Ninja Scroll

Title:Ninja Scroll
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Notables: Animation - Madhouse
Music - WADA Kaoru
R1 License - Manga Entertainment
SEKI Toshihiko
Jubei Kibagami is a ninja for hire. He will do anything for a job but is just heading to the town of Kukiyo. One day on his travels he comes upon a stone man trying to rape a lady ninja. When he asks for directions, the stone man tries to kill him. We then find out that Jubei isn't your ordinary ninja. Jubei will be caught up in a battle between the Japanese Government and the Shogun of the Dark.

[Movie, 1993, 94 min; see also the sequel Ninja Scroll TV]
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Watch 9 7 9 7 6 Ggultra2764 [series:213#1552]
Here's yet another movie featuring more style than substance for me. On the one hand, you have a slick presentation with detailed character designs and scenery plus some fluid moments of animation during the movie's many battle scenes. You also get to become somewhat familiar with why Jubei is a wandering swordsman and why he seeks revenge on Gemma. On the other hand though, being more focused on the action scenes makes moments the movie tries to deliver with depth, especially concerning Kagero and Jubei's developments, to seem artificial and stale thanks to the fast pace that the movie's events go through. In addition, the Devils of Kimon were very shallow antagonists as their only roles appeared to be following their leader's orders until they were offed by Kagero, Jubei or Dakuan, as well as their usual mentality of wanting to take over all of Japan. If you're only in this movie for the action, then Ninja Scroll does do decently at delivering just that despite some moments of movements not seeming so fluid. But don't go expecting a masterpiece if you're looking for any deep plot or characters. Just be warned that this movie can get quite violent and also includes a rape and sex scene that don't make this a title for younger teens to get into.

Last updated Wednesday, October 20 2010. Created Wednesday, October 20 2010.
Buy 10 10 9 10 9 KBanger1 [series:213#1694]
Ninja Scroll is a must have in any anime collection. This probably one of the most sought after anime classics of all time. Although, I’m not going to say it is the best anime movie ever created, but people have tried to come close to no avail. Now, if you’re new to anime and want to see something that should give you a reason to stick with anime, Ninja Scroll is one of the top five I can recommend.

Ninja Scroll starts with Jubei Kibagami, a ronin warrior who ends up being a sword for hire. One day, he saves a female ninja, Kagero, and ends up getting into a huge mess. He was only minding his own business and now he’s caught in the middle of a war between the Japanese shogunate and the Shogun of the Dark. This story takes place during the Tokugawa period so one might think that this might be like Naruto. If you think that way, you’re partially right. There are those characters who are either immortal, can cast lightning from their bodies, or even have tattoos of snakes on their bodies that come alive and can kill you. Trust me, enough gimmicks to keep you interested but also sticks the protagonist as a non-stop fighting machine.

Art and animation wise are not as dated as some older anime, but it doesn’t take away from the story itself. There’s a slight dark connotation to the movie that makes it more intriguing. The art in this movie is very chic (pronounced sheek) meaning it’s really appealing. The animation is also slick and doesn’t have any drawbacks or SD that would make the movie less serious. Normally, I don’t review the music because I don’t believe that it’s not something that should be addressed, but in Ninja Scroll, the music sets the tone for the entire movie. It’s very bold especially nearing the climax of the movie. A very well played piece.

I implore you to buy this anime and then take notice of today’s anime that’s out there. Some animators need to take note of Ninja Scroll and a couple of others. A lot of what’s out there is sort of hacky and really not much goes into it. Just goes to show with a great story, a strong cast of characters, a lot of care, and a sense of excellence, Ninja Scroll can be considered a major cornerstone of anime and also show how far this industry has gotten. Buy it…’nuff said.

Last updated Monday, September 15 2008. Created Monday, September 15 2008.
Buy 10 10 10 10 9 Big Fire [series:213#2441]
What happened to Manga video? Anyone wanna see a ninja flick with supernatural bad dudes. Ninja Scroll is the flick for you. Jubei is our hero and he fights the eight devils of kimone. Through out the movie, we follow him to the final battle with the Shogun of the Dark. Don't miss it!

Last updated Tuesday, February 05 2008. Created Tuesday, February 05 2008.
Buy Stretch [series:213#628]
I don't watch all that many movies, because they seldom manage to hold my attention all the way through. So it must be significant that I watched my rented copy of Ninja Scroll from end to end (subtitled), rewatched it the next day (dubbed), and just mail ordered my own copy (I've also added the TV series to my rental queue!). It's that good. Ninja Scroll struck me as a weird mix of clever, sometimes hilarious banter, and graphic sex and violence--and I loved it. I tend to like characters who take a smartass attitude, and Jubei fits the bill. Good God, is this one really directed by the same guy as my old favorite Birdy the Mighty? The characters seem to suffer from extreme high blood pressure, based on the way it sprays like a geyser when they get slashed. But, seeing as the combat involves bizarre, freakish mutants/demons, I didn't really take it seriously or find it to be disturbing. It was, nevertheless, quite exciting--largely because everybody has got some sort of super cool trick up their sleeve. It's like the X-men transported back to feudal Japan, and does a lot to make the fight scenes unpredictable and engaging. Jubei's trick seems to be thinking fast enough to counter all the others, plus absorbing punishment which ought to break every bone in his body. Best of all, the plot makes sense, even if the supernatural is involved. It strikes a perfect balance between anime which is too simplistic and that which is too complicated. Everything happens for believable reasons; it's both clever and sophisticated, and still capable of being understood by the average viewer (This is the way anime ought to be done!). The animation is superb. I think the most awesome example for me was the woman with the tattoos at a hotspring (that must have exponentially increased the difficulty of animating her, but the crew did it anyhow). As I watched Ninja Scroll, I repeatedly found myself incredulous at the neat touches that this movie is chock full of (enough for three or four average films), and swearing to myself--a sure sign of awesome anime!

My favorite line: "A gang of freaks, one and all" --Dakuan

Last updated Friday, March 07 2008. Created Saturday, April 01 2006.
Buy 10 10 10 9 9 manganime [series:213#1633]
Possibly the best all-round movie ever in my opinion. The plot isn't too deep or too shallow but what really makes Ninja Scroll is the art, animation and character design. Every character is so unique and each has a destinctive trait so they all look preety damn cool- even the old dude. And the fight scenes are just amazing especially the one with Tessai and Genma.

But Ninja Scroll is graphic with its violence and mature sex themes so caution is needed if you are so small that you can only be seen with a microscope (sorry taking a page out of Full metal Alchemist).

Last updated Thursday, December 15 2005. Created Thursday, December 15 2005.
Buy Forbin [series:213#1573]
Anime Type

My #1 DVD Anime!
This is a masterpiece. Even with the English Dub! Probably the only place that it falls down is in the Storyline. It needs a little more to be perfect. Voices are good, Story is good, Powers are good, and I love the cast.
My real complaint? It needs to be about 30 minutes LONGER! I want to know more about the 7 Demons and how they got together.
Note : There is a rape scene (In the first 10 minutes with just short of Hentai Detail), a sex sc and a fair amount of Nudity. This is DEFINTELY a 18+ over watch.

Last updated Wednesday, November 30 2005. Created Wednesday, September 22 2004.
Buy 9 8 8 8 7 7 DillonSOB [series:213#1352]
This film was quite good, and the combat scenes kicked ass. The demon enemies were creative and challenging (though of course we knew Jubei would triumph, we just wondered how he'd finish them off). I've only seen the English version and I hate dubbing, so I'm sure the original dialogue is much less annoying. The villain Gemma is a bit limited and has like no background. The major dissapointment I find in the Ninja Scroll stories is the lameness of the objective. For all these amazing warriors and supernatural beings, they always fight like hell over just money. Maybe they want to tie it into the Japanese history of the time period, but you'd think all these heroes would have a bigger purpose in mind. The failed romance was tolerable, and the protagonists are worth caring for. The old man Dakuan is a riot, I love that guy. All in all, I was entertained though.

Last updated Friday, April 23 2004. Created Friday, April 23 2004.
Rent 6 8 7 4 7 Chris Janus [series:213#913]
Now its wierd to review Ninja Scroll and give it a bad rating because my best friend loves it, but giving this a bad rating does only do it justice. Now dont get me wrong, if you are into bloodshed and limbs being torn, plus a story line of stop demons from taking over the earth (same as always), then Ninja Scroll can be very entertaining. i found that the fight scenes were done very well with some decent character designs, but some of the scenes could have been left out (hmmm.. maybee the rape scene or the scene where the head of the shogunate is talkin to one of his officers while he is having his way with one of his ladies) but overall its decent at best. Story isnt to great but its got some good plots twists. This anime is definatly only for adults, and the slash and kill types. I recommend that you check it out first before buying, borrow from a friend or rent.

Last updated Monday, September 08 2003. Created Monday, September 08 2003.
Buy 7 8 7 4 Ðå kïÐ [series:213#464]
Yes very nice anime about jubei a ninja warrior who's powers are amazing its a nice movie to add to your collection:)OH YA CHECK OUT NINJA RESSURECTION JUBEI'S REVENGE NOT!!!!!!!!!HELLS SPAWN!!!!!THATS THE DUMBEST SHIT I'VE EVER SEEN I SAY THAT BECAUSE THERES PRACTICALLY NO ACTION IN IT AT ALL:)

Last updated Sunday, February 23 2003. Created Sunday, February 23 2003.
Buy 9 9 8 5 Joshua [series:213#381]
I saw more bloodshed in this movie then in all other movies I ever saw combined. (I don't wacth that many movies) The fighting sceens have unexpected fighting tecnics but after the first two times you know what they are going to do. There is a rape sceen but it is necessary for the story or else one of the 7 demons would still be alive. The best fight sceen is defenitly beten him and the blind man. There is a lot of skill and a good rival. If you cant stand the gore of the choppimg off of heads and the tearing of limbs then you should probably skip this movie otherwise it's a must see.

Last updated Thursday, September 12 2002. Created Thursday, September 12 2002.
Buy 10 9 10 8 Gaby [series:213#278]
This is one of the best action anime ever created. If you like action, you will like this movie.Amazing fights,blood,gore,etc. everything is in it.If you spent $30 on this movie, dont worry, they will be worth it. I saw this movie like with 4 friends and today, all 4 have it. BUY IT, recommended.

Last updated Friday, March 01 2002. Created Friday, March 01 2002.
Buy 9 9 9 9 Rio Madino [series:213#186]
It was so cool.....the fighting scenes are just awesome! and the main character JuBeI has this potential to be a memorable character....just like luke skywalker=) the explicit scenes are a little harsh for you who doesn't like sex and violence orinted movies that much. But i think it fits the time and profile of the movie. Well, i think it's a must buy! chect it out for yer selves! SeyaZ!

Last updated Friday, June 01 2001. Created Friday, May 25 2001.
Avoid The Coyote [series:213#64]
Simpley said I started watching this and I absolutly had to stop at the rape scene that is way to graphicly depicted in the begining of this I turned it off right there I found this extreamly disturbing must avoid!

Last updated Thursday, February 15 2001. Created Thursday, February 15 2001.
Buy 8 9 10 6 6 Lickylick [series:213#133]
When my friend called me over to watch Ninja Scroll, I was kinda skeptic but since I had nothing better to do, I agreed. What I saw was another great action anime that actually had a decent storylinee to it.
The battle sequences in this are superb. I loved the end fight and the one with the rock guy, but the best is the one against the blind swordsman. A blind guy whoops down on Jubei, I say its a good sign of successful people with disabilities. It does get rather gory and there is a rape or two.
Question: Why and how is that woman's body poison?
Statement: Man I wish I could die by eating some nice poison breasts.
The story was pretty good, it wasn't completely predictable and cliched. The characters were nicely developed. The bit of romance near the end is okay, yet not completely needed and very predictable.
The music... not bad, fit the setting, but not memorable. It's a bad sign when I can't remember what the music was like.
If you like action, blood, gore, poison hooters, and ninja/samurai stuff, see Ninja Scroll. If you can't stand rape and gore, you might want to avoid, na no da.

Last updated Monday, February 05 2001. Created Monday, February 05 2001.
Avoid 9 9 4 5 Midnighter [series:213#94]
Well, it looks like I'll be submitting another unpopular opinion of a "classic" anime.
I was not at all impressed with Ninja Scroll, though I'm not a huge fan of the Ninja genre in itself. I found it to be extremely predictable and cliche. The characters are cardboard cut-outs, the dialogue fairly abismal, and the story barely sufficiant. The animation was very good, though.
Overall, there is so much smartly written anime out there, why settle for something sub-par? This is another one of those testosterone-laden macho fantasies that beer-swilling frat boys cheer to as blood sprays. Go watch Grave of the Fireflies or Evangelion.

Last updated Friday, February 02 2001. Created Friday, February 02 2001.
Rent 7 8 5 3 Alex Black [series:213#128]
Ninja Scroll is often hailed as a great anime classic. Almost as often, it comes under fire for being one of the worst examples of anime. For me, Ninja Scroll is a combination of some wonderful art and animation combined with a dragging plot and a stammering storyline strung-together to simply link the action sequences. The sex in Ninja Scroll is really gratuitous, and the violence is played up beyond all reason.

That said, I'll still give Ninja Scroll a 'rent.' Despite all it's failings as a film, it contains several, albeit weak, references to the literary history of Japan. In particular, it recalls part of the legend of the historical swordsman Yagyu Jubei and his battle with the seven samurai. It's comparitive to the countless retellings of the myth of Heracles in western culture, which aren't always true to form but have their cultural basis. In addition, it works quite well as a period piece, although it's more like a historical fantasy with a strong dose of occult.

So despite the flat characterizaton and lack of an intriguing storyline, I'd still shell out a couple of bucks at Blockbuster to see it again, not just for the action or the art, but to compare it to the legends of old Japan.

Last updated Tuesday, January 15 2002. Created Tuesday, January 23 2001.

Rent 10 9 10 8 Lana [series:213#119]
While all and all a great movie, I suggest you know what you're getting into before you delve into your pocket for the money to buy it. It contains a few monster rape scenes and lots of bloodshed. Those topics don't bother me much, but some people might not be to happy with it. The plot is good, all around.
The story revolves mainly around Jubei, a "masterless Ninja" who earns his share of money by being hired at various cities do to what they need done. Along the way he meets a small old ninja (who's pretty good at what he does, for his age!) who gets Jubei involved with 7 devils- and an old rival who's hard to kill. It takes place during the Tokugawa period- feudal and dangerous. Along the way he meets Kagero- beautiful, smart, and lethal in a twisted way. I love this movie. But as I said before, If you hate any hentai or gore, pass this one by.
The battles are amazing. The final one in the movie is one of the most unique I've ever seen. There is a hint of romance near the end... which adds to the character development.

Last updated Wednesday, January 10 2001. Created Wednesday, January 10 2001.
Buy 9 8 7 7 Kaneda [series:213#87]
Again this is one of the staples on the anifan lexicon, it has great animation, good atmosphere, and good characters which are developed fairly well throughout the whole movie. This movie starts off with a tried and true anime theme, but then throws in an extra twiat to it. Some of the themes at first made me gag because they seemed like some sort of teenage horny fantasy, however most of it played out fairly well. Overall it is a good anime to buy and will be a classic within the anifan collection.

Last updated Wednesday, November 22 2000. Created Wednesday, November 22 2000.
Buy 10 10 10 10 NESsie [series:213#97]
Great film with great style. The battle scenes are great. Also, I took some Eastern Civ. classes, so I understood what the time period was like. The characters don't change much, but they all have style and a personality that seems semi-realistic. Everything they do, from the string attached to the sword to the extending pole, is so cool. Romance was slipped into the movie in a creative way with the ninja girl.
Very cleverly created "devils". Can't really call them devils. Sort of like mutants. The blind guy who whooped on Jubei: that was cool. The "skin made of rock" guy: that was intense.
The animation? Let's just agree with the advertisement.
Music fit in with the setting. Loved that fake little Buddha lady.
Contains gore and rape. I'm not a real fan of these two characterstics, but they were necessary in the plot of this movie.
If you haven't seen this yet, watch it.
You can't really know what it's like until you've seen it.
Can't really think of any theme right now, but Carpe Diem seems to sort of fit in.

Last updated Monday, November 20 2000. Created Monday, November 20 2000.

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