Inachu Ping Pong Club

Title:Inachu Ping Pong Club
Ike! Ina-chuu Takkyuubu
Ping Pong Club
行け! 稲中卓球部 (Japanese)
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Notables: Original Concept - Kodansha Manga Award Winner
R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
The funniest comedy since Monty Python’s Flying Circus and South Park! Hormonally driven, distracted by pubescent diversions, and constantly humiliated by the Girls’ Team: This is the Boys’ Ping Pong Club. Unfortunately, salvation rests in the hands of their captain and the intelligence of their new manager. Follow the misadventures of these misfits as they journey towards impending ping-pong doom!

Animation by Fuji TV & Kitty Film.
26 TV Episodes.
R1 License by Central Park Media (now defunct July 2009).

Read the translated manga online at MangaFox.

1:31sec Ping Pong Club OP - YouTube Video
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Watch 6 5 6 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:392#1552]
I'll give this series credit in that at least it feels different from standard anime comedies. Ping Pong Club milks crass and profane humor in its focus on a school club of mostly troublesome kids such as a delinquent girl, perverts, oddballs and a foreign student with a serious case of BO. What will make or break one's enjoyment of the series is its style of comedy featuring enough perverse and mindless gags that push the envelope on good taste quite a bit throughout the show's run with enough gags on penises (that are visibly shown from many of the club members), breast fondling, peeping, sex and occasions where certain bodily materials come into play. Also, the first OP song to the series is ridiculously catchy with its upbeat mood and twisted lyrics. Beyond that, I'd find this series to be an acquired taste only for those who enjoy lowbrow humor such as this (found myself not getting into the humor and some gags such as a certain old lady made me cringe at points). It's not my cup of tea, but anyone who enjoys dumb and twisted humor coming from American titles like South Park and Beavis and Butt-Head might enjoy this one.

Last updated Thursday, March 13 2014. Created Thursday, March 13 2014.
Buy 8 7 7 7 8 9 Dreamer [series:392#2279]
I don't think I've laughed nowhere near as hard with other anime as I had with this. I literally had tears coming from my eyes and my sides ached from the gut-wrenching humor. Oh my god this show is preverse, twisted, perverse, disgusting, perverse, stupid, perverse and funny as hell. I love it! Oh and did I mention it's perverse?

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork is bit a strange... if not old school. It does show its age. Character designs were odd and shows its age as well. Even though most the character designs look uglier than heck, their characters are fun and a riot. I loved the smell, hairy and ugly American character (Tanabe)... hahaha!

The soundtrack has some nice 90's pieces with various instrumental and vocalized pieces. Most were of the slapstick type.

Series and Episode Story
There's one thing for sure about this series. It's PERVERSE! But not in a "perverse" way really as in anything really obscenely sexual. It shows nudity... but purely from the humorous point.... such as ping pongs coming out of someone's (Maeno) ass. And it shows it with the asshole all puckered out!! Hahaha! The level of disgusting antics, like farting into a hand and blowing it into someones face (with the greenish fumes in the air) was just too much and had me cramping up from laughter.

You HAVE GOT TO watch episode 6, during the granny ping pong match. I choked on my own laughter and had tears streaming down my face! Oh my god, I fell off the couch laughing so hard... "Hello, Mr Tortoise, hello". That is one scene I will never forget and still cracking up as I'm writing this review.

As for the plot, there isn't one to speak of. However, this is an episodic series where each episode is a story in itself with pure laughter and gross humor. Every episode was a pure gem... just pure enjoyment to watch.

Overall, this is one of the best animes I've seen to date. If you can handle perverse humor (not in any real sexual way), and lots of "dick" jokes, then you'll love this.

Last updated Saturday, January 16 2010. Created Saturday, January 16 2010.
Buy 6 6 8 6 5 9 manganime [series:392#1633]
This is an EXTREMELY funny anime! Maybe the funniest one I've ever seen, many may find this anime to be of bad taste since many of the jokes are quite explicit in sexual nature so if you're offended by jokes about both male and female private parts you may want to steer away.

If you're ok with that stuff I definetely recommend this, most of the episodes are self-contained naratives but this series is just great fun. Wouldn't mind watching it again.

I dub was great, which in my opinion aided the humour since Tanaka's voice was just hilarious suiting his stupid look and Maeno and even the other characters are more foul mouthed!

"Here comes a fart...Here comes a FART!!!"

Last updated Saturday, May 03 2008. Created Saturday, May 03 2008.
Buy Forbin [series:392#1573]
Drama : Low
Comedy : High
Action : Low
SciFi : None
Ecchi : Med / High (Both kinds)

Damn can I review this any different than the other 2 reviews? Nope. Just see it..beware, lots of penises and a small amount of breasts adore this.

BTW I was laughing so hard they probably heard me down the street. :)

Edit : Did I say small amount of breasts? Then do not watch Episode 30 I think (The doctor one). Or did I just FORCE everyone to watch that one? :p

Last updated Friday, April 01 2005. Created Monday, March 28 2005.
Buy 10 Stretch [series:392#628]
Even the opening sequence of this show has me laughing out loud, and asking myself what the hell was going through the minds of the people who designed it. This is the sort of show which is extremely difficult to assign a rating to, because half of those who watch it will consider it vile and disgusting, while the other half think it's the best thing since sliced bread. So reviewers tend to combine the grades and give it something like 5 out of 10--but I doubt if anyone has ever watched an episode and said "Oh, that seemed about average". You just can't do that when you are dealing with the Ping Pong Club. Since the team is ultimately too pathetic to do much harm to anybody but themselves, I have no objections about their unique style of humor. Besides, not even Slayers makes me laugh as hard as this show does. Only a handful of anime series leave me laughing so hard that tears come to my eyes, and this is one of them. One of the best things about this series is the way it employs bizarre charicatures of the trouble making club members. They are constantly appearing out of the blue in weird costumes--a strange form of SD, you might say, and totally unpredictable and unexpected. I have read other reviews which warn that once the initial shock wears off, the jokes lose their edge; as for me, I have watched all of the episodes and never noticed the show getting repetitive (Initially the episodes consist of a single storyline, later they are composed of two short ones). Perhaps it's the fact that this show jokes about things which you would never expect any show to mention which makes the humor so funny the first time around. This is one series that just doesn't work in dubbed form--slang expressions like "dude" fall flat, and the faithful translations of strange figures of speech are half the fun. I am long overdue to rewatch The Ping Pong Club!

My favorite line:

Maeno: "You're the hairless Izawa, now called Hyosube, the fantastic creature!"
Narrator: Let me explain. Hyosube is a mythical goblin said to sicken those who come in contact with it, and to kill them if they laugh with it. Also, it hates monkeys."

4/03 #2

Last updated Sunday, February 17 2008. Created Monday, April 07 2003.
Buy 6 6 10 7 7 10 Just Say >huh< [series:392#284]
For those who have not seen this gem yet, the best way to describe this series is a cross between Beavis&Butthead, SouthPark, and HeavyMetal(for SM). This series contains the most vile, disgusting, and disturbing toilet humor I have ever seen in an Anime. This is certainly NOT for kids, although I should note that the manga was extremely popular in Japan around 1995.
The basic story takes place in the Inachu high school's male ping pong club. There are only 3 people in the club who really cares about ping pong. The other 3 are trouble makers. While the club Captian Takeda struggles to keep the club alive (and actually practices ping pong), Maeno (the ring leader of the trouble makers) constantly causes trouble by cross-dressing and engaging in SM activies with fellow club members. The story lines of the early episodes includs trying to save the ping pong club from the female ping pong club's manager, swimming, and the introduction of a female manager (who agrees to give out a Sukebe card to anyone who wins the ping pong tournment for one month to do anything with her anywhere).
For anyone who LOVE the good old days of Beavis and Butthead, this is a MUST buy. For anyone who enjoys toilet humor, this is a must buy. Anyone who is easily offended (and kids) should avoid this series like a plague.

Last updated Wednesday, March 13 2002. Created Wednesday, March 13 2002.

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