Yami no Shihoukan Judge

Title:Yami no Shihoukan Judge
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Deep within the spirit world, the wrongful dead seek retribution for the crimes against them by the living. The Judge of Darkness and his Demons of Hell have been chosen to represent these deceased complaintants and assert that even the dead have rights that must be upheld.

A single OVA episode (~50min)
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Rent 8 7 8 7 Sephiroth [series:256#140]
I was quite surprised by this movie as I was expecting a dull anime title but it is anything but. This movie combines a great story line and characters to bring an awesome anime movie. The story is quite interesting and original and there are some neat demonic fights. A minor complaint about its length though as it is only fifty minutes long but I suppose making it any longer would drag the movie out, slowing down its good pace. The dialogue was excellent compared to most English translations, as they tend to be corny and the voice actors didn't sound bland like in a lot of dubbed movies. The animation was overly good despite a main character having huge eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed his movie and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun anime movie to watch. I suggest you hire out another movie along with this as it lasts for such a short amount of time.

Last updated Sunday, February 18 2001. Created Sunday, February 18 2001.

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