Lingeries Office
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Yusuke Nakanishi is starting his new job at the Best Beauty Body Lingerie Company, a popular women’s lingerie company that gives more than what their suppliers would ever expect. However, it is because of this that Yusuke was picked by the company president to infiltrate the lower levels of his corporation. He is ordered to disrupt the corrupt acts that the vice president and his assistant are doing to the female workers of their company as well as stop a corporate take over.

Alice Nonoyama is just such an example, as she is forced to become the sex slave to all of Beauty Body’s suppliers, offering her body in exchange for discount rates on materials to make lingerie. Can Yusuke save Alice from becoming a sex slave forever? Can he convince Chisa Sakurai, the busty computer engineer to switch sides and work for him? Or will Rena, the vice presidents’ personal anal assistant, find out his counter productive plans?

Produced by Studio Fantasia & Green Bunny
3 episode OVA released in 2003-2004
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Buy 10 9 9 7 7 james-kun [series:934#1795]
Overall, again, there's a lot to see for a hentai anime, it is a buy for those who want to see very interesting plot drawn into a hentai... the whole plot does get to the point: Hired temp to take care of a internal job. Rather his sucess works or not is all up to how quickly he 'undresses the ladies and study their messurments.' It's a buy like fellow reveiwer loplop said, there's nothing strange or bazar about this hentai, and if you want a 'normal hentai anime' this is by far the best one around.

Last updated Monday, February 14 2005. Created Monday, February 14 2005.
Buy 9 10 10 7 9 loplop [series:934#1797]
Being an H-title, The animation is good and all of the female characters are attractive, which is necessary for this type of anime. The plot is some what familiar in this type of anime, blackmail for something the main male lead seems to want. A difference with this title is the fact that it managed to keep my interest during all 3 parts. It turns out to be a rather good drama and has a decent story to it. I would suggest that you watch it with the original Japanese audio and the English subs. The English voices I found to be annoying, just like most other H. Another plus for my taste is the fact that all of the scenes were devoid of tentacles and the like, Just people doing what people do. BTW, I just learned that it is based on a bishoujo game (H-game) called just Lingeries. All in all, its one of the better H titles I have seen.

Last updated Thursday, October 13 2005. Created Monday, January 17 2005.

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