Street Fighter Alpha Generations

Title:Street Fighter Alpha Generations
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Returning home to pay his respects to his dead master, Ryu is disturbed by images of his mentor's killer. Ryu begins a quest to hone his skills and rid himself of the Dark Hadou, but to know his capabilities, he'll have to face his archenemy, Gouki. Ikuo Kuwana makes his directorial debut with this action-packed anime adventure, a Street Fighter Alpha prequel that provides valuable background information about key characters.

2005 OVA series based on a storyline from Capcom's popular Street Fighter video game series.

[edit] Street Fighter Anime Franchise

OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Avoid 6 9 5 7 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1317#1552]
Based off what I know of the Street Fighter video games, there are enough liberties taken with the storyline, character personalities, and designs in contrast to Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter II. Ryu's an arrogant, overconfident fighter compared to his collected and level-headed self from the video games. Gouki's just a mindless fighting machine. But then again, these two guys are typical archetypes found in fighting games where the two just continue fighting to find meaning in their lives without any real depth put onto what led them to do this. While the fight scenes look pretty fluid, character designs become more sloppy than how they already look.

Even if you are a Street Fighter fan, I recommend you avoid this movie as it is a waste of time and money to watch.

Last updated Saturday, March 22 2008. Created Saturday, March 22 2008.
Watch 7 8 7 6 KBanger1 [series:1317#1694]
This anime stands out to be one of the more darker stories in the Street Fighter franchise. However, the background stories are a bit different from the original SF movie. It starts off with a fight between an old master and one of his students, Gouki (Akuma for those who has played the video game). Apparently, Gouki has been using a forbidden technique, the Dark Hadou. He has been warned by his master and now has to fight his master in order to follow his own path. The old master's other student, Gouken, ends up the master of his dojo. A few years pass and then Ryu and Ken become Gouken's disciples. After that, the synop above should take care of the rest.

The animation within the fight scenes are pretty solid, however, the story itself lacks real depth. Ryu has to fight Gouki because Ryu's path is to keep on fighting until he's pretty much dead. Now, with a character who sole motivation to fight is to keep fighting, it's just gonna end up being some overused plotline that most action movies use. I am a fan of the SF franchise and some of the animes. This (unfortunately) is not one of them. I do like the background story as to who was Ryu's master, but it conflicts with the what I've seen and know from the game and the SF movie. I don't mind a new beginning to an old story, but it didn't work for me in this case. If you're an SF fan, I'm sure you can tolerate this movie. As for me, onto the next review.

Last updated Tuesday, November 13 2007. Created Tuesday, November 13 2007.
Rent 5 10 8 6 manganime [series:1317#1633]
A low rate, there isn't much her apart from the brilliant animation- even the art deteriates at some points. But it's not too bad considering its only a 40 minutes long so there isn't much room for story development.

I would only say that only bother renting this if you are already a Street Fighter fan.

Last updated Monday, March 20 2006. Created Monday, March 20 2006.

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