801 T.T.S. Airbats 2nd Strike

Title:801 T.T.S. Airbats 2nd Strike
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Notables: HISAKAWA Aya
INOUE Kikuko
MIKI Shinichirou
Japan's 801 all-female squadron faces off against the USAF Thunderbird aerobatics team and the ghost of a WWII Kamakaze pilot.

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Rent Stretch [series:413#628]
Sometimes it seems that practically every anime comedy series has to have a "ghost" episode--I've noticed them in Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Tenchi Universe, Patlabor, even Ping Pong Club. Airbats handled theirs quite well, and it turned out to be perhaps the funniest episode so far in the series (but don't even joke about a precious historic aircraft getting trashed pointlessly!). The "Thunderbirds" episode wasn't nearly as easy to enjoy, with all the cultural slurs flying back and forth (are our faces really too big?). I'm sure these elite USAF pilots are carefully trained to avoid offending anyone, and it would have been nice if at least one of them had apologized and asked the Airbats not to jump to the conclusion that we Americans are all alike. Anyway, I liked the way that senior officer Kengamine saved the day--it would have been all too easy to have him be nothing but a total jerk.


Last updated Sunday, February 03 2008. Created Wednesday, September 24 2003.
Buy 8 8 8 8 8 The Coyote [series:413#64]
GO THUNDERBIRDS!!!!! I have personal reasons for loving this show. But even if you didn't grow up loving planes. There are definate mistakes in the techinal aspects of the show but I say don't sweat the small stuff it is still a good show. the battle between Mitaka and Yeager (gotta love the last name there huh)Is kept in check by showing that Yeager was hurt. The previous episode has a Mitsubishi Zero. WOW. then they crash it AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH. enen if it is just a Anime What a waste.
still a lot of fun a little nudity in this so I rate it a PG-13

Last updated Wednesday, September 11 2002. Created Wednesday, September 11 2002.
Rent 7 7 8 7 7 Midnighter [series:413#94]
The Airbats girls are back with a vengence in this follow up OAV.
2nd Strike is better than the first 3 part Airbats story. Since the characters are already established, the makers can now get directly to the meat of the story. The excellent character designs are complimented by decent animation and good attention to detail on the aircraft. Obvious fan-service aside, however, this volume of Airbats is an enjoyable, humorous romp.
The first story, about a haunted inn was quite funny and the ending, though predictable, still made me chuckle. Let the credits role for a voice-over conclusion on the dub! And I'm always a fan of seeing WW2 Aircraft in anime.
The second episode involves a showdown with the USAF Thunderbirds and starts out promising, though the impressively endowed Col. Yeager raised an eyebrow and further showcased director/character designer Moriyama Yuji's fondness for big-breasted women. Soon enough, however, the somewhat understandable rivalry between the two squadrons is resolved when (groan) Mitaka outflies Yeager and wins her respect. The dramatic possibilities of the animosity between the pilots is squandered for sappy comraderie between kindred spirits. Please.
The animation was nice, with the aircraft well-proportioned and more believable flight meneuvers. Still, the F-16 is called a Phantom and the previously T-3s have been changed (replaced?) to T-4s. These glaring mistakes likely won't detract from most peoples' enjoyment.
Overall, 2nd Strike is superior to the First Strike in many regards. I enjoyed it and would recommend a rent. Previous knowledge of the Characters would likely be helpful, though.

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