The final straw for Takashi was when Satoshi married Miwa, a woman that lived in the same apartment complex and who Takashi was deeply in love with. Because of that, a deep hatred of his brother rises within Takashi. So with the help of Nagayama Azusa, one of his teachers, Takaski sets out to take what he wants.
Aquarion Watch See Sousei no Aquarion (TV)
Aquarion of Creation Saint Watch See Sousei no Aquarion (TV)
Ar tonelico: The Girl Who Sings at the End of the World Unevaluated See Ar-Tonelico Sekai no Owari Deshii Tsudukeru Shoujo

Ar-Tonelico Sekai no Owari Deshii Tsudukeru Shoujo
Unevaluated At a time when Aurica is saddened over her inability to fulfill her role as a Reyvateil, or one who can control magical powers through singing Songs, Lyner's airship comes crashing down upon her from the sky. Both of them search for an engineer to repair his airship, meeting Krusche. In the process, Lyner inadvertently teaches Aurica that the key to singing a successful Song is to want to help others from the bottom of one's heart.
Arcana Famiglia (Italian) Unevaluated See La storia della Arcana Famiglia
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Watch See Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi

Watch In a future networked world, the option of existing in the virtual network world rivals the real world (or wired reality). The hacker group known as SteppenWolf have decided on one final hack-attack before disbanding and have set their sights on attacking FLAK, the UN Cyber Security Bureau’s servers. And everything went very wrong. Their leader, Nonomura Yuuya was killed in the cyberworld, and while the remaining three hackers succeed in jacking-out, they returned only to be arrested by the army. One of the STEPPENWOLF team, Soma Toru finds himself forcibly recruited into FLAK as an anti-hacking 'diver'. While working for the ‘otherside’, Toru still harbors strong resentments at those who killed Yuuya. But the ongoing battle and competing agendas between FLAK, the VSS security enterprise and the FEI DAO terrorist group appear to be converging on a single point in cyberspace.

Battle Fighters Garou Densetsu
Watch Ten years after the death of their foster father, brothers Terry and Andy Bogard return to Southtown to extract revenge from crime lord Geese Howard. They team up with kickboxing champion Joe Higashi and participate in the prestigious King of Fighters tournament in hopes of facing Geese and giving him his well-deserved defeat.
Boobalicious Buy See Milk Junkies
Boy`s Love Scramble Buy See Gakuen Heaven

Watch Ritsu Shikishima is a high school student with an interest in psychology, but even he can't explain the bizarre things that have been happening recently--like hearing a strange voice within a song, seeing weird things, or a wild melee at a graduation ceremony. What they all seem to have in common is a link to μ (Myu), a popular Idol.
Action(69) Action Comedy(7) Adventure(46) Comedy(27)
Comedy Fantasy(1) Drama(45) Horror(10) Mystery(12)
Romance(37) Romantic Comedy(5) Suspense(3) Tragedy(3)
Cyberpunk(1) Fantasy(62) Historical(10) Modern(57)
Sci-Fi(38) Steampunk(1) Western(1)
All Ages(5) Children(3) Kid at heart(1) Seinen(21)
Shoujo(3) Shounen(5)
Creepy(1) Dark(8) Moe(1) Silly-funny(2)
Surreal(4) Weird(2)
Characters and Their Abilities
Angels(2) Animals(1) Artificial Girls(4) Bishoujo(1)
Bishounen(4) Deities(3) Gender-Bender(1) Kemonomimi(1)
Mahou Shoujo(3) Ninja(1) Samurai(4) Superhero(1)
Story Elements and Location
Boys Love(4) College(4) Coming of Age(7) Competition(3)
Depression(6) Elementary School(3) Epic(3) Family Affairs(3)
Fighting(22) Friendship(9) Harem(10) High School(22)
Isekai (Other World)(8) Magic(20) Martial Arts(7) Mecha(11)
Middle School(1) Music(4) Occult(3) Otaku Theme(8)
Psychics(1) Shoujo Ai(1) Shounen Ai(1) Slice of Life(17)
Spiritual(1) Sports(1) Supernatural(20) Swordplay(16)
Time Travel(5) War(4) Yaoi(1)
Anime-Manga Bundle(1) Assassin(s)(1) CG animation(1) Computers(1)
Dating Sim Spinoff(7) Evang*lion Clone(1) Gun-action(5) Idol theme(2)
Prequel(2) Reboot(2) Sequel(9) Spinoff(4)
Spinoff-Sequel(2) Virtual Reality(6)
Potentially Objectionable
Ecchi(13) Erotic Comedy(2) Fan Service(13) Hentai(11)
Incest(1) Pantsu(1) Softcore(2) Violent(6)
Movie(13) ONA(4) OVA(41) Short(3)
TV(89) TV Special(5)
Release Year
2023(1) 2022(2) 2021(4) 2020(4) 2019(4) 2018(7) 2017(3) 2016(2)
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