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I am a reviewer with strong beliefs. I also have little tolerance for nudity in my anime. I really enjoy a good storyline and good animation. I have a pretty high tolerance of violence and language, more so with the violence. But I do have my limits. I'm too lazy to get into subbed anime and watch mostly dubbed. I may review a title before I have seen it all if that bothers you please ignore my reviews I love to get e-mail from people who read my reviews and have comments either good or bad. just remember it is my opinion I don't say you have to agree with it OK. I keep my comments brief as I don't like reading other reviews that go on and on.
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Rent After a freak accident playing the most popular online RPG, known as "The World." Mai finds out that her life has changed after surviving the game, only to fall into a mystery on WHY?

3x3 Eyes
Buy A three-eyed immortal girl of an ancient race, Pai, seeks to become human and while on her quest gets involved with a special boy named Yakumo, who happens to die due to some of her magic. Pai decides to save him and brings him back to life by turning him into a 'WU',(a type of unkillable zombie protector). And together they start an adventure to search for a way to gain/regain their humanity.

801 T.T.S. Airbats
Rent The all-female 801 Tactical Training Squadron is thrown into turmoil when aircraft maintenance technician Takuya Isurugi arrives. Hilarity ensues.

801 T.T.S. Airbats 2nd Strike
Rent Japan's 801 all-female squadron faces off against the USAF Thunderbird aerobatics team and the ghost of a WWII Kamakaze pilot.

801 T.T.S. Airbats 3rd Strike
Buy In the third and best Airbats OAV, we learn some about Sakura Saginomiya and Captain Konishi's past.
8th M.S. Team Rent See Kidou Senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS Shotai
8th MS Team Rent See Kidou Senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS Shotai
A Girl in Gaea Rent See Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea

A.D. Police TV

After the massive earthquake, Genom creates Genom City as part of Tokyo. They develop boomers, androids to do various tasks. A group called Backers wants in on the action and with all of the military-styled boomers they steal, they hope to get rich. Thus A.D. Police step in to try to solve these boomer-related crimes. Who are the backers? What is Genom hiding? Can Kenji get along with his new partner Hans?

Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Rent The infamous tale of "loser" college student Morisato Keiichi who one day, instead of getting take-out delivered, wound up with the goddess Belldandy instead! Now that his wish that she stay with him forever has been granted, will he survive Belldandy's two sisters Urd and Skuld?

Aa! Megami-sama: Chichai tte Koto wa Benri da Ne
Rent Short episodes featuring the adventures of superdeformed Urd, Skuld, and Belldandy, and their friend Gan-chan the rat.
AD Police: To Protect And Serve Watch See A.D. Police TV
Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses Rent See Aa! Megami-sama: Chichai tte Koto wa Benri da Ne
Ah! Megamisama! OVA Rent See Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Ah! My Goddess - The Movie Buy See Gekijouban Aa! Megami-sama!
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