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Spiritual: (Story/Location) Spirituality, in a narrow sense, concerns itself with matters of the spirit, a concept closely tied to religious belief and faith, a transcendent reality, or one or more deities. The ↗Shinto religion was once the state religion of Japan and still holds a deep and special meaning within the Japanese culture. Traditionally considered to be an animism or shamanist religion, it places great value on nature worship and is a common theme of anime. Many series have characters possessing special powers or insights which are attributed to their being a Miko Shrine Maiden or a Shinto priest. For more information, see ↗WikiPedia entry for Spirituality.

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Rent Satonaka Ikko is an apprentice Buddhist priest. He is sent to Saien Temple whose chief priest is his grand mother, Jotoku. What's waiting for him there is severe training, numerous purification jobs, and six teenaged nuns. Living with a group of nuns of the same age might sound enviable, but actually he is treated as their errand boy, and his priestly and purification skills cannot compare with theirs. However, when his (perverted) worldly desires are awakened and stimulated, his latent spiritual powers appear and are strong enough to defeat any evil spirit.

Amaenaideyo!! Katsu!!
Rent Welcome back! Ikkou is the grandson of Ban-Chan, the leader of a sect of holy Priestesses (Nuns). Living with a bunch of young girls at all times tries his patience very much. But Ikkou has a secret, if he gets excited, his other self the Holy Priest Sanzien comes out. Sanzien has to power to take over the world but at the price of turning Ikkou into a sex starved maniac. The girl's job has to keep this power under control until Ikkou can bring it out willingly. But a rival clan sends out Kazuki Kazusano, a vivacious girl with superb spritual skills. She has been tasked to kidnap Ikkou by any means and bring him back, and she is willing do anything to get Ikkou on her side. Can Chitose and the other girls stop her?
Angel Sanctuary Rent See Tenshi Kinryouku
Angel's Egg Rent See Tenshi no Tamago

Asagiri no Miko
Rent A young boy named Hiro comes to visit the Hieda family. The three sisters Kurako (Eldest), Yuzu, and Tama (Youngest) are Mikos. Hiro is being targeted by unseen forces. Yuzu, her sisters and others are charged with protecting Hiro from these demons.
Ashwing League Buy See Haibane Renmei

Asura Cryin'
Watch Tomo was a high school student with just one problem: he is haunted by the ghost of his childhood friend. And on the first day of his transfer to a new high school (the high school that his older brother attended), everything seems to go completely crazy. He finds himself caught in a battle between gangsters, student soldiers and black arts magicians who are all fighting over the strange suitcase that his brother left for him.
Asura Kurain Watch See Asura Cryin'
Big Fish and Begonia Buy See Da Yu Hai Tang


Kurosaki Ichigo is not your ordinary 15 year old, because he has always had the ability to see and interact with those spirits and ghosts that remained behind and are hidden to ordinary people. And one fateful day, a female Shinigami (soul reaper) named Kuchiki Rukia appears before him as she is hunting for an evil spirit. During the confrontation with the daemon, both Ichigo and Rukia are seriously injured, and Rukia has to transfer her powers to Ichigo to assist him in defeating the evil Hollow. But in doing so, she loses all of her power and she now expects Ichigo to continue in her task of fighting and defeating those fallen spirits whom she calls Hollows, who exist only to devour other innocent souls.

Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte
Watch A group of students start having dreams about their past lives on the moon as scientists. They find each other and try to make sense of it all.
Bug Master Buy See Mushishi
Casshern Buy See Casshern: The Last Day on Earth

Casshern: The Last Day on Earth
Buy Fifty years of war between the Great Eastern Federation and Europa - now merged as Eurasia - have taken their toll on planet Earth. As a result of the use of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, much of Earth has become uninhabitable and people have become prey to new diseases. Professor Azuma's "neo-cell" project, which is supposed to be the answer to mankinds hardships, becomes a nightmare come true when mutants spawned from the experiment escape and declare war on the human race. Azuma's son Tetsuya, who was killed during the previous war, is reborn into the cyborg Casshern as mankind's last hope against the new mutant threat. (Source: ANN)

Cat Soup
Rent A surrealistic comedy where a young cat goes to Limbo to get back his big sister's soul.
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Epic(5) Family Affairs(2) Fighting(5) Friendship(2)
Harem(2) High School(13) Isekai (Other World)(1) Magic(7)
Martial Arts(2) Mecha(6) Middle School(1) Music(2)
Occult(7) Police(2) Psychics(6) School Comedy(1)
Shoujo Ai(1) Shounen Ai(1) Slice of Life(5) Soul Mates(4)
Supernatural(27) Swordplay(7) Time Travel(2) Underworld(1)
Computers(1) Evang*lion Clone(2) Gun-action(1) Live Action(1)
Reboot(1) Sequel(5) Video-game inspired(1)
Potentially Objectionable
Ecchi(5) Fan Service(7) Incest(1) Lolicon(1)
Pantsu(3) Pervert(3) Softcore(2) Violent(10)
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