Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte

Title:Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte
Please Save My Earth
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Notables: GOTO Takayuki
Music - KANNO Yoko
A group of students start having dreams about their past lives on the moon as scientists. They find each other and try to make sense of it all.

[OVA, 1993-1994, 6 episodes, 29 min]
2:50min OVA Ending - YouTube Video (the OVA has no OP song)
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Watch 7 7 7 6 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:150#1552]
Is it me or did the early 1990s make use of OAVs to some extent to promote ongoing manga titles considering Bastard and Video Girl Ai were ran the same way? Unfortunately with Please Save My Earth, it took a grand plot focused on high schoolers being the reincarnations of space colonists and only running on 6 episodes, lacked the time to get into much detail on anything. While Bastard could get off with using its mix of action and comedy and Video Girl Ai could focus on its love square, this series has too much it tries to delve into yet so little time to do so, especially with its focus on the teens and their former lives. Certain events such as why Rin torments the other reincarnations and the connection Alice had to him in his former life were hinted at yet never deeply explored. If this had been a longer length series, there could have been more time to look further into the thoughts, backgrounds and motivations of the characters. But as it is, I could care less what was occuring with the characters in Please Save My Earth thanks to its limited episode count.

Last updated Monday, August 30 2010. Created Monday, August 30 2010.
Watch 6 7 4 8 7 2 Devil Doll [series:150#752]
[Score: 57% = Watch-]
Jenn-chan, thanks for writing my review. ;-)
This OVA doesn't work, and this is sad. The ideas look very promising, yet the whole 6 episodes 'series' is so overloaded with unfinished stuff that you cannot be anything but disappointed ... as a viewer you get so many interesting ideas but so few of the promises are kept. At the end you sit there, wondering "That was it!? Lots of obvious problems still there, the main conflict unresolved and Mokuren still not a player in the game? Can't be!"
Had this been a 13+ episodes series, then the first 6 episodes might possibly have been okay, even if Rin is just crazy and Alice is too weak in the really important situations of this story. Actually, everyone messes things, despite of what they would be capable of ... I didn't buy a single one of these characters (my "favourite" being "M." if you must know), and that kicks me out of liking this series.
Sorry, folks - the Evangelion characters are much more interesting to me - and NGE is even understandable compared to this. And if you want to see a show of this complex style that works, then go straight to Silent Mobius! (Or if you're okay with a slightly simpler story as well, then try Aquarian Age which at least explains a lot more.)

Last updated Saturday, June 14 2008. Created Tuesday, July 22 2003.
Buy 9 9 8 8 8 8 Sesen Kelader [series:150#471]
Please Save My Earth anime is not OVA, it's just unfinished. It only goes to the first few episodes included in the comic series. The comic series actually has more than 20 (or 30) 150-page volumes.
It uses lots of supernatural power inborn by many of the main characters. However, the main actress(?) with the REINCARNATED spirit of whoever shows in the pic above is a very ordinary girl (except she recalls of her memory of her last life on the moon later).
Please Save My Earth (Chikyu o Sukuttekudasai??? LoL N/M) emphasizes on social outcast and search for identity. It bears hate, love, saddness, happiness, friendship, and love. Each character has his/her own troubled background or memory. They sometimes are confused with whether they are "they" or are the ppl once living on the moon. They're stuck between their previous life and the present. Yet at the end both combine into one and the characters finally start to "live." It's an extraordinary meaning of "Growing-Up."
It's a very warm and touching story.

Last updated Saturday, January 04 2003. Created Saturday, January 04 2003.
Rent 7 8 8 7 8 Courtney [series:150#80]
Why do all the good series have to burn out at the end?
PLEASE SAVE MY EARTH is a series I wanted to be perfect so bad it actually pained me during the finale. It was such a compelling story about love, revenge, duty, and the question of whether we should cling to our past or move bravely into the future. The OVA tried so hard to wiggle into the hearts of the views by making characters whom you wanted to be sympathetic with and offering a tale that was promising something interesting. So you hold your breath for 5 episodes as you bare through the confusion and marvel at the developments, knowing that by that final episode, everything will become crystal clear.
Like Evangelion, PSME was ruined with an ill-conceived ending which tore itself away from everything the episodes before had been working for to give the audience something completely different and unexpected. Why they chose to do this is beyond me, but it was a huge let down to find nothing be resolved at the end under the weight of a let down finale.
While I cant lie that the ending will probably upset most of the people who end up watching it, I still encourage you to watch it, if only for the initial 5 episodes as they weave a story that it truly grippingmaybe we can all imagine a better ending

Last updated Monday, October 29 2001. Created Thursday, October 11 2001.
Watch 10 10 9 10 NESsie [series:150#97]
Friggin' Crazy! Cool, nightmarishly crazy cartoon.... Never saw the series... but for the movie....*chills* First time I saw it, I grasped most of the ideas quickly. But friggits! THAT KID! Nightmares. He looks all cool and innocent... and then... AND THAT CAT!!! I HAD NIGHTMARES FOR 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS! FREAKY! I can generally handle stuph like this, but this one takes the cake.
Characters are so cool... and complex. Animation nice... especially when they transport. Music fit right in... especially when the kid is singing that freak song about a lamb breaking its leg... geez....
I realized something... everything in a japanese cartoon reminds me of chi. Interesting.
Themes: Retribution...? Forgiveness...? Freedom...? Saw a lot of Bhuddist stuph. Why people love people of their own gender?

Last updated Thursday, May 03 2001. Created Thursday, May 03 2001.
Watch 6 7 5 6 Alex Black [series:150#128]
I liked the characters in this series a lot, especially Rin...(*wink*). Overall, i liked the series, but I was SERIOUSLY disappointed with the was very contrived and forced, as though they'd run overbudget. I felt a bit cheated at the end, but I was still glad I watched it.

Last updated Tuesday, January 23 2001. Created Tuesday, January 23 2001.
Watch Jenn-chan [series:150#31]
I really wanted to make this a title to rent, but my gut told me to go with the "watch" rating. This was just so darn confusing! PSME is what I call "compacted manga". The PSME manga storyline is compacted into 6 OVA episodes which is just not enough. And to make matters worse, they cut up the OVA even more and made a movie out it! I enjoyed the first couple episodes, seeing the students interact and talk about their mysterious pasts. Rin is just plain freaky. He kinda reminds me of that kid in Mermaid's Scar. His dub voice actor was so annoying. I was very confused as to who certain characters were and how they fit into the story. First you see Alice in denial about her past, then you go to a scene with Rin beating some guy up with his psychic powers, and THEN there's this giant cat.......oh boy. I guess if your in a dark room, no distractions, with FULL attention to the TV at all times, you'd understand what was going on the whole time. Read the manga instead.

Last updated Thursday, May 04 2000. Created Thursday, May 04 2000.

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