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Title Rating Synopsis
Judge Rent See Yami no Shihoukan Judge
Oritsu Uchuugun - Honneamise no Tsubasa Rent See Oritsu Uchuugun - Oneamise no Tsubasa

Oritsu Uchuugun - Oneamise no Tsubasa
Rent What would happen if an alternate Japan was the first country to send a man into space?
Royal Space Force Rent See Oritsu Uchuugun - Oneamise no Tsubasa

Street Fighter II
Buy An evil crime syndicate known as Shadow Law is trying to gather the greatest street fighters in the world in order to to ensure the security of their presidential candidate who may win the next American election. The leader of Shadow Law is none other than the powerful Mr. Bison. Through psychic manipulation, he is able to force people to do his bidding. Little does street fighter Ryu know that Bison is after him, because of his extraordinary fighting abilities. Meanwhile Interpol and the American Military are trying to devise a plan to destroy Shadow Law.
Wings of Honneamise Rent See Oritsu Uchuugun - Oneamise no Tsubasa

Yami no Shihoukan Judge
Rent Deep within the spirit world, the wrongful dead seek retribution for the crimes against them by the living. The Judge of Darkness and his Demons of Hell have been chosen to represent these deceased complaintants and assert that even the dead have rights that must be upheld.
ストリートファイターII Buy See Street Fighter II
闇の司法官ジャッジ Rent See Yami no Shihoukan Judge

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