Asagiri no Miko

Title:Asagiri no Miko
Maidens of Morning Mist
Priestesses of the Morning Mist
Shrine Maiden of the Morning Mist
Shrine of the Morning Mist
朝霧の巫女 (Japanese)
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Notables: HAYASHIBARA Megumi
R1 License - Media Blasters
A young boy named Hiro comes to visit the Hieda family. The three sisters Kurako (Eldest), Yuzu, and Tama (Youngest) are Mikos. Hiro is being targeted by unseen forces. Yuzu, her sisters and others are charged with protecting Hiro from these demons.

R1 Licensed by: Media Blasters.
26 TV Episodes (~12min each).
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Watch 7 6 7 7 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:738#1552]
Essentially, Shrine of the Morning Mist appears to try mixing in elements of supernatural suspense/ action titles with slice-of-life comedy focused around Yuzu and her friends forming their priestess club at their high school. While I'll give the series some kudos for trying to do something different with the typical "high school gal-friends everyday antics" approach with slice-of-life comedy, the series lacks a consistent tone with its mood as it switches between being comical and serious at many points throughout the show, even when the girls face a demonic threat conjured up by Ayatachi. The 12-minute length of each episode also doesn't help matters either as the pacing to many of the episodes are fairly rushed which greatly limits time on character depth and development thus killing the suspense seen in the anime's later developments from what we learn of prominent characters as it becomes more serious. Also for all the hype given about this evil fallen goddess wishing to bathe Japan in complete darkness, the big threat with her feels quite cheap in the end as how Dreamer explains in his review. The series probably would have benefited better if the episodes were at the regular length of a single TV episode so more time was focused on exploring characters and elements to the world of the series. Otherwise unless you're a sap for all things slice-of-life comedy, Shrine of the Morning Mist isn't really the best title to get into with its failed attempt at genre mish-mash and rushed pacing limiting the amount of time the series had to explore its world and characters.

Last updated Wednesday, February 01 2012. Created Wednesday, February 01 2012.
Watch 7 8 8 7 7 8 Dreamer [series:738#2279]
Slightly enjoyable with an okay cast and sometimes creepy music.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation wasn't really impressive. The colors seemed dull and details weren't great. Still acceptable and by no means a distraction. As for character designs, they seemed below par. Although some of the facial expressions were nicely done and humorous.

The OP wasn't impressive either. It was a pop peice with female vocals. Not my tastes. The ED I thought was even worse. It was a hip-hop style from the 80's.... so it seemed. I'm not sure how it fit the series. As for the rest of the soundtrack, eh, nothing really noticeable.

Series and Episode Story
Nothing really good happens in this series. First, let me get to the bad points. Hiro (our male protagonist) was a joke and a waste of space. I'm still not sure what his role is and if he even did any good. The other thing that sorta griped me was, the shrine maidens never really did anything worth their titles. Ok, so they flailed their branch, or swung their spear in open air, or swiped their fan a few times, but that's it. What was that suppose to do? I was pretty much left disappointed in that regards. Then the main bad guy (the demon who was in control... and can't remember her name), she really didn't do anything either. I guess the bottom line is, there was too many things left open, too many questions left unanswered and too many issues/backgrounds not delved into.

So let's get to the good points then. The story itself was marginally fun. Nothing special but had enough enjoyment to keep you watching. The plot, although pretty bland, wasn't that horrible but definitely could have been done much better. There were some humorous moments and the best part of this series were some of the facial expressions as mentioned earlier. Yuzu was kawaii when she made these faces. Thank goodness the episodes were only 10 minutes each.

Overall, a mildly entertaining series that tried to be serious but couldn't. If you've got nothing else to watch, then try this. Afterall, it's really only 13 episodes since each episode is about half of a normal episode length.

Last updated Saturday, March 13 2010. Created Saturday, March 13 2010.
Buy 6 6 7 8 7 8 HolyAjora [series:738#1245]
Asagiri no Miko is a 26 episode series consisting of 12 minutes episodes. Well 10 given the opening and ending cut into that time. So in a sense it is more like a 13 episode series.
Animation wise the series is mainly above average. The animation is never breath taking and it suffers from stock animation heavily. Especially in the battles. Still the animation does look decent over all. It's mainly a case of being good enough.
The character designers don't stand out, but they work rather well. In fact it's kind of refreshing to see a cast that doesn't look outlandish yet looks quite different from each other. Plus it's nice to see more plain girls without backpain sometimes...
The music is pretty good in the context of the show. They fit the mood of the scene perfectly. Still like any show a few of the tunes are kind of annoying. The opening song is quite good. The ending song is nice, but not as good as the opening in my view.
The characterization is also rather good. Each character has a strong personality and the series contains some of my favorite characters. However the character growth itself is rather limited. While some characters do change, over all the series does not concentrate much on character growth if at all. So those who insist a character must change their views by the end of a series will be upset by this.
The over all story is rather good and I like some of the twists to it. However the problem is due to the length of the series, the plot ends way too soon for my tastes. Of course that could just be because I like the series.
Each episode is only about ten minutes, but they manage to get the job done. The episode story is told surprising well in such a short time. Perhaps because they use less time per episode they skip out stuff that causes episodes to drag out.
While the series does not have anything grand about it, it is still a rather fun show to watch. The cast is rather nice and I love how the story pans out. And the episodes work well. I'd definitely recommend this series over all.

Last updated Tuesday, March 02 2004. Created Tuesday, March 02 2004.

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