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Title:Street Fighter Alpha
Street Fighter Zero: The Animation
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Following the events of the Street Fighter Alpha game, Ryu tries to stave off the growing power of the dark side of his soul with the help of Ken and Chun Li. The appearance of a mysterious young boy claiming to be Ryu's brother and a sinister mans plot to harness the power of dark chi only adds to Ryu's troubles.

A 1999 two-episode OVA series based on Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha video game series.

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Watch 8 9 8 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:330#1552]
The Pros: Street Fighter Alpha makes an effort at trying to lay out character development with Ryu’s struggles of overcoming the dark energies that cost him his master’s life and the sanity of the man’s brother. Throughout the film, Ryu meets up with old and new allies who serve to guide him towards making a choice that will either make him internally stronger than before or driving himself to madness. Animation wise, Street Fighter Alpha has slick character designs and smooth, fluid fight scenes that would be expected from this fighting video game-based movie.

The Cons: Like all video game based anime, Street Fighter Alpha has difficulty at trying to establish a balance between style and substance. While the idea of Ryu dealing with his dark energies would make a good storyline concept for such an anime, its execution leaves something to be desired. Shun and the villain, both created exclusively for this film, do a poor job of playing a role in Ryu’s development as the idea could have been better executed if it was Gouki that Ryu confronted. Even when Ryu does confront Gouki in the film, the confrontation is poorly handled due to the limited amount of time that the film gave for the conflict. While one may get joy from seeing their favorite Street Fighter characters in this film, many of them had no place in the main storyline, making them a waste of animated space in the film.

Facts on the Series:

-Based on Capcom’s popular fighting video game series. There were two other Street Fighter anime films made: one in 1994 based on the Street Fighter II video games and the so-called ‘sequel’ to Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha Generations. In reality, Generations was a re-hash of the plotline that Street Fighter Alpha used.

-There were two alterations of names between the Japanese and English versions of Street Fighter Alpha. Gouki was named Akuma and Satsui no Hadou was called Dark Hadou.

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Watch 7 7 6 6 6 6 manganime [series:330#1633]
Fellow Street Fighter fans may be disappointed at the lack of characters and street fighting. The main villian isn't even part of the series- Dr.Sadler or whatever his name was. Akuma and Ryu should have really had the final battle which would've made this picture much better. I recommend Street Fighter II: The animated movie and Street Fighter V instead of this.

Last updated Monday, June 27 2005. Created Monday, June 27 2005.
Watch 5 8 6 6 5 Courtney [series:330#80]
Im a bit of an otaku for the first STREET FIGHTER movie since I thought it depicted a pretty good version of the games plot. ALPHA failed to be as impressive an adaptation in my opinion.
In the first movie, having Ryu as the center focus of the plot was acceptable because he was sharing the spot light with many of the other SFII cast, something I felt wasnt really given too much in this. The designers of this film were too caught up in producing the exceptionally unoriginal story of a mysterious long-lost brother and a villains scheme to harness a great source of power (yawn). So instead of giving more attention to characters like Sakura, Rose, Birdie, Dan, and the rest, the writers went with in a completely separate, over-done direction. Not completely dissatisfying at the start, but the ending held so much of my interest I fell asleep.

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