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Title:Street Fighter II
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An evil crime syndicate known as Shadow Law is trying to gather the greatest street fighters in the world in order to to ensure the security of their presidential candidate who may win the next American election. The leader of Shadow Law is none other than the powerful Mr. Bison. Through psychic manipulation, he is able to force people to do his bidding. Little does street fighter Ryu know that Bison is after him, because of his extraordinary fighting abilities. Meanwhile Interpol and the American Military are trying to devise a plan to destroy Shadow Law.

Based on the Street Fighter II video game series from Capcom.

99-minute anime film made in 1994.

[edit] Street Fighter Anime Franchise

OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Buy 8 8 10 8 9 9 Dreamer [series:155#2279]
I've always been a fan of Street Fighter for the longest. I remember my first ever game back a 100 years back (so it seems), when the first arcade came out. I was just blown away. So I've come to love Ryu, Ken and company.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The artwork, though outdated to today's standards, were really good for the period it was released. Details are high and animation itself is movie quality (oh wait, it is). The character designs stayed faithful to their video game counterparts and with a high level of details and rich colors.

The soundtrack was a mix of rock and metal pieces. Excellent. The songs bring a sense of seriousness to the action scenes, the fights and the anime as a whole.

Series and Episode Story
This series is perhaps the most accurate translation of the SF franchise to date. The plot is excellent, with 3 story archs that intertwine and merge in the end. There's nothing funny about this series and I don't think there was even a humorous moment. It's strait in your face action and drama. If you notice, it even retains the original names of "Vega" and "Balrog".. the original Japanese versions.

Overall, this is an excellent watch. If you're a fan of the SF franchise, then you can't miss this for sure. If you're not an SF fan, then still don't miss it cause the story still has substance.

Last updated Monday, November 30 2009. Created Monday, November 30 2009.
Rent 8 9 8 6 7 Ggultra2764 [series:155#1552]
Perhaps the most faithful anime adaptation of the Street Fighter video games that there is in terms of being faithful to the storyline. Some of the stuff in the movie actually inspired some aspects to the Street Fighter Alpha video game series.

All of the characters that were present in the video games at the time of 1994 were present in this movie, even when some are reduced to cameo roles. Blink and you'll miss a brief shot of hidden character Akuma meditating during Ryu's journey in India. You'll see a brief scene of Blanka against Zangief. There is also some minor roles involving some fighters like Fei Long and Dee Jay.

There are three character stories entwined in this movie. There is Ryu's journey in finding his purpose as a fighter (typical of his archetype in a video game), Ken's search for sparring buddy Ryu, and the military efforts focused around Chun-Li and Guile to take out Bison and his Shadowlaw crime syndicate. All the aspects of these characters are delved into, including their motivations for their goals. Shadowlaw even has some focus on their crime rings which get infiltrated and Bison's clear goals of brainwashing the world's top fighters in his attempt to rule the world.

Sure, all these characters are your cliched character archetypes found in fighting video games and half of the character roster is reduced to cameo roles. But at least the movie doesn't take liberties on the character storylines like Street Fighter Alpha Generations or make up a villian like Street Fighter Alpha did.

Character designs for the Street Fighter characters are faithful to the designs in the Street Fighter II video games and battle scenes were quite fluid. The highlight battle scene of this movie for me was a hotel room fight between Vega and Chun-Li which was the best choreographed battle in this movie in my opinion. And if you crave fan service, expect plenty of it from Chun-Li during this fight, including her infamous shower scene.

Next to Vampire Hunter, Street Fighter II is one of the best adaptations of a fighting video game series that I've seen by staying faithful to the storyline of the video games instead of making it just a promotion for the video games. Fans of action anime should take glee with this movie while those seeking deeper material may wish to avoid this movie.

Last updated Wednesday, June 04 2008. Created Wednesday, June 04 2008.
Buy 10 10 9 10 7 manganime [series:155#1633]
I love street fighter and I think this film is a great addition to the series. Great action, and the art and animation are also just great.
If you are into hard-hitting action animes, I recommend this.

Last updated Thursday, February 10 2005. Created Thursday, February 10 2005.
Rent 7 8 7 4 4 Midnighter [series:155#94]
Ah, Street Fighter II...the last say in fighting anime. Of course, that isn't saying much...
The only reason I rented this was because I'd spent the weekend playing Street Fighter at my friend's place and remembered there being an anime. Story-wise, it's kind of lame, the usual nonsense about mind control (so we can see allies can fight, secret groups, and fighting honor and spirit. Whatever.
The animation is pretty nice, since this was a theatrical feature, and really shines in the fight scenes.
Choreographed by actual martial artist & real-life fight choreographer Shinichi Shoji lends a sense of realism absent in many over-the-top fighting animes. The spectacular fight between Chun Li and Vega was worth the rent alone.
The American voice cast tries (at least some of them do...) but the end result ranges from good to flat, and the various grunts and cries during the action are almost comical. The Japanese music has been replaced in the English version with tracks from Alice In Chains, KMFDM, Silverchair and others, and so the music ranges from some decent grunge to truly horrible hair-metal guitar solo cheese.
If you like fighting games/animes/movies you'll like this, as it's one of the better examples, but I feel my time would have been better spent elsewhere.
PS Chun Li rocks.

Last updated Friday, May 31 2002. Created Friday, May 31 2002.
Rent 7 8 5 7 7 Courtney [series:155#80]
Ive been playing the STREET FIGHTER game series for quite a while and after a disappointing live-action attempt at the mythology of the series I found the anime film to be pretty good more of less. While most of the story-line only focused on a few of the characters and some fan favorites were given only a few moments on screen it was still a pretty satisfying overall. If you like the SFII games youll probably want to check this out.

Last updated Sunday, October 14 2001. Created Sunday, October 14 2001.
Buy 8 9 9 8 Sephiroth [series:155#140]
When I heard that there was an anime movie version of the kick-arse Capcom game I thought that it would be a major disappointment as like many other attempts to bring video games to the big scene. This movie was far from crap and I definitely recommend it. The story and characters are very good and its two hour length flows nicely. The battle scenes were wicked and are far superior to the shit that you received in Tekken: The Motion Picture. The movie features a lot of the characters from the game but focuses mainly around Ken and Ryu, the best characters from the game. Once again M. Bison was back on the saddle as the villian, he played the sinister leader of the Shadow Law crime organization and his super natural powers were awesome. The plot was pretty good and the main characters' backgrounds were delved into a lot and I found out information I previously didn't know. The movie is a must-see if you are a fan of the game and is a hell of a lot better than the live action movie which is deemed by me to be one of the worst 'game to big scene' movies of all time.
P.S. Jean Claude Van Damme as Guile? What the fuck was that about!?

Last updated Sunday, February 18 2001. Created Sunday, February 18 2001.
Buy Jenn-chan [series:155#31]
I'm not really into the "fighting game to anime" genre, but I surprisingly enjoyed SFII. It's probably the best of it's genre, being that most fighting games that become anime usually lack in the story department, and sometimes the action department too. SFII's story is only an excuse for fighting scenes between the characters, and what scenes they are! Some of the best martial arts in anime that I've seen is in SFII. Complete with the combined "Ha-Dou-Ken" what more can you ask for? All the characters from the game make a cameo here and there, some of them suiting no purpose at all. My favorite character would have to be Chun-Li, but did we really need to see her take a shower? Guille was positivily laughable with his overly beefy bod, square head, and utterly stupid dialouge. I guess Jean Claude Van Damme was right for the role in the live action movie huh? The ending was kinda...ehhh....okay I guess. All in all, this is a pretty good martial arts movie. I'd give it a "buy", but I'm not really a fan of the genre so I personally would not buy it. But if you like the game, you must see the movie.

Last updated Friday, June 02 2000. Created Friday, June 02 2000.

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