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The name is Alex. I'm a 22 year old writer/artist/anime freak from the heartland who supposes that my opinion matters. I Try to share honest and thorough opinions in a detailed way. I also take issue with some people because they scratch their heads and say "I hated it because it was confusing"...I will never review a series that I don't understand enough to give a meaningful review to it. Enjoy, and feel free to mail me w/ comments (if you do, please enter "mikomi" into the subject box).

And as long as I have the space to rant and (presumably) someone to read it...
What's with the overuse of the word SURREAL?
i swear, I see it in every review...check it out people, surreal does not mean confusing or wierd...surreal has a very specific meaning...briefly, it means nonsensical. If your dictionary ssays 'dreamlike or having the quality of dreams' or some other garbage, you need to find yourself a new dictionary.
Utena is not surreal. Neither is Lain. They both make sense in a literary fashion...if they were truly surreal, they wouldn't possibly make sense.

OK, enough of that. Enjoy the reviews.

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Horror(1) Romance(1)
Cyberpunk(2) Fantasy(3) Modern(3) Sci-Fi(4)
Seinen(2) Shoujo(2)
Acquired Taste(1) Artistic(1) Classic(1) Dark(3)
Fragmentary(1) Silly-funny(1) Surreal(1) Weird(3)
Artificial Girls(1) Computers(1) Ecchi(2) Erotic Comedy(1)
Fighting(1) Gun-action(1) Hentai(1) Ninja(1)
Pervert(1) Softcore(1) Soul Mates(1) Spiritual(1)
Supernatural(1) Swordplay(1) Violent(2) Yuri(1)
Movie(5) OVA(3) TV(1)
Release Year
2000(1) 1999(1) 1998(1) 1996(1) 1995(1) 1994(1) 1993(2) 1988(1)
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Adolescence Mokushiroku
Rent Utena arrives at Ohtori Academy possessing a very mysterious past. She is presumed to be a boy by many and seems to have a past relationship with Touga. After seeing that he wears a ring she questions of it. Getting a mysterious answer leads her to Anthy Himemiya,the Rose Bride. She unknowingly becomes involved in the Student Council's duels for the Rose Bride. Yet, she seems intrigued about Anthy and her past.
Adolescence of Utena Rent See Adolescence Mokushiroku

Rent In yet another post-apocalyptic future, a young biker becomes the subject of a bizarre project known only as "Akira," apparently designed to bestow unstoppable pychic powers on youths, intended to be exploited as living weapons. Directed and created by OTOMO Katsuhiro.

Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte
Watch A group of students start having dreams about their past lives on the moon as scientists. They find each other and try to make sense of it all.

Golden Boy
Rent Kintaro Oe was studying to be a lawyer at Tokyo U. The day before graduation (He had passed all his classes but didn't receive his diploma), he leaves Toyko U with nothing but a backpack and a bicycle. He travels all around Japan taking on temp jobs wherever he stops. It always seems that the jobs he gets always involves women who wear rather revealing clothes. At each stop, he usually does something perverted and gets in trouble but also helps out that person as an apology (And it is not sex related).
Goldenboy Rent See Golden Boy
Hard Rock - Mezzo Forte Rent See Mezzo Forte
Lain Rent See Serial Experiments Lain

Mezzo Forte
Rent From Yasuomi Umetsu, the director and creator of KITE comes another girls with guns action thriller. Killing is like breathing for Mikura, practically born with guns in her hands. A hit on an underworld boss is complicated by the involvement of his daughter, Momomi, nearly Makura's equal. Will she survive?

Ninja Scroll
Rent Jubei Kibagami is a ninja for hire. He will do anything for a job but is just heading to the town of Kukiyo. One day on his travels he comes upon a stone man trying to rape a lady ninja. When he asks for directions, the stone man tries to kill him. We then find out that Jubei isn't your ordinary ninja. Jubei will be caught up in a battle between the Japanese Government and the Shogun of the Dark.
Please Save My Earth Watch See Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie Rent See Adolescence Mokushiroku
SEL Rent See Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain
Rent Lain Iwakura thought she was an ordinary 13-year old junior high school student until the day she received an e-mail from a classmate who committed suicide a week earlier. The e-mail claims that her classmate’s soul had become a part of the wired world. Interested in the contents of the e-mail, Lain gets herself a new Navi (personal computer) so she can research for details regarding the e-mail’s significance. As Lain becomes more involved in the activity of the wired world, she finds herself becoming increasingly well known by online users despite not having been in the wired world for too long.

Tenchi Muyou! in Love
Buy The Galaxy Police Headquarters is destroyed, in a desperate reply for help the only word heard was Kain. Back on Earth, Tenchi and the gang are watching clips of his departed mother when all of a sudden she disappears from the film. Not only that but Tenchi himself starts to disappear as the whole world changes in front of their eyes. Has something happened to Tenchi's mother? Who is this Kain and what is his involvement in this new present? What cataclysmic effect can this have not only on Tenchi but everybody? The Masaki household must embark on a journey to the year 1970 to solve this problem and save the future.
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