Gakuen Heaven

Title:Gakuen Heaven
Boy`s Love Scramble
Heaven Academy
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With no special abilities and only average grades, Ito Keita might best be considered to be a very common boy. But for some reason, the elite all-boys Bell Liberty School has offered him a placement with full scholarship. While a mid-term transfer at ‘BL’ School might be uncommon, a full scholarship for a student with no noteworthy abilities draws the attention of the Student Council members. While Keita is looking forward to a studious high school life, he quickly finds himself caught up in battles, school politics and ‘sweet romance’ with his fellow students at the Bell Liberty Academy!!

Based on a BL game by SPRAY.

13 TV Episodes
Animation by Visual Art`s & Geneon

The manga has been R1-licensed by Blu manga

Bell Liberty School is nicknamed BL Academy & 'BL' is also the acronym for Boys Love
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Buy 7 8 9 10 trinitybloodlover [series:1487#2737]
I loved this story, I am not into BL, but this was a touching and wonderful story,
I can't compare it to anything I have ever seen, The story is about two young men, who became friends when they were younger, the anime picks up when the youngest, Keito, gets invited to an exclusive Boys School, he is a sweetheart, and all around nice guy, he meets with alot of the upper classmen, and starts to love being at the school, but suddenly, is asked to leave, I might point out here, this school is for the individual boy who excells in one kind of subject or sport etc, our Main Character, is confused why he was invited, hes a normal, run of the mill, just average kid,

This story is about his journey, in school, finding himself special, not in any average way, finding his place in school and life, I never have shed a tear over anime, but this series really moved me and in the 13 episodes I found myself watching them over again, because it was soooo good and left me with a good feeling, The story line is great a few twists, it satisfied me completely, For me this series could of had 24 or more episodes, there was so much more to tell and explore,

I watched the sub titled anime, if this makes a difference, I might look for the English dubbing series, sometimes the difference in scrips are amazing, this one is a keeper, and well worth the price.

There is a little BL going on, so be warned, but it was so tastefully done, and in such a small way, I would hope the open minded could enjoy this anime as much as I did.

Last updated Thursday, September 27 2007. Created Thursday, September 27 2007.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1487#967]
Gomen! This is not my style of anime-series, so I do not feel qualified to offer an opinion.

But this is one for those girls who are interested in the BL anime scene!

And of course, those people with AARIN-FANTASY have attentively subbed all of the episodes of this series.

Last updated Wednesday, November 08 2006. Created Wednesday, November 08 2006.

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