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Ordinary college student by day, mysterious...uh...college student by night...

As the former Vice President of the UND Anime Society, I
would like to think that I know what I'm talking about most of the time. Of course, I probably don't, but try to enjoy my reviews anyway...! I try to see the entire series before I do a review, so you won't find any, "Well the first episode wasn't very good, so avoid this series!" Hopefully I have presented the majority of my reviews in an objective and professional manner.
Also, I'm one of those anime blasphemers who has no problem with dubs. I personally prefer the subtitled version most of the time, but if you like dubs, you have my support.
I'm an artist, so I naturally look for impressive character designs and animation. I dig intelligently written animes and I prefer the ones that throw in some humor. Some of My favorites include:Ghost In the Shell, Arjuna, El Hazard, DiGi Charat, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Crest of the Stars, FLCL, and Kanon.
Action(61) Action Comedy(10) Adventure(18) Comedy(38)
Drama(27) Horror(8) Mystery(6) Parody(13)
Romance(10) Romantic Comedy(13) Suspense(4) Tragedy(5)
Cyberpunk(12) Fantasy(36) Historical(6) Modern(35)
Sci-Fi(53) Steampunk(1) Western(3)
All Ages(6) Children(3) Seinen(12) Shoujo(8)
Acquired Taste(14) Artistic(2) Classic(13) Creepy(1)
Dark(23) Fragmentary(1) Kawaii(1) Silly-funny(5)
Surreal(7) Weird(8)
Angels(2) Animals(1) Artificial Girls(5) Assassin(s)(2)
Bishoujo(1) Bishounen(1) Boys Love(2) Computers(1)
Dating Sim Spinoff(1) Deities(3) Depression(4) Ecchi(9)
Epic(6) Erotic Comedy(1) Evang*lion Clone(2) Family Affairs(3)
Fan Service(16) Fighting(10) Friendship(3) Gender-Bender(2)
Genie(5) Gun-action(10) Harem(7) Hentai(8)
High School(10) Incest(1) Isekai (Other World)(2) Kemonomimi(6)
Magic(5) Mahou Shoujo(1) Martial Arts(3) Mecha(17)
Music(1) Ninja(3) Occult(2) Otaku Theme(1)
Pervert(2) Police(2) Psychics(2) Reboot(3)
Samurai(2) Sequel(11) Shotacon(1) Shounen Ai(1)
Slice of Life(1) Softcore(2) Soul Mates(3) Spinoff(3)
Spiritual(4) Sports(2) Stalking(1) Supernatural(7)
Swordplay(7) Tenchi Clone(2) Underworld(2) Vampires(7)
Video-game inspired(2) Violent(14) War(5) Yuri(3)
Movie(33) OVA(60) Short(2) TV(21)
TV Special(4)
Release Year
2002(3) 2001(6) 2000(8) 1999(9) 1998(19) 1997(18) 1996(17) 1995(16)
1994(11) 1993(11) 1992(7) 1991(6) 1990(4) 1989(7) 1988(5) 1987(7)
1986(2) 1985(2) 1984(1) 1983(1) 1982(1) 1981(1)
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Title Rating Synopsis
1982 Otaku no Video Rent See Otaku No Video
1985 Otaku no Video Rent See Otaku No Video

801 T.T.S. Airbats
Rent The all-female 801 Tactical Training Squadron is thrown into turmoil when aircraft maintenance technician Takuya Isurugi arrives. Hilarity ensues.

801 T.T.S. Airbats 2nd Strike
Rent Japan's 801 all-female squadron faces off against the USAF Thunderbird aerobatics team and the ghost of a WWII Kamakaze pilot.

801 T.T.S. Airbats 3rd Strike
Buy In the third and best Airbats OAV, we learn some about Sakura Saginomiya and Captain Konishi's past.
A Girl in Gaea Rent See Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea
A Kite Rent See Kite

Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Rent The infamous tale of "loser" college student Morisato Keiichi who one day, instead of getting take-out delivered, wound up with the goddess Belldandy instead! Now that his wish that she stay with him forever has been granted, will he survive Belldandy's two sisters Urd and Skuld?

Adolescence Mokushiroku
Rent Utena arrives at Ohtori Academy possessing a very mysterious past. She is presumed to be a boy by many and seems to have a past relationship with Touga. After seeing that he wears a ring she questions of it. Getting a mysterious answer leads her to Anthy Himemiya,the Rose Bride. She unknowingly becomes involved in the Student Council's duels for the Rose Bride. Yet, she seems intrigued about Anthy and her past.
Adolescence of Utena Rent See Adolescence Mokushiroku
Adventure of Kotetsu, The Watch See Kotetsu no Diaboken
Ah! Megamisama! OVA Rent See Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Ah! My Goddess - The Movie Buy See Gekijouban Aa! Megami-sama!
Ah! My Goddess OVA Rent See Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Ah! My Goddess The Movie Buy See Gekijouban Aa! Megami-sama!
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